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15 Tips & Tricks To Get More Out Of Google Drive - Hongkiat

15 Tips & Tricks To Get More Out Of Google Drive - Hongkiat
There are many cloud storage services out there, one of which is Google Drive. We’ve pitted it against Dropbox and SkyDrive, another two crowd favorites and each cloud storage service have their strengths and limitations that would cater to a wide range of customer needs. But if you have decided on Google Drive, here are some handy tips to help you work better with them. (Image Source: ddoss) The good thing about Google Drive is that it’s linked to your Gmail account and of course, the 5 GB free storage space. Recommended Reading: How To Get The Most Out Of Google Drive 1. Because Google Drive is linked to your Google account, you can attach files stored in Google Drive directly to your Gmail. Unlike traditional attachments where you first have to upload an attachment, attaching a file through Google Drive does not require you to re-upload the file. 2. Google Drive allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for navigation right in your web browser. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Related:  Gmail, Drive, CalendarsGoogle Drive

30 Google Drive Tips You Can't Afford to Miss Click To View Slideshow» Google's online office suite and storage service has come a long way, becoming the tool of choice for many. Here's a list of tips and tricks to squeeze the best out of Drive. Raise your hand if you remember Writely. At the time, a product like Writely was unique (the software didn't come on a CD), but still considered a gamble. Fast forward eight years. It's a full suite of tools that now takes on Microsoft's far more mature Office; in fact, Google Drive's very presence in the market arguable drove Microsoft to create its own Office Online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to work with its OneDrive storage/sync service. But after almost a decade, Google Drive has come a long way in its own maturity. Drive—one of our Editors' Choice suites—is a serious set of tools for serious (or fun) work, all entirely free.

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5 Google Drive Tips Everyone Should Know Save Pinterest Google Drive has become an indispensable tool in my digital toolbox. There are so many great Google Drive tips and tricks to share; it’s difficult keep this list of tips at just five! I use Google Drive for just about everything, including my presentations, my notes, my collaboration with other educators and colleagues, and I use it to store and back-up all of my files. What are your favorite Google Drive tips? 1. You are probably familiar with the multiple ways that you can share your documents (public, anyone with a link, etc.) 2. Finding great images for your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings is even easier than you might think. 3. Add some pizazz to your images in Google Docs and Slides! 4. One amazing feature of Google Drive is the ability to work offline. 5. Yes! What are your favorite tips for Google Drive? Summary Article Name 5 Google Drive Tips Everyone Should Know Description Google Drive has become an indispensable tool in my digital toolbox. Author

Permalinks for Google Drive Images While Google Drive lets you upload any file, the support for files that can't be edited using Google Docs/Sheets/Slides is limited. For example, you can embed PDF files and videos, but Google doesn't offer permalinks for images. So you've uploaded a photo to Google Drive and the only options are to download the file and link to the image page. Fortunately, there's an easy solution - replace this URL from the address bar: with: (where FILEID is a long sequence of digits and letters). This only works if you've changed the visibility options to "public on the Web" or "anyone with the link" in the Share dialog. Here's an example: You can also use: to trigger a download and this works for any non-private Google Drive file, not just for images. { via Stack Overflow.

20 Tips and Tricks to Use Google Drive Like a Boss - Maximum PC Get more out of Google Drive With 240 million monthly active users, there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've used Google Drive before. The cloud-based file storage and synchronization service is far more than a virtual storage container, it's also a parking spot for several of Google's other services, such as the company's productivity suite: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. By binding these (and other) services together, Google is able to integrate intelligent functionality, such as real-time collaborative edits. Cool stuff for sure, but are you getting the most out of Google Drive? The myth of the eight-hour sleep Image copyright Other We often worry about lying awake in the middle of the night - but it could be good for you. A growing body of evidence from both science and history suggests that the eight-hour sleep may be unnatural. In the early 1990s, psychiatrist Thomas Wehr conducted an experiment in which a group of people were plunged into darkness for 14 hours every day for a month. It took some time for their sleep to regulate but by the fourth week the subjects had settled into a very distinct sleeping pattern. Though sleep scientists were impressed by the study, among the general public the idea that we must sleep for eight consecutive hours persists. In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech published a seminal paper, drawn from 16 years of research, revealing a wealth of historical evidence that humans used to sleep in two distinct chunks. Image copyright bbc "It's not just the number of references - it is the way they refer to it, as if it was common knowledge," Ekirch says.

9 Google Drive Tips You'll Wish You Knew All Along If you asked me to name the sites and applications I use every single day, Google Drive would be near the top of the list. At work, I use it to take notes during meetings and create surveys for blog posts. At home, I use it to calculate vacation expenses and track workouts with my gym buddies. It's one of those web tools that's so useful and so all-encompassing, I can hardly remember life without it. That's why it's easy to forget that Google Drive is actually less than three years old -- and its predecessor, Google Docs, was launched less than ten years ago in 2006. Download our free guide here for even more tools and tips for increasing your productivity. In fact, Google Drive has more value than meets the eye. 1) Use these keyboard shortcuts. Are you looking to really streamline your Google Drive efforts? Shift + t = Create new document.Shift + p = Create new presentation.Shift + s = Create new spreadsheet./ = Search your Drive. See the full list here. 2) Send large files to others.

Google Drive Apps Docs Docs keeps everything and everyone on the same page. Add artichokes to a shared shopping list, or put the finishing touches on your business plan from the lobby before the meeting, right from your mobile device. Sheets Sheets is more than just columns and rows. Slides Slides is good for shiny 6-pagers or 600 page snoozefests.