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5 Free Freelance Design Contract Templates

5 Free Freelance Design Contract Templates
The most important and essential document a freelance designer should have is a rock solid and reliable contract. The worst thing is though, freelance web designers or graphic designers, especially when they are just starting out, can ill afford the expense of paying a lawyer to draw up a decent contract. As a possible cost effective solution for you, in this article, we have highlighted some freely available contract sample templates you could use. Contract Killer + Sample (24 ways) This contract, from Andy Clarke for 24 Ways, breaks through all of the nasty legal jargon and explains in clear and simple English, with a touch of humor, what you should have in your contract and clearly clarifies what is expected of both sides (client and designer). Freelance Web Designer Contract by Eskymo This contract has also been written so that there is not too much technical jargon and not full of legal speak. Sample Web Design Contract by Shawn Adrian from QuoteRobot Sample Contract Templates Related:  Freelance

Free Design Business Contracts and Templates – Sessions College for Professional Design Free to Use Contracts and Business Templates for Designers A designer who can navigate the intricacies of contracts and client management will stand out as a true professional in the graphic design or Web design business. We know it can be a challenge to decipher which forms are essential for your own design career; that's why Jason Vaughn of Creative Public has provided the free design business templates below! The forms cover everything from pricing to job management and creative strategies. The files below are available in AI format for editing in Adobe Illustrator and/or XLS format for use in Microsoft Excel. Popular Forms Listed below are some of our most popular forms for designers. Print Questionnaire For every print project that you receive from a client, you will need to use this form to ask them questions about their job. Web Questionnaire For every Web site project you receive from a client, you will need to use this form to ask them questions about their job. Art Approval Sheet

50 Freelance Job Sites For Designers & Programmers – Best Of | Web 2.0 Being a freelancer can be extremely advantageous and is probably a dream for many designers and developers who are tired of the cubicle lifestyle. Not only do you get to choose only the jobs you are really interested in, you also have total flexibility in terms of time, whom you want to work with, and where you want to work at. The problem now is where can you go to find work that will help you sustain your freelance lifestyle? To help you with this we have listed the best 50 freelancing job sites to help you in your project search. If you a company or individual looking to outsource or hire a freelancer, these sites will be able to serve that purpose as well. More: Check out our Guide to Freelancing series for more tips, pointers and discussions of what matters most to freelancers. Freelancer Find or post a project or post on this platform to get the best bids from a gamut of skilled web designers, copywriters or freelance programmers. Elance Upwork (formerly oDesk) Toptal 99designs Fiverr Guru

What should I be charging for webdesign? | James Larkin How long is a piece of string? One of the most common questions I see on IWF and on web design and web development forums is the age old question of what should I be charging?. In the land of the freelancer there seems to be three ways of doing things. Fixed rate to do a siteHourly RateMake up a Quote on the project If you’re offering a fixed rate well you should probably have a look at the hourly rate tables. As to what you should be charging in your hourly rate well you’ve a few things to consider How many weeks do I want to work a year? And there you have it we’ve got our 44 weeks in the year. I’m going to assume 5 different figures here. 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 100k. Now of course the above table has been kept rather simplistic but its a good basis for things. Back on track to what we should be charging as freelancers. Our simple hourly figures aren’t so simple anymore. One can think … well I’ve already got a machine and I can use Gimp for graphics and so on. I am not a student.

8 Contract Clauses You Should Never Freelance Without Quick question: Did you have a freelance contract when you first began freelancing? Yeah, me neither. Well, you should. Working without a contract is an invitation to be taken advantage of. (Image Source: Fotolia) If you started freelancing without a contract, I bet it wasn’t long before you felt that you needed one. Read Also: 9 Things You Should Know About Freelancing Full-Time The fear of contracts We know the importance of contracts but we’re just so intimidated by them! 1. The most important thing to ensure sustainability in your services is to make your rates clear. If you’re charging by the hour, include a minimum and maximum work-hour clause. 2. Spell out a payment schedule. How you get paid also needs to be included in the contract. Related: 10 Tips To Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally 3. Oh boy! The larger the team that deals with you, the more internal conflicts they have to iron out. 4. Different freelancers charge different kill fee. 5. 6. 7. 8. Conclusion

29 Resources for Freelance Designers Operating on a Tight Budget – Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now There are plenty of highly-useful resources and web apps that have been created with freelance designers and developers in mind. But for many freelancers, especially those who are just getting started, pricing can be an issue. In this post we’ll feature 29 resources that are not only very useful fore freelancers, but also extremely affordable. Many of them are free or offer a free plan, and the others are priced below the competition. Hopefully you will find some resources here that will help you to save time and make your work more efficient and effective. 1. Project Bubble offers free web-based project management and invoicing. 2. Concept Feedback provides designers with a way to get free feedback on their work from others in the design community. 3. Appollo is a useful free tool for getting feedback from clients and colleagues. 4. fivesecondtest Fivesecond test is a great free resource for testing. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

What’s In A Price: The Guidelines For Pricing Web Designs Jan 05 2010 By Thursday Bram Pricing a website design can seem impossible. A good website design can cost anywhere between thousands of dollars and under fifty dollars, depending on the type of site, how you build it and a hundred other numbers. Those numbers can make it difficult to decide where the right price point for your own work is: how do you know what your work is worth when other designers’ prices are all over the place? All prices are not created equal: while it may seem to the lay person that all websites are similar, differences like the framework the site is built upon and the process the website designer uses can require drastically different prices. The Basics of Pricing At the most basic, your prices must cover your expenses with hopefully a little extra left over, unless you have another source of income. There’s also the danger of underestimating your expenses when you decide on your rates. 1. Should I Charge Per Hour? “We only quote per hour. Should I Charge Per Project?

