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5 Free Freelance Design Contract Templates

5 Free Freelance Design Contract Templates
The most important and essential document a freelance designer should have is a rock solid and reliable contract. The worst thing is though, freelance web designers or graphic designers, especially when they are just starting out, can ill afford the expense of paying a lawyer to draw up a decent contract. As a possible cost effective solution for you, in this article, we have highlighted some freely available contract sample templates you could use. You are allowed to use the sample in their entirety, by simply filling in the relevant personal, client and project details, and use it as your own. Or, you could use them as a reference when writing your own. Which ever way you choose to use these sample contracts, it is recommended that you still have your contract draft checked by a lawyer. Contract Killer + Sample (24 ways) Freelance Web Designer Contract by Eskymo This contract has also been written so that there is not too much technical jargon and not full of legal speak.

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Free Design Business Contracts and Templates – Sessions College for Professional Design Free to Use Contracts and Business Templates for Designers A designer who can navigate the intricacies of contracts and client management will stand out as a true professional in the graphic design or Web design business. We know it can be a challenge to decipher which forms are essential for your own design career; that's why Jason Vaughn of Creative Public has provided the free design business templates below! The forms cover everything from pricing to job management and creative strategies.

Portfolio Plans & Pricing - 4ormat What is your money-back guarantee? Your account comes with a free trial. If you cancel your account before your first billing date your credit card will not be charged. This gives you a chance to try out 4ormat without being billed a single penny. 8 Contract Clauses You Should Never Freelance Without Quick question: Did you have a freelance contract when you first began freelancing? Yeah, me neither. Well, you should. Working without a contract is an invitation to be taken advantage of.

Becoming a professional illustrator: an insider's guide Punting on the camb - by illustrator Emma Block Photograph: Emma Block There is no standard career path to becoming an illustrator. To be honest, it's a bit of a weird career. I wake up every morning hugely grateful that drawing is my job; it's almost too good to be real. I can't tell you how to become a successful freelance illustrator, but I can tell you what I've learnt so far.

17 Tips for Designers on Starting a Freelance Business Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now As I interact with readers of my blogs, I continually encounter designers who are just getting started in the world of freelancing. In some cases they are very experienced designers/developers who are going out on their own for the first time. Others are trying freelancing part-time to see how it will work for them, and some are planning for a transition process but have not yet started to freelance. » :: Tips for Illustrators Starting out as an illustrator, even with four years of college behind me it felt like there was a lot I still didn’t know with how to get started. After years of trial-and-error, I’ve found (and continue to find!) my way… and wanted to share some of my experiences and tricks-of-the-trade here, for those just starting out! If there’s something you’re interested in chatting about, feel free to contact me. 10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs Articles April 21, 2008 If you are a graphic designer looking for freelance graphic design jobs or full-time graphic design jobs then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 10 great places to find graphic design jobs. Most of these sites will also be extremely useful for other creatives such as web designers, animators and illustrators. What if I’m not looking for a job yet? » How much to charge for illustrations? ‘How much should I charge for my illustrations?” is one of those unecessarily ambiguous questions creative people face when they are asked to provide an estimate for a project. While many clients have a set budget that you have to work within, others ask you to provide a quote for your project. You could pick a number out of a hat… or if you’ve got a little business sense, you’ll take the time to do a little number crunching to be sure all your bases are covered. When I started out freelancing, I found this article (below) by Neil Tortorella posted at Creative Latitude very helpful in establishing my own illustration pricing. I never ‘quote’ an hourly rate for illustration work, I quote for the entire project up front… but my starting point for every quote is working out how much time the project will take, and how much I need to earn at a minimum to to meet my annual salary.

Best Workplace Designs for Freelancers Become an Artist >> Browse Articles >> Freelance 101 Become an Artist >> Browse Articles >> Life as an Artist Featured Author: Elisha-Rio Apilado Illustration designs How do I get started? Contact us via email ( by our online form to inform us of your requirements. What then? We will send you a document, which you will need to complete in order to give us a clearer idea of your design requirements. Money, Taxes and Contracts for Freelancers Become an Artist >> Browse Articles >> Contracts & Agreements Become an Artist >> Browse Articles >> Freelance 101 Featured Author: Michelle Taute Flyer design Please note: The above prices are for double sided full colour design. For the cost of single sided design, simply divide the amount displayed by two. The above prices also exclude print How do I get started? Contact us via email ( by our online form to inform us of your requirements.