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Install Now (It only takes a few seconds.) The Pin button for Firefox makes it easy to collect the inspiring things you find on the web. After you’ve installed it, just click the little P whenever you see something you want to add to Pinterest. To install, right-click Download Now, save the file to your desktop, drag it into your browser, and follow the instructions. Looking for the Pinterest Bookmarklet?

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Social Bookmarking It's just too much. Did you know that there are over 15 billion web pages? To make sense of it all, we need to pluck out the best pages and save them for later. We have choices. Video game Valentine’s Day cards by PaperRockScisorz — A video game inspired craft weblog Another year, another season of cute and clever video game Valentine’s Day cards by the ever talented and lovely Sprite Stitch Forum member PaperRockScisorz! For $2.75, you can get the perfect geeky sentiment for the nerdy significant other in your life, in themes ranging from Dr. Mario to Tetris, the Konami Code, Duck Hunt, and more!

8 Free Calendar Tools for Educators for Better Time Management Most of you use online calendars both for personal and professional uses. The reasons you would opt for an online calendar are multifarious such as scheduling important dates, meetings, to do lists and many more. However, not all of you use simple ones. Make Your Own Button for Your Blogger Blog! A few weeks ago, I posted about my new button and promised I would give easy directions on how to make your own button, so here ya go! 1. Create your button picture: Begin with a picture or your logo, no larger than 150 pixels wide. Why 150 pixels? Guns Carved into Wooden Desks Ben Turnbull, a controversial artist from London, creates unusual works of art by carving the shapes of toy weapons into wooden school desks. The artist, a passionate critic of the American political system, explains why he uses toys in his work: “Force fed on violence, abused by a controlling superpower and blackmailed through patriotism, the public are ultimately as disposable as the toys they once played with”. [more info]

QuizSlides A Great Tool to Create Quizzes from Slideshows QuizSlides is an awesome quiz tool for teachers. It basically allows its users to build quizzes based on the slideshows. The underlying premise is that users upload Power Point or PPTX files containing questions then add answer choices to create an instan feed back quiz. Some features of QuizSlides Here is a list of the main features that QuizSlides offers to its users : How To Create Rollover Images in Blogger ~ Blogger Tips And Tricks Posted on October 16th, 2009 File Under : html, image19 Comments A rollover image is an image that changes to some other image when you or your customer rolls the mouse over it. To add a rollover effect to your images use the code below. IMAGE-1-LINK : The original image link

Dreaming of Japan For Katsuyo Aoki, dreams of Japan are predictive dreams. Since he’s both from Japan and the dreamer in question, we can understand that, in this, probably a reduced manner. If we were to understand this initial premise better, a deeper knowledge of Japan’s cultural heritage is needed. We can, still, say a few more words – from our, foreigners, point of view. Skulls are not representations of some subcultural affinities, in the Predictive Dream series. 50 Best Sources of Free Education Online - Sports Path e-learning blog From ' Online Universities ' Colleges, online universities , and other educational forums in your community can be excellent places to learn more about a variety of STEM topics, but there is also a wealth of educational material available on the web for those who prefer to learn at their own pace or take a more individual approach. Even better, these resources, whether classes, lectures, or tutorials, are all free of charge, meaning you can improve your knowledge without emptying your wallet. Check out our list (organized by topic, not ranking) for some great STEM resources that can help you build your knowledge about everything from calculus to zoology. Universities These universities, many of which are renowned for their STEM programs, offer resources like course materials, videos, and lecture series.

Big Cartel Pricing and Sign Up We give you the useful tools you actually need, and leave the bells and whistles out. You could say simplicity is our biggest feature. Indicates a premium feature not available on our free Gold plan. Quick setup Raising the Bar Noma Bar is an Israeli artist, whose works have already become a reference for aspiring illustrators and designers. Born into a family of artists and graduated as one in 2000, Mr. Bar has quickly developed a unique style – incorporating simple yet telling shapes into one another, to create strong messages that don’t really have a need for words.

A Lesson at the Zoo: Enhancing Field Trips with iPads Recently I hosted 20 teachers in my school district at the zoo for an afternoon. The idea was to explore how we might use iPads during a field trip. It was certainly an exciting form of professional development. Instead of sitting at a desk and listening to someone like me talk about what you could do, we just went out and did it! Teachers had a lot of fun, and many ideas were shared. Add FaceBook Like Button For Blogger ( BlogSpot ) And Customize It. few days ago, face book surprised us by launching a lot of social plugins, one of them, actually the most popular one yet is the famous like button, In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add it to your blogger blog. and you’ll learn how to customize change the verb, like or recommend.change it’s color.change it’s font. Step 1. adding it to your template. The button code, where to add it ? Log into your blogger account, then go to Layout >> Edit Html.

50 Cool and Creative Earring Designs. We are sure that we got something for everyone in this collection of 'Cool, Unusual and Creative Earring Designs'. Glowing Earrings: Sapphire blue light earrings look cool in the dark. Light Bulb Earrings: Cool earrings design inspired by a regular electric light bulb. Toilet Paper Earrings: Now who would like to wear a 'toilet paper earring?'

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