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Quest to Learn

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What is 3D GameLab? - 3D GameLab 3D GameLab™ is a gamified content creation and student tracking platform where teachers can design and share quests and badges to create personalized learning for their students. Students “level up” through the curriculum, choose quests they want to play, and earn experience points, badges, and awards. Quests can be aligned to standards, including Common Core and NGSS, for real-time achievement reporting. Class is literally turned into a game, providing the opportunity for true mastery learning. Includes monthly professional development on gamification and tech integration strategies.

Key Findings: Stage 2 Research The Tablets for Schools Stage 2 Research Report (January 2013 – April 2013) has been released. The full report is now available for download! Click here to get your free copy. A Virtual Reality Learning Environment If you think a MOO is just a soft sound emanating from a barnyard, then you haven't visited the exciting virtual learning environment of an educational MOO -- where teachers and students hold conferences, collaborate on projects, attend sessions hosted by experts, and build virtual learning environments. Isn't it time you dropped in? Included: Tips for successful MOOing. What is an educational MOO? MOO stands for multiuser, object-oriented environment.

The Right & Wrong Way To Use Technology For Learning So much in learning is subjective, which makes sense because so much in life itself is also subjective, and we learn in order to live. So it’s natural. Grey areas abound–the usefulness and quality of the Common Core Standards. The importance of curiosity in learning. Tamagocours A digital game to learn the copyright exceptions for teachers in french education. Tamagocours is a serious game that helps teachers trainee to prepare the IT and Internet certificate, level 2 (C2i2e). V 1.0 of the application will soon be available. Team Project lead by Benjamin ABRIAL (development, gameplay), Quentin BONNET (development), Gaetan DESHAYES (development), Valérie EMIN-MARTINEZ (development and instructional design), Yvonnick FESSELIER (development), Dominique MANIEZ (Univ.

Virtual Reality Apps Virtual Reality Virtual reality applications, or virtual reality apps for short, are quickly making their way into to the mainstream. From mobile applications to web apps, virtual reality will soon become a reality. What is a Virtual Reality App? To start with, an app is piece of software designed to fulfil a specific set of needs. With that, a virtual reality app is just an app which uses the power of virtual reality to reach its goals.

A Map of Learning-Theory Concepts, Theorists, Paradigms and Disciplines Learning theory is complex, and while the graphic below may initially seem to reinforce that idea, it actually makes a complicated topic very digestible. Richard Millwood is an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, and he also runs Core Education, a nonprofit that helps schools use technology for better learning outcomes. As part of his work for the HoTEL Project (Holistic Approach to Technology Enhanced Learning), Millwood created this guide to learning theories. On his blog, Millwood describes his motivation to collect information and resources about learning theories featured in the map: Learning theory has been a contested scientific field for most of its history, with conflicting contributions from many scientific disciplines, practice and policy positions. Check out the graphic below, and click here for the interactive version.

What's wrong with educational games (and how we can fix them) I’ve been designing, building, playing and promoting educational games (both digital and non-digital) all my working life. Starting out as a TEFL teacher, games were a huge component of my classes: from number games with little kids to complex role plays with adults. As I began to work more with digital media I started to design games for web and mobile: everything from location-based drawing games to a million-selling multi-level world for kids to learn English. Games provide a unique environment in which students can step out of their everyday persona and try on new ways of thinking and behaving. I’ve never had to think too hard about whether games are a good thing for learning – it’s a no-brainer for me, and should be for anyone with an ounce of common sense. And yet, for all my tub-thumping about how great games are as a tool for learning, I’ve found myself let down time and time again by the quality of most educational games.

99 Best Online College Resources on Open Courseware & MOOCs With the increasing popularity of online education has come a profusion of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Open Courseware (OCW), Open Educational Resources (OER), and other general educational resources that can be accessed online. MOOCs are usually full courses with actual assignments and a similar structure to a traditional college class, whereas OCW and OER are simply resources, such as textbooks, class rubrics, and other corollary materials that students can use to guide their independent learning. This collection isn’t intended as an ordered ranking comparing the quality of these sites, but a repository of great resources for anyone who wants to learn more about MOOCs and OCW. Many companies have set up platforms that anyone can use to create and promote MOOCs, and as the MOOC format gets more popular, there will doubtlessly be heavy competition to create the best course creation and hosting service.