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Building with Shipping Containers

Building with Shipping Containers
by Kelly Hart An idea whose time seems to have arrived is the use of stockpiled shipping containers as modular units for building homes. Because of the balance of trade in the United States, these hefty steel boxes are piling up in ports around the country and posing a storage problem. Several architects and builders are taking advantage of this surplus to recycle the containers. According to David Cross of, "a container has 8000 lbs of steel which takes 8000 kwh of energy to melt down and make new beams etc... Each container measures 8 feet wide by 40 feet long by 9 feet tall. According to KPFF Consulting, a structural engineering firm in St. As for their energy efficiency, they claim that when the appropriate coatings are installed, the envelope reflects about 95 percent of outside radiation, resists the loss of interior heat, provides an excellent air infiltration barrier and does not allow water to migrate in. Related:  trollface29 Shipping Container Housing « Shipping Container Housing 5 Buildings Made of Shipping Containers » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: shipping_containers, containers We've seen simple shipping container homes, but how about using multiples to construct complicated structures? Keetwonen, pictured above is a 1,000 unit student housing complex. This cute polka-dot number is a weekend house located in Trebnje, Slovenia. Container City, by the Trinity Buoy Warf on the Thames is a well-known example of shipping-container architecture. At 85 feet high, the Freitag Shop located in Zurich is the tallest building made of 17 used shipping containers. If all these pics have you yearning to live in your very own shipping container, check out Ecopods. Tagged : shipping_containers, containers

ArkHaus Construye tu casa con contenedores | Juan Ignacio Acosta Hace tiempo que he escuchado a mi socio en Gary Bedell y a Elias Simon (gran arquitecto y mejor amigo) hablar sobre edificar una casa con contenedores maritimos, si si .. de estos que se usan para transportar mercancias en barcos. La idea parece algo estrafalaria, pero tiene varias ventajas: 1. El precio, un contenedor maritimo Iso 40 está en el mercado de segunda mano por 1.800 € mas o menos, a esto habría que añadir los precios de gruas, soldadura, pintura y aislamiento, asi como solado y carpinteria metalica 2. 3. 4. Hay arquitectos que están especializados en este tipo de construcciones como Gregory La Vardera en EEUU, pronto Esimon será otro en España Me gusta la idea! Me caben algunas dudas.. esto se considera construcción efimera? Algunas fotos y planos de casas container (pulsar sobre ellas para verlas a mayor tamaño) Actualizacion, Kiko Marquez resuelve algunas dudas planteadas en los comentarios en el siguiente post:

Cómo construir casas con contenedores de carga Puedes construir una casa usando grandes contenedores de carga metálicos que ya no se usen para su próposito original. En estos contenedores se transportan artículos comerciales hacia todo el mundo. Sin embargo, una vez usados, se amontonan en las ciudades portuarias y centros de envío de América. Nivel de dificultad: Difícil Necesitarás Un diseño de una casa funcional Uno o más contenedores usados Autorización para construir con materiales no convencionales Lista completaMinimizar Instrucciones Diseño de tu casa 1 La mayoría de los contenedores de embarque miden lo mismo: 8 pies de ancho por 8 pies y 6 pulgadas de alto, y de 20 o 40 pies de largo. Calcula cuántos contenedores necesitarás para tu diseño. Construcción de la casa de contenedores 1 No debes colocar tu casa sobre la tierra desnuda. Consejos y advertencias Es probable que algunos elementos hechos de madera (como el piso) hayan sido tratados con pesticidas para evitar que se desplazaran insectos de un país a otro.

Shipping container designs, photos, plans and architecture Container Heads Rejoice A New Container Baby | The Cordell Shipping Container House Photographer: Jill Hunter Container Heads around the world, start rejoicing. Yes, a new container house has been born and it’s a Texan. The developers (Numen) and family are calling it the Cordell House and here is what they have to say about their new baby. Developer -The Cordell House is the result of a 2-year design discussion between the builders and the designers. It was conceived as an exercise in efficient building, with the most expensive aspects of the house – the structural elements and mechanical core – being partially prefabricated in a shop environment. Before I the let developer babble on with traditional boring speak about this new container baby, I would just like to say, this thing is sexy. Cordell House is located in the Brooke Smith Addition at 206 Cordell. Numen Development attempts to divert shop waste products to recycling resources whenever possible, and does not maintain dumpsters at either the warehouse or on the jobsite.

Container Conversions Container Conversions to Site Offices, Secure Stores, Sound Proof Generator Containers, Fire Proof Cabins, Plant Housing, Enclosures, Etc... Click to jump directly to a photo gallery: ISO shipping containers are such a good basic design they are perfect for converting to an almost infinite number of alternative uses, principally for extra security, mobility, housing and enclosing equipment and processes, and as a secure work environment. We add value to the basic design through: Product knowledge of containers and ancillary equipment,Design experience with structural assessment and CAD,Thorough project investigation to ensure suitable specifications,High quality workmanship and customer service. We can also design and manufacture non ISO containers to form enclosures and frame structures of any size and dimension to contain and house your equipment. You receive the benefit of our 35 year knowledge of containers when planning a business solution using our container conversions. School room

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