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45 Free Android Apps for Productivity Clearly, free Android apps can be part of highly productive tablet use. Okay, sure, maybe you're not meant to use a tablet for productivity. Tablets are supposed to be for consuming content, for texting, email, and web browsing rather than creating content – or so some people think. But if you hang out at coffee shops or pass through airports, you only have to count the tablets to know that people are using these devices for serious work, and in growing numbers. The desktop, apparently, is not dead so much as in the process of being miniaturized. The free Android app is a key player in that. Storage is limited on tablets, and syncing is always a concern, so most users resort to cloud-based apps and storage of one sort or the other. For now, here are forty-five free Android apps to give a start to those who prefer their work local, whether out of habit or privacy concerns, no matter what the size of their computer's memory: Free Android Apps: Office Apps 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

15 Useful Free Android Apps for Web Developers We are not suggesting for a moment, with this post, that your Android mobile device would be a good alternative as a development platform to your desktop or laptop. All it shows with the current apps available, that it could be and the potential for more is certainly there. Maybe not so much with a mobile, but if you have one of the many iPad-a-like Android tablets that are currently available it certainly could be a reality. The apps that you will find below have not been designed to be an alternative mobile solution to typical development desktop software, but are, in there own right, really handy apps to have when you are out and about and on the move. You just never know when you will be struck with a dev idea or are suddenly struck with a code solution, and these apps have enough functionality to write and test and your inspired code ideas. Firefox 4 Beta Mobile Firefox 4 Beta is currently available for most Android 2.0+ devices (sadly not for my Hero!). touchqode Code Editor AndFTP

10 Android Apps Every Web Designer Should Know About With the dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the recent years, Google’s Android OS seems to have been left in its shadows. However, this is only because the iPhone was released long before any Android device. Nevertheless, as the popularity of Android grows (and its growth is staggering) so does its range of apps. In this article are the top 10 Android apps for people who make websites, enabling them to be productive whilst on the go. 1. Do you need access to your web servers on your Android mobile device? 2. A simple source code editor app, SilverEdit lets you code up full HTML, CSS, PHP files that you can save to your phone or send to your email account. 3. Adobe brings the ever-popular Photoshop to the Android platform. 4. If you come upon a mobile site that you want to study whilst you’re browsing the Mobile Web, View Web Source allows you to inspect and download the entire source code of the page to its text editor. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Need to review your HTML prowess? Related Content

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