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Twitter in Education – Barriers and possible solutions?

Twitter in Education – Barriers and possible solutions?
After a wry commentary on the ‘10 Stages of Twitter‘ many educators have commented on the barriers that exist to twitter use. As a proposed channel of communication for iPad use in school, it is important to investigate these barriers and address them for staff. ACCESS – It is all very well popping onto twitter if you have a smartphone that allows you access with one tap of an icon. It is a very different experience if you are logging in via the website just to scroll through a timeline you don’t engage withUNDERSTANDING – Twitter fans have countless tales to tell about colleagues who ‘don’t get twitter’. A number of solutions have been suggested to remove these barriers and are proving fruitful alongside our iPad trial: Allow time for twitter professional development with any presentation immediately followed up with individual trouble-shooting and supportCreate a ‘ring-fenced‘ twitter trial zone. Related:  Twitter in the classroom

The 15 best educational Twitter hashtags - Learn Egg Digital Skills Social Media The 15 best educational Twitter hashtags When it comes to learning through your Personal Learning Network (PLN), the very first app or web tool mentioned is typically Twitter. That’s because it’s a never-ending stream of useful information, resources, and news curated by you. But how do you find all the ‘right’ people, you may be asking? I’d recommend using the following educational Twitter hashtags as they’re a powerful way to follow a conversation about a particular topic on Twitter.

Karl Gude: Five Reasons Why Twitter Is Amazing In Large Lecture Classes Image by Colin Marshall The guest professor in my large class of 200 journalism students at Michigan State University was just hitting his stride when suddenly every single student plunged to the ground as though looking for a dropped pencil. Stunned, the speaker continued his talk. About 15 minutes later the students leapt to their feet and applauded furiously! At the time I was on a flight to Denver and the speaker was doing me a favor taking over my class. He was right to blame me ... and Twitter. Now, I wouldn't advise doing this to just any old professor. Now why would I do such a mean thing? More and more students have Twitter accounts now. Five (other) ways I use Twitter in my lecture classes: 1) It gives voice to the shy: Normally when I ask a question in a large class the same eager six students (sitting up front) answer them all semester. 4) It's terrific for organizing group projects: Students can use the class hashtag to assemble a group to work on a class project.

How Twitter is Reinventing Collaboration Among Educators In the three years that I’ve been building up Edutopia’s presence on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, I’ve noticed a significant shift in how our audience of education changemakers interact and collaborate. In particular, I’ve seen Twitter reinvent the way educators collaborate to create change in education. Twitter Transforms Educators Before the advent of Twitter, most educators I know had limited opportunities to collaborate with colleagues outside their building. Enter Twitter. Here are some of the specific ways educators are using Twitter to collaborate: Edcamps: Edcamps are “unconferences” for educators that are mostly promoted through Twitter and organized by people who’ve met on Twitter. Twitter chats: There are currently over 150 Twitter chats on education-related topics. Hashtags: Educators use a lot of hashtags. Profiles in Collaboration Results of Collaboration Educator Shelly Terrell reached out to Dabbs on Twitter three years ago. Your Turn

How To Use Facebook to Build and Maintain a Customer Base If you have just started a new web business or you’d like to but don’t know how to get the word out about it, Facebook is your friend. By using Facebook you can find potential customers, keep them up-to-date about your business and maintain their loyalty. Here are the ways you can build and maintain a solid customer base for your new web business on Facebook. Create a Facebook Page for Your Business This has become a MUST for any web business. By creating a page, you can allow fans to “like” your page, which will give your business more visibility. Use Your Friends If you already have a personal Facebook account and a long list of friends and family members, you can advertise your new web business through them. Build Expectations Looking for a way to create excitement and buzz for your business? Keep Everything Up-to-Date Keeping your Facebook accounts updated is an important job of maintaining your new online business. The Author Pamelia can be contacted at 255inShare

How Twitter Saved my Literature Class: A Case Study with Discussion “How Twitter Saved my Literature Class: A Case Study with Discussion” Andy Jones, University of California, Davis Originally published: Jones, A. “How Twitter Saved my Literature Class: A Case Study with Discussion.” (2011). Teaching Arts and Science with the New Social Media. A collection edited by Charles Wankel. More than anything else, what distinguishes a great class from an adequate class is the attitude of the participants. In order for such a course to exist, in order for this transformational learning to take place, the instructor and students together must face down an array of obstacles and distractions. Perhaps recent research in industrial psychology could help us understand what motivates our students. I had this question in mind as I was preparing for a short fiction class for 30 undergraduates that I taught during the summer of 2009 at the University of California, Davis. I first encountered Twitter as a journalist. Facebook offers too many distractions.

