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Magnificent Modular Cat Climbing Wall 

Magnificent Modular Cat Climbing Wall 

25 Ways To Cuten Up a Box With a Cat Cats are cute. Cats in boxes are even cuter. Cats are aware of this fact, and they make the most of it. Here are some notes from an unknown cat on 'cute sleeping in boxes' to make the owner "awwh". Pictures included. Complicate your positions little by little.Author: Julie1009 Your coat and tail must be used wisely.Author: oskay Try S-like positions...Author: ClausM ...or C-like ones.Author: PunkyBrewster Box-sleeping is always kind of an art.Author: Julie1009 But don't reveal your presence unless you really mean to.Author: Robert M. Or make humans provide another box for him.Author: lake.sider Humans may wonder how you can sleep like that...Author: taurussun Perhaps they will not even notice you.Author: vaneea You can hide in an absolutely unexpected box.Author: simplybecka well as this one.Author: Smeebot ...even if your idea seems impossible.Author: taelcat Practice makes perfect.

Update On Catswall Design Modular Climbing System  The folks at Catswall Design were very grateful for your comments when I first posted their magnificent modular cat climbing wall and they took many of your suggestions to heart, integrating them into the latest design. They just released the new system and it has some excellent features. The new catboxes have a door in front that is held closed with powerful magnets. All edges are rounded and there is a replaceable a rattan mat on the top. They still have all the cute cutouts, but they are working on creating more basic geometric shapes for different markets. The system is easy to install. Once the grid is in place, hang the boxes and other attachments on the wall in any configuration you like. The Catswall is still selling in Taiwan only, but the company hopes to have international distribution in place next year. Catswall Design

Cats in Halloween Costumes <div style="display:none"><img src=" ID>&oid=<Offer ID>" /></div> EgoTV Cats in Halloween Costumes digg October 28, 2011 at 5:29 am Unlike dogs, cats do not enjoy being dressed up in costumes. Related from EgoTV: 25 Funny Dog Halloween CostumesThe 25 Most Embarrassing Halloween Costumes for Cats25 Funny Kids Halloween CostumesSuper Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos15 Amazing Motivational Workplace Posters From The '20s And '30sProseBeforeHos23 Creepy Halloween Costumes From The Early 20th CenturyAll that is interesting30 Fascinating Photos Of 1960s AfghanistanAll that is interesting10 Modern Baking EssentialsDwell 2 Comments Glen says: November 2, 2011 at 1:50 am Certainly, I do not go along on a point or two while the remainder appears professional. Most Popular Today WTF Photo of the Day More Photos What’s Trending Now! Friends

Franklin Modern Cat Tower System Featured at NEW! Santa Monica Franklin Promenade Cat Climber Step Shelf Ramps! Did your cats ever try to climb on your bookshelves to explore, or find a sky-top vista sleeping spot for an cozy afternoon nap? The Modern Promenade Cat Climber Shelf Ramps are a perfect solution! They're a beautiful and decorative walkway system that slips onto your bookshelf unit without damaging beautiful furniture while at the same time, providing your cat easy-access to new 3D spaces in their habitat! The Promenade shelf ramps are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) which is an engineered wood product. The eco-friendly component treads are by FLOR carpet, made of renewable and recycled materials. INCLUDES: 1 shelf ramp, custom-sized for your bookcase. 3 STAIN SELECTIONS: Flat Black • Dark Brown • Bleach White *(Due to natural character and variations in wood, actual stains may vary slightly from samples.) MEASURES: 20" long x 18" deep x 1/4" thick. Recommended for cats up to 18 pounds. SHIPPING: FREE shipping.

119 Ways to Store and Organize Your Cats When we first saw Joanne Casey's instructions on how to store and organize cats, we were impressed. However, we have found that there are many other ways to store and organize your cats efficiently, whether you have many or just one. You should first choose a storage area large enough to contain all of the cat(s) you need to store. Some cats can be stored in a tight ball, while others must be left in their natural, relaxed state. Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source Image Source Image Source, Image Source, Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source

NEW! Modern Wall Cat Perch This hand-crafted modern cat perch aesthetically appeals to both cat fun & play as well as your dimensional space as an elevated cat habitat! The unique hexagon design can be either wall mounted minimizing floor-space footprint, or self-standing on your floor. The innovative, adjustable insert side-panels provide unlimited flexibility for ultimate cat-play; top, side and interior cubby-perch. A perch for every paw so it's ideal for multi-cat households! • Multi-level areas for optimum cat fun & play. • Unique design encourages healthy activity & playful climbing • Mounts to wall as perch or stepping-surface to higher climbing areas • Or, stand-alone to sit on floor to relocate easily throughout your home • 4 Multi-functional side-panels provide cat perch, sleep shelf & scratcher • Side-panels can be mounted in any configuration for fun, changeable design • 4 Neutral grey wool-felt scratch inserts blend with any decor • Inserts are secured with Velcor; convenient and easy to replace • 12" deep

Snow Cats You are here: Home // Cats Photos // Snow Cats Snow Cats One of the things I love about Winter is when it snows and I get to see how cats play in the snow. They are a little apprehensive at first, taking a few delicate steps to see just how cold it is, but they soon run out and start chasing each other across the white winter wonderland.This lens compiles some of my favourite pictures of cats in the snow that I’ve found online. Tags: cute cats, funny cats, kittens photos, snow cats NEW! Mountain Cat Climbers Let Cats Climb Naturally  Mountain Cat Trees just released a new line of cat climbing shelves that are absolutely perfect for creating what cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy calls a “highway” for your cats. Jackson emphasizes the need to create multiple lanes of traffic in your home to give cats a way to traverse the space. Most cats like to be up high where they can survey their surroundings. These new shelves are the perfect way to create that extra lane of traffic to keep kitty happy. Like all the products from Mountain Cat Trees, the new Cat Climbers have a natural look that would work well in most homes. Check out this video to see the new Mountain Cat Trees Cat Climbers in action (if you can’t see the video below in your email, click here to watch it on the site.) Mountain Cat Trees

9 gifs of cats being cute. I don’t care what this post was originally about before it got to me. LOOK AT THESE CATS. (via gabiiot) Heterochromia – The Eyes Have It Pages This Blog Saturday, 9 April 2011 Heterochromia – The Eyes Have It Image Credit Flickr User Jason Farmer There are a number of reasons why animals can have one eye of one color and the second of another, but the term for the most likely cause is heterochromia. Image Credit Flickr User Carinemiley Image Credit Flickr User Ellohir Heterochromia occurs when there is either an excess or a lack of melanin. Image Credit Flickr User qchen Image Credit Flickr User ihasb33r Image Credit Flickr User clunkygirl Complete heterochromia is seen often in animals such as cats and dogs. Image Credit Flickr User Gini~ Image Credit Flickr User Photones Among dogs the husky is often seen to have heterochromia and also the Australian Shepherd and the Catahoula Leopard dog. Image Credit Flickr User Chris Yarzab However, we think you will agree that these cats look quite amazing. Sharing propelled by ebuzzing Image Credit Flickr User Nikon Larry Image Credit Flickr User Wolf Savard Image Credit Flickr User Rui Pereira