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Fora Dictionary for Android: desktop-class dictionary application for your smartphone. Fora Dictionary is an extensible multilingual offline dictionary application for Android devices. Features Downloads If the QR-code doesn't work, below is a list of available downloads. Note: "Phone calls" permission is about a compatibility issue and completely irrelevant to the applications. Instructions for manually installing packages Delete previous version(s) of the package, if any, using the Dictionary Manager. Note: Packages assume you are using default storage directory. Screenshots Extending There are 5 ways to extend Fora with various sources ("dictionaries"): Packages (5 items): Ready-to-use offline dictionary installers tailored for using in Fora. You can use any combination of the above dictionaries within the integrated interface. Remarks Storage: Fora Dictionary requires an SD-card present. Pro Edition You can purchase a License Code in order to remove ads and 5-dicts limit permanently using the License Manager app. Dictionary Converter Terminology User Manual Search Capabilities

Welcome to Android Samsung Galaxy S The Galaxy S is produced in over two dozen variations. The international 'GT-I9000' reference version features a 1 GHz ARM "Hummingbird" processor, a PowerVR graphics processor, 8 or 16 GB of internal flash memory, a 4 in (10 cm) 480×800 pixel Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5-megapixel primary camera and a 0.3-megapixel secondary front-facing camera.[5] Derivative models may include localized cellular radios or changes to button layouts, keyboards, screens, cameras or the Android OS. At the time of its release, the Galaxy S included the fastest graphical processing of any smartphone,[6] was the thinnest smartphone at 9.9mm[7] and was the first Android phone to be certified for DivX HD.[8] Launch[edit] Reception[edit] described the Galaxy S as having "perfect audio quality," claiming the phone's superior all-round performance made it a "new leader of the Android pack The phone was criticized by some reviewers for sub-par GPS performance.

public:root_friendly [RootWiki] Buy Root-Friendly. Put your money where the root is. When you buy root-unfriendly Android devices, you are far more likely to lose root after updates. Stick to the Root-Friendly devices and you'll be safe. This list only ranks phones based on their permanent rootability: the ability to root a phone and replace the boot and system images, and not by any other standard. A phone may be easily rootable, but might have other flaws that make it a poor device. Important: phones may change from one category to another when manufacturers and carriers release updates. Have more information? Root-Friendly The Root-Friendly devices have root options supported by the manufacturer. Phones Tablets Great Choices The great choice devices have little to no protection right now, allowing them to be rooted easily. A phone that can always been downgraded to an earlier, rootable version is considered a great choice as well. Tablets Cross-flashable Phones Good Choices Poor Choices These devices are not recommended!

Paradise island hd Wiki Welcome to the Paradise Island HD Wiki! Paradise Island HD is the game for all sun and sea lovers! Tear yourself away from work and build your own sunny island! Is it time to make your own business? Nexus S History and availability[edit] The Nexus S was demonstrated by Google CEO Eric Schmidt on 15 November 2010 at the Web 2.0 Summit.[6] Google officially announced the phone on their blog on 6 December 2010. The phone became available for purchase on 16 December in the US and on 22 December in the UK. The Super AMOLED version of the phone is the GT-I9020 and it is based on the Samsung Galaxy S hardware, the principal hardware differences being the absence of support for an SD card and the addition of a near field chip. The alternate SC-LCD (Super Clear LCD) version of the phone is the GT-I9023 which is meant for the European (non-UK) market. In May 2011 Sprint introduced its Nexus S in the US. Also in March 2011 Vodafone released a white version of the phone on its web store in the UK.[7] In the United Kingdom, the Nexus S is sold at Carphone Warehouse and is available on the Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, 3 and Orange networks. In France, it is available through SFR and Bouygues Telecom. Memory[edit]