#Twitter As A Teaching Aid-Some Interesting Figures « The Creative Space I have blogged in the past about using new media platforms as a learning & teaching resource. The entire content of our BA (Hons) Contemporary Screen Acting Programme at the University of the West of Scotland is delivered using Twitter, Posterous and Youtube at the very core of Teaching , Learning and , crucially Assessement. From it’s inception in September 2010, student engagement with these platforms was developed gradually over the first 15 weeks of the programme. In the second trimester of the programme there is now 100% participation from the students and participating staff across a wide range of New Media . However it has become clear from the level of student engagement and their enthusiastic and positive feedback that the experiment of using the new media in this way been a qualified success. My colleague John Quinn and I teach a module on the Film Making and Screenwriting Programme here at UWS titled “Team Writing For Television.” Response rate 78% (39/50) 1. 3%. 4. 5.

140 Character Conference 10 Ways To Launch and Promote A Product Using Social Media Launching a product using social media provides multi-media rich global platforms that makes it easy for each social network community to share the message and let other people know about your brand. Promoting, marketing and launching any product globally was usually left to multi-nationals with big budgets and access to prime time TV and other expensive mass media and to be effective required multi-million dollar budgets. Here is a case study of Guy Kawasaki’s launch and promotion of his book ‘Enchantment The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions‘ and how he used a multi channel social media marketing strategy and tactics that can be applied to any product. This approach or a subset of his campaign can be applied by anyone with the right discipline and appropriate resources and ‘yes’ you will need a marketing budget but it will not need to be 6 or 7 figures. So how did he launch and promote his book using social media? Primary Goal: Cost: Approximately $2,700 Primary Goal Main Goal:

@RealTimeGatsby - Effective use of Twitter for English Class Just today I came across the Twitter account @RealTimeGatsby. Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like – a real time account of the novel The Great Gatsby, only tweeted and not read. Something similar has been done for World War II, which became wildly popular and was incredibly educational. #Nick - Excited about moving out East. #Daisy - Can’t decide between the white dress and the other white dress. #Myrtle - That sign down the road is creepy in the morning. The use of Hashtags modernizes the novels core meanings and brings a completely different sense of understanding to students.

Why Twitter Matters: Tomorrow’s Knowledge Network Image via CrunchBase Twitter still comes in for high-blown denunciations from Great Persons who have never used it. But I ventured to suggest the other day (in a tweet, of course) that it is now an open question whether anyone can be a paid-up member of the commentariat in 2011 without a Twitter handle. Because while it is presently used for a score of different purposes (from chat-chat among friends to crass marketing efforts to smart customer service to newsgathering that beats any other source) at its core it offers two interlocking experiences which deliver value so great it is hard to measure. First is, as it were, research. Second, Twitter as cocktail party. 24/7. What to make of this? The remarkable power of what I am terming “mutual curation.” Why does this matter quite so much? Follow my tweets, if you like, at @nigelcameron. Like this: Like Loading...

Publications Hildebrandt, K., & Couros, A. (2016). Digital selves, digital scholars: Theorising academic identity in online spaces. Journal of Applied Social Theory, 1(1). Retrieved from Hildebrandt, K., Lewis, P., Kreuger, C., Naytowhow, J., Tupper, J., Couros, A., and Montgomery, K. (2016). Digital Storytelling for Historical Understanding: Treaty Education for Reconciliation, Journal of Social Science Education, 15(1), pp. 17-26. Couros, A., and Hildebrandt, K. (2016). Couros, A., Lewis, P., Montgomery, K., Tupper, J., Hildebrandt, K., and Naytowhow, J. Couros, A. (2014). Couros, A. (2013). Couros, A., Jarrett, K. (2011). Couros, A. (2010). Couros, A. (2010). Couros, A. Couros, A. (2009). Friesen, D., Couros, A. (2008). Brogden, L. Brogden, L. Couros, A., & Brogden, L. (2006). Nolan, K., Friesen, D., Maeers, M. & Couros, A. (2005) A case study of pre-service teachers learning to teach with technology during internship. R.A.

Is Content Marketing the Hot New Trend? - Infographic It was in 2008 that I realised the power of creating and marketing unique content to pull people to your website and blog. That was one of the primary reasons I started I discovered this when I stumbled upon Hubspot, a company that was one of the early innovators of content marketing. Their marketing was refreshing change to “old school” marketing and was based upon creating attention through attraction with blog articles and free ebooks. It was the dawn of “pull marketing” or “inbound marketing” rather than push strategies such as telemarketing and direct mail. Fast forward to 2012 and it appears that there is a growing groundswell of activity and interest in content marketing is racheting up. This momentum is not only for B2B but B2C is starting to adopt this marketing philosophy and Coca Cola has created a brand new marketing strategy based upon this emerging trend. Other companies such as American Express are also embracing this trend. More Reading 