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Free Online Course Materials

Free Online Course Materials
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Free Online Course Materials | Literature History Free Philosophy Courses | anotherpanacea This is a free syllabus in philosophy for all those students who can’t afford to attend a school where these courses are offered. Though it’s not a perfect substitute for an undergraduate education, with increasing pressure for funding among departments, skyrocketing tuition costs, and a general opposition to education in the humanities, I believe that it is important to gather these resources for the 70% of the population that will likely never be able to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Here’s how it works: combine the free online offerings of MIT’s Open Courseware, Academic Earth, Itunes U, and Youtube with other free web resources that would suffice to supply what could once only be gained by taking out student loans. Though it is based on my initial post, How to get a philosophical education for free, this page is a work in progress and I invite suggestions. Check it out! How to Study Philosophy Study Methods that Work from the contributors at In Socrates’ Wake Introduction to Philosophy

Free Online Course Materials | Anthropology Foreign Languages and Literatures Podcasts The John Locke Lectures The John Locke Lectures are among the world's most distinguished lecture series in philosophy. You can listen to Professor John Cooper's 2011 series entitled 'Ancient Greek Philosophies as a Way of Life', Professor David Chalmers's 2010 series entitled 'Constructing the World', Professor Thomas Scanlon's 2009 series entitled 'Being Realistic about Reasons', Professor Hartry Field's 2008 lecture series entitled 'Logic, Normativity, and Rational Revisability'and Professor Robert Stalnaker's 2007 lectures series entitled 'Our knowledge of the internal world' here. Interviews with Philosophers Podcast interviews with members of the Faculty of Philosophy giving their own insight into Philosophy at Oxford. Philosophy for Beginners Critical Reasoning for Beginners General Philosophy A series of lectures delivered by Peter Millican to first-year philosophy students at the University of Oxford. Nietzsche on Mind and Nature Kant's Critique of Pure Reason Bio-Ethics Bites

The Open-Source Revolution Is Here I recently signed up for an online class on game theory offered by some professors at Stanford University. Unlike most online classes, this one is completely free, does not count towards any degree and is offered only by the goodness of the professors who put it together (they even had to fight the university to allow them to do it under the Stanford name.) So what you have is people coming together for the sole purpose of spreading/gaining knowledge. No money or certifications involved. The results are truly fascinating… Hold on a second Before I explain more about this online course, let’s delve into the title of this article. Prior to the development of the internet and ‘apps’, this idea would have seemed preposterous. This ‘e-altruism’ is seen ALL over the web. Now back to the online class… 1) Tens of thousands of people around the world have signed up for this class. 3) Again, this class is free and does not offer any legitimate course credit upon completion.

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