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Origamic Architecture

Origamic Architecture
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Pop-Up Paper Craft Weds Japanese Tradition And Modern Architecture In architectural criticism (mainly from the early '90s), the term “paper architecture” is typically used to disparage architects whose schemes are so unrealistic they’re unbuildable. The phrase is also applied to the emergence of “paperless,” computer-driven design studios. A third, less polemical definition comes from Japan, where a Tokyo Institute of Technology architecture professor named Masahiro Chatani developed a technique for cutting and folding single pieces of paper into elaborate 3-D models, drawing on traditional Japanese card making and pop-up books. Chatani died in 2008, but a number of artists have continued his Origamic work, among them, Dutch artist Ingrid Siliakus. “Working with paper forces me to be humble, since this medium has a character of its own that asks for cooperation,” Siliakus explains on her website. She begins by sketching each layer individually, as you would a drawing. Check out more of her work on her website, or buy it at the Escher in Het Paleis.

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Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist Cele sase replici care iti garanteaza cucerirea unei femei | Buna Ziua Iasi Vineri, 14 Octombrie 2011 Daca nu stii cum sa-i dovedesti ca esti barbatul cel mai potrivit pentru ea, ar trebui sa inveti cel putin sase replici care te pot salva, potrivit Gandul. 1. "Am gresit si vreau sa iti aud parerea" Fie ca ai spart vaza preferata a mamei sau ti-a scapat secretul celui mai bun prieten, cel mai bine este sa ii recunosti ce ai facut. 2." Dupa primele luni in care aveti relatii sexuale, explorarea corpului partenerei poate sa isi faca loc in jocurile voastre pasionale. 3. Faptul ca ajuti alte persoane, indiferent de modul in care alegi sa o faci, te face mai sexy din doua motive. 4." Stresul este motivul numarul 1 pentru care partenera ta va refuza sexul. 5." Unei femei nu ii plac barbatii fara scopuri precise in viata, a avut parte de suficienti baieti in facultate, care nu aveau nicio directie clara. 6." O femeie se va topi intotdeauna dupa un barbat care se implica in viata familiei lui, cu atat mai mult cu cat persoana pentru care isi anuleaza planurile are sub 12 ani.

Origamic Architecture: Stunning Sculptures Cut Out of Paper In the Japanese paperfolding art of origami, cutting the paper is frowned upon. But in 1981, Masahiro Chatani, professor of Architecture at Tokyo Institute of Technology proved that papercutting could indeed produce stunning pieces of art. Along with his colleague Keiko Nakazawa, Chatani developed Origamic Architecture, a variation of kirigami (itself a variation of origami where cuts were allowed), where you only needed an X-acto knife and a ruler to create complex 3-dimensional structures out of a single sheet of paper. Origamic Architecture sculptures range from (the relatively simple) geometric patterns to famous buildings' facades. Simple cuts can result in stunning geometric shapes - from Gerry Stormer's gallery (click the artist's name for more): Stairs to Paradise by Gerry Stormer (Photo: Carl Uetz) Diagonal Steps by Gerry Stormer (Photo: Carl Uetz) From the master himself, Masahiro Chatani's origamic architecture creations: By Ingrid Siliakus, based on Escher's Cycle (comparison)

Modular Kirigami These are sculptures I made by assembling identical pieces of paper which have been carefully cut to precise shapes. As of this writing, Google reports over fourteen million hits for the word “origami”, one hundred thousand hits for “kirigami”, thirty-two thousand hits for the phrase “modular origami”, and zero web pages with the phrase “modular kirigami”. So I wrote this page to be the first about "modular kirigami". Modular origami involves assembling folded modules into a symmetric structure. Below are some images, but you really need to hold them in your hand to understand them. George W.

::Crepe Paper Roses:: | February 13, 2009 at 2:42 am And now for something completely different… I’m drawn to almost any craft that involves a somewhat realistic looking flower as a final product. Hence my foray into French Beaded Flowers (fun…but takes FOREVER and expensive). A quicker, much less expensive, and very gratifying craft is making Crepe Paper Flowers (CPF.) Making crepe flowers is a classic craft that was popular in the 1950′s. There are two primary methods for making CPF: single petal and continuous petal. We’ll talk about the continuous petal method another day because with Valentine’s Day looming, it’s all about ROSES! Tutorial below. Crepe Paper Roses :: A down and dirty tutorial Materials Florist’s tape 18 gauge cloth-wrapped florist’s wire (check out your craft store’s silk flower department.) 2-ply or Double Sided Crepe paper* in petal and leaf colorsTEMPLATES Scissors Chopstick, pencil or some thin dowel (Optional for shaping) *2-ply crepe is really tough to find. Create Stamen and Stem

Tổng Hợp Các Mẫu Kirigami Cung Hoàng Đạo – Kirigami Zodiac | Handmade Đây là các mẫu kirigami của các cung hoàng đạo . Bao gồm các mẫu 90 độ, 180 độ, 0 độ, và một số pattern: 12 con giáp bản tiếng hoa, 12 con giáp của tác giả Tiến Phương. Một số mẫu kia không có pattern, mình chỉ sưu tập thôi :D. Nếu bạn nào đam mê thì có thể vẽ lại , hoặc từ đó biến thể thành tác phẩm riêng của mình . Cảm ơn các bạn đã xem :D Design: Tina Kraus – Germany It’s Unique Corp Pop-UP-Greeting-Card-in-Blue-For-Birthday-Greeting-Gift-Greeting-Card Mẫu Cung Hoàng Đạo 0 Độ – Zodiac Mẫu Cung Hoàng Đạo 0Độ , Ngoài ra nó còn được dùng để thêu trên quần Jeans hoặc túi vải … Pattern 12 con giáp bản tiếng Hoa Pattern 12 con giáp của tác giả Tiến Phương – Việt Nam Like this: Like Đang tải ...