DSLR Controller (BETA) - Android Market DSLR Controller was the first and remains the best app to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with a USB cable. No computer or laptop required, no root required, only a compatible mobile device, a compatible camera, and the right USB cable. Compatible camera's and WFT boxes can also be controlled using Wi-Fi (in either Smartphone/Tablet mode or EOS Utility/PC mode). *** DSLR Controller is NOT compatible with all devices! For a free app you can use to test compatibility, see the "Remote Release" app ( We strongly suggest you read up on the website ( ) about what DSLR Controller can do, how it works, and how to use it, before purchasing. If you need a refund, go to our website ( ). Usage notes, feature lists, device compat. list, changelogs, FAQs, can all be found on our website: Features Features include but are not limited to: Requirements - Nexus: 4

Das BlackBerry Wissensportal Barebones Some of the apps that come with your phone can be safely removed without causing stability issues. They take up space and use resources that could be used for other things. Removing unwanted apps will theoretically make your phone run faster and smoother, plus, you can configure your phone just the way you want it. Below is a chart that shows what apps might come pre-installed in CyanogenMod. Backup apks You should back up any apks that you plan to remove. Nandroid backup from the recovery console, or Manual backup with $ adb pull /system/app/ ~/Desktop/app/ How to find applications To find what apps are installed on the device, you will need to run the following, either in adb shell, or the device's term: $ ls /system/app or $ ls /data/app You can also list installed packages using the package manager, either in Terminal Emulator or via adb shell: $ pm list packages To see a list of installed packages along with their associated files: $ pm list packages -f How to remove applications $ adb root

The 5 best reasons to root your Android phone May 24, 2011, 8:00 AM — "Rooting" your Android phone, or slipping past standard security barriers to gain greater control, doesn't necessarily mean installing a Super-Crazy AwesomeWidget firmware, or wantonly taunting your cell carrier. It can be a modest affair that nets you some simple, helpful tweaks and new features. Here are the best reasons to commit some light software treason. [ For screenshots of some of the features mentioned in this article, see Image gallery: 5 reasons to root your Android phone ] Here lies the standard disclaimer: rooting your phone's firmware is probably a violation of your warranty, and using that rooted phone in unauthorized fashion -- like, say, tethering your Android data connection to a laptop -- is almost certainly a breach of contract. But the rooting process on most phones isn't too hard, and it's up to you how far you go with your anything-goes phone after it's unlocked. Total phone backup and recovery

Erste Hilfe & nützliche Links für Odys-Tablets (31. Update - 31.12.2011, 13:53) Dieser Beitrag hier soll als erste Anlaufstelle bei Problemen oder Fragen den Tablets von Odys dienen. Lesern, die mit dem Gedanken spielen, sich ein Odys-Tablet zuzulegen, jedoch noch nicht genau wissen, welches sie sich kaufen sollten, lege ich einen Blick in Kapitel 18 nahe, welches Links auf technische Daten und Threads mit Erfahrungsberichten bietet. Neulingen möchte ich ganz dringend empfehlen, einfach mal im entsprechenden Abschnitt zu schauen, was zu Eurem Tablet an Wissen und Links aufgelistet ist (z.B. eine Übersicht über verfügbare Firmwareversionen) - vielleicht findet Ihr bereits so die Antwort auf ein aktuelles Problem, oder es tut sich möglicherweise eine neue Nutzungsmöglichkeit für Euer Tablet auf, an die Ihr noch nie gedacht habt. Allen möchte ich zudem einen Blick unter Punkt 17 ans Herz legen ("Allgemeines"), wo u.a. Von Izzy stammt auch die App-Review nach Einsatzzweck (ebenfalls unter Punkt 17), wo man ganz viele Apps, nach Kategorien sortiert & besprochen, findet.

The 10 Best Android Apps that Make Rooting Your Phone Worth the Hassle (promoting self from Gizmodo) Yo. I'm with you. Same phone. Same situation. I'd say the Adfree app is probably the only reason (aside from getting rid of bloatware) that I'd really want to root my phone. I use a lot of free apps that are bogged down with ads popping up. I have a DInc too, and I'm rooted. 1) On-device system backups. 2) On-device program backups. 3) Custom ROMs. 4) Crapware removal. Honestly, those are four really good reasons.

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