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Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

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The Zimmermann Telegram Background Between 1914 and the spring of 1917, the European nations engaged in a conflict that became known as World War I. While armies moved across the face of Europe, the United States remained neutral. The Enigma Collection The Enigma Collection is meant to be a Web portal for information about the German cipher machine Enigma in all it variations. In the beginning this Web page should be seen as a kind of note board where I post information when my time and energy allows me to do so. Later on, the page hopefully will take on a more definitive form and perhaps it will even be more pleasing to the eye. Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret This article is the subject of a column by the readers’ editor. “I can still see it very clearly, I have not forgotten,” says Títos Patríkios. “The Athens police firing on the crowd from the roof of the parliament in Syntagma Square.

Google Arts & Culture - The Women of Bletchley Park “We listened – we spent our four hours on watch, twiddling the knobs on our receiver up and down the frequencies that the German ships and bases used and apart from any plain language we might pick up. What we were mostly listening to were coded messages and they used three, four or five letter codes and we had message pads which were blocked out in squares in which we would write down the three or four letters as we heard them. Very often they were interrupted, fading or distorted so you really had to listen very very closely. Cryptologie - Introduction Le terme cryptologie signifie littéralement « science du secret ». D'un point de vue historique, cette science a été créée pour garantir la confidentialité des communications militaires. L'objectif recherché par ses utilisateurs était de transformer un message clair en un texte incompréhensible, sauf pour son destinataire légitime.

Enigma - Vestergaards matematiksider Denne hjemmeside blev skrevet efter en meget interessant studietur til London og Bletchley Park. Historien om Enigma og hvordan den blev knækket uden tyskernes vidende er yderst spændende, og der er en masse interessant matematik involveret. Under det store arbejde med at forstå og beskrive matematikken har flere personer været mig til stor hjælp. Først og fremmest en stor tak til Chris Christensen og MAA (Mathematical Association of America) for at give mig lov til at anbringe Chris' artikel om polakkernes bidrag til at løse Enigma på min hjemmeside samt en stor tak for den venlighed, jeg modtog fra folkene hos Bletchley Park i forbindelse med vores besøg samt for at stille et par historiske fotos til rådighed for mig.

How India Bailed Out The West In World War II - Swarajya Seventy years ago, this month, Germany surrendered to the Allies to end World War II in Europe. It is time India’s game-changing contribution to the victory is acknowledged in the actual context of Britain’s limitations. Also, what India got in return. One of the little known facts about World War II is that it was India’s contribution of men and material that bailed out the West. Over 2.6 million Indian troops played a decisive role in the greatest conflict of the 20th century and helped Britain stay in the fight.

CIA - Break the Code The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We read every letter, fax, or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us. Contact Information Submit questions or comments online By postal mail: Central Intelligence Agency Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C. 20505 Images des mathématiques L’informatique a la fâcheuse réputation d’être la science des ordinateurs. Quelle que soit sa spécialité, un « informaticien » sera toujours appelé à réparer l’ordinateur de son beau-frère. Sa discipline ne porte-t-elle pas le nom anglais de computer science [1] ?

Colossus: The Secrets of Bletchley Park's Codebreaking Computers Colossus at wartime Bletchley Park. Table of Contents Colossus and two operators from the Women’s Royal Naval Service, Dorothy Du Boisson (left) and Elsie Booker.2 The Lorenz Schlüsselzusatz (cipher attachment) was code-named ‘Tunny’ by the British.3

Dickey Chapelle - Women War Reporters Dickey Chapelle: 1919-1965 “That was the goddamndest thing I ever saw anybody do in my life! Do you realize – all the artillery and half the snipers on both sides of this f**king war had ten full minutes to make up their mind about you?” Cryptanalyse des chiffres monoalphabétiques Analyse statistique Cryptanalyse statistique Un chiffre est dit monoalphabétique si toutes les occurences d'une même lettre sont codées de la même façon. Ces chiffres ont en commun une faiblesse majeure: la vulnérabilité aux attaques par analyse statistique. Une idée récurrente en cryptographie est de repérer des biais: par exemple si un texte est écrit en français, on sait qu'il contient plus de lettres e que de z, on peut alors retrouver la clef de chiffrement en analysant la statistique d'occurence des lettres dans le texte chiffré. Voici les tables de fréquence du français