17 Tips for Designers on Starting a Freelance Business Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now As I interact with readers of my blogs, I continually encounter designers who are just getting started in the world of freelancing. In some cases they are very experienced designers/developers who are going out on their own for the first time. Others are trying freelancing part-time to see how it will work for them, and some are planning for a transition process but have not yet started to freelance. The tips in this post will cover all aspects of freelancing and the lifestyle that comes with it. 1. It’s very easy to get started as a freelance designer. If you have several years of experience working for a design studio or in-house somewhere, most likely you have many of the skills that you need to be successful as a freelancer. 2. Insurance – Another thing most people do not consider before freelancing is getting insurance to protect their business since most companies or agencies are already enrolled in a plan. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8 Sure-Fire Ways Freelance Designers Can Earn Passive Income | Spyre Studios Why wouldn’t you want to make some money on the side while you’re building your freelance business? Got your attention yet? Good. As a freelance web designer, I can speak from the heart when I say that there are times in my business building process that I just wish I could work on things I liked all day long and not have worry about anything else. Passive income is the answer to that problem and since I’m sure that I am not the only one who has thoughts similar to this – you need to continue reading :) In this article I am going to list and discuss 8 different methods we can earn some passive income and build the ultimate side hustle. If at the end of the article you come across some questions or would like to discuss things further, just drop a comment and let me know and I’ll answer any questions you may have. Stock Photography Imagine uploading 10 photos a week for an entire year. Vector/Graphic Files Reseller Hosting T-Shirts/Clothing How To’s & Ebooks Consulting Themes/Templates

10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs Articles April 21, 2008 If you are a graphic designer looking for freelance graphic design jobs or full-time graphic design jobs then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 10 great places to find graphic design jobs. Most of these sites will also be extremely useful for other creatives such as web designers, animators and illustrators. What if I’m not looking for a job yet? One of the best things you can do is research jobs you might be interested in for the future. Write down what the requirements are such as technical skills and years of experience so you can prepare yourself better. Top Ten Websites to Find Graphic Design Jobs 1. Corflot hosts over 80,000 graphic design portfolios and currently has over 700 job listings. 2. The Behance job board is new, but growing fast so be sure to check their listings before the competition gets even rougher! 3. Authentic jobs lists hot new graphic design jobs every week, both full-time and part-time. 4. 5. 6. design:related 7. 8. 9.

16 solutions for designers to sell digital goods | Technology Many designers keep designing between each freelance work just for the sake of it. Sometimes great stuff comes from the design we create during these gaps and not few of them end up getting their bytes covered with dust. Instead of loosing forever that precious time why don’t we sell them online? We will review a series of sites that allow you to deliver your digital goods on your own site along with hosted solutions that allows you to market the itehostingms on your site while leaving the payment process to a third party. Payloadz This service is remotely hosted and offers a free account with 1Gb and a transaction limit of $50. E-Junkie E-junkie could be one of the most popular platforms, since it has no limits on transactions or bandwidth and no transaction fee. Zen Cart DigiVendor byteCommerce Plimus Zipidee

Best Workplace Designs for Freelancers Become an Artist >> Browse Articles >> Freelance 101 Become an Artist >> Browse Articles >> Life as an Artist Featured Author: Elisha-Rio Apilado Elisha-Rio Apilado is a Chicago based graphic designer/illustrator and studio artist whose paintings and drawings have been featured in various exhibitions. Her portfolio and blog of random art findings can be found at Photographed by Daniel Driensky When it comes to freelance, usually freelancers work from home (unless you’re a lucky designer who has his/her own office space). Either way, whether you’re designing from home or an office space, the workplace you design in should be spot where all your artistic imaginations can flow freely. I find that, sometimes, staying inside all the time to work can create nasty artistic block. When working from home, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are a couple of ideas to consider when building your freelance design workspace. • Bulletin boards make you stay organized.

17 Essential Online Web Apps for Freelancer Web Developers Web development is not an easy job and especially in today’s word when technology changes are so rapid that every web developer has to work out with an extra pace. Since time limitations always remain with every developer, so I am presenting a wonderful collection of online tools and applications to speed up development progress process. I am sure these freely available tools will improve the accuracy and quality of your development. You would also like Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. Here is the most wanted list of these Applications and Tools. 1. Carbonmade is a very excellent application for web developers to manage their online portfolio. Advertisement 2. You need some text for each of your layout you design to analyze width, height, margins, and look of certain areas. 3. This small but very useful utility is a service that provides browser compatibility test. 4. When designing a new website, cross browser testing is the biggest issue for web developers. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.