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Lift your mood with a little help from your friends

Lift your mood with a little help from your friends

Social Media y la teoría de necesidades de Maslow Hola: Os presentamos una infografía realizada por Lombok Design y Social Media TIC’s and Training, sobre el Social Media y la teoría de las necesidades de Maslow. La hemos realizado en español y en inglés. También hemos incluido sus versiones en PDF en alta calidad para que podíais descargarlas e imprimirlas. Esperamos que os gusten. Si queréis ponerlas en vuestros blogs o páginas, os facilitamos el código para insertarlas. Un saludo VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Social Media y la teoría de necesidades de Maslow Bájalo en PDF Código para insertar la imagen en tu blog o web VERSIÓN EN INGLÉS Social Media and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs PDF Download Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando...

Intellectual Property and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Intellectual Property for Business In the increasingly knowledge-driven economy, intellectual property (IP) is a key consideration in day-to-day business decisions. New products, brands and creative designs appear almost daily on the market and are the result of continuous human innovation and creativity. If left unprotected, a good invention or creation may be lost to larger competitors that are in a better position to commercialize the product or service at a more affordable price, leaving the original inventor or creator without any financial benefit or reward. To help SMEs more fully utilize their IP assets in their business activities, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has established a program to assist entrepreneurs, SME-support institutions, and national governments in increasing awareness and use of the IP system among SMEs across the globe. Enhancing Competitiveness Through IP Protection Effective IP Management The Challenge Ahead Main Objectives

The Value of Intellectual Property Assets A crucial point about legal protection of intellectual property is that it turns intangible assets into exclusive property rights, albeit for a limited period of time. It enables your SME to claim ownership over its intangible assets and exploit them to their maximum potential. In short, IP protection makes intangible assets “a bit more tangible” by turning them into valuable exclusive assets that can often be traded in the market place. If the innovative ideas, creative designs and powerful brands of your SME are not legally protected by IP rights, then these may be freely and legally used by any other enterprise without limitation. Increasingly, investors, stock market brokers and financial advisors are becoming aware of this reality and have begun to value IP assets highly.

Gary Hamel Improving Our Capacity to Manage - Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0 By Gary Hamel with Polly Labarre In my last post with Polly Labarre, I noted that few teenagers dream of growing up to be a manager. Prosaic it may be, but management is one of humankind’s most important inventions, encompassing the tools and methods we use to mobilize and organize resources to productive ends. It is, quite simply, the technology of human accomplishment. Our capacity to improve the state of the world is ultimately bounded by our capacity to manage. That said, the management model that predominates in most organizations has its roots in the 19th century. Nevertheless, in most large organizations one can find a scattering of restless managers who are eager to disrupt the status quo—and one or two who’ve actually taken a risk and launched a small-scale experiment. So a couple of years ago I asked a small band of management thinkers to put their heads together—what could be done to multiply the impact of these would-be management renegades? A hack from Tory Gattis Recession. Pages - Homepage ​L’Associazione Prospera, acronimo di PROgetto SPERAnza, è un’associazione senza fini di lucro nata a settembre 2009 con l’obiettivo di formare una classe dirigente basata sui valori dell’impegno responsabile, della trasparenza e dell’onestà intellettuale. Gli associati di Prospera sono manager, docenti universitari, imprenditori e professionisti provenienti da diverse realtà aziendali impegnati in prima persona e a titolo volontario per sostenere la speranza e le ambizioni delle nuove generazioni. I progetti, originati e promossi direttamente da Prospera, che si occupa anche dell’eventuale finanziamento con contributori privati e partner, sono realizzati in collaborazione con Università, Pubbliche Amministrazioni, Associazioni di Categoria, Centri di Ricerca, e Ordini Professionali. Oggi Prospera è presente in tutta Italia con oltre 1000 associati.

A Translator's Long Journey, Page by Page On Gregory Rabassa's crowded bookshelves is a first edition of ''Rayuela,'' the experimental 1963 novel by the Argentine novelist Julio Cortázar. Mr. Rabassa had just finished his Ph.D. in Portuguese in the mid-1960's when an editor at Pantheon -- who had noticed his work editing a failed literary magazine at Columbia University -- asked him to translate Mr. Cortázar's book from Spanish into English. Without having read what has been called a ''fiendishly esoteric'' novel, Mr. Rabassa sat down and typed a draft in English, word by word. ''I've got 50 of them behind me,'' Mr. Now, at 82, Mr. ''My thesis in the book is that translation is impossible,'' Mr. If that is true, then Mr. Yet for all the accolades, translation is still a difficult and poorly understood art. Walter Benjamin, the German literary critic, once wrote, ''No translation would be possible if in its ultimate essence it strove for likeness to the original.'' Mr. But Mr. In the case of Cortázar, Mr. Yet Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

How to embed a YouTube video - YouTube Help Add YouTube videos and playlists to a website or blog by embedding it. Here’s how to embed a video: Click the Share link under the video. Click the Embed link. Copy the code provided in the expanded box. Paste the code into your blog or website. View full list Click the Share link under the video. Here’s how to embed a playlist: Click Playlists on the left side of your YouTube page Click the playlist title you'd like to embed. Embedding options HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) adds a layer of protection around information traveling between your computer and a web server. Websites that use HTTPS might generate a “mixed content” warning if a video isn’t embedded with HTTPS since not all parts on the webpage are secure, which is why you might select the “Use HTTPS” option under the embed code. Enabling this option means that YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your web page unless they play the video. Here’s an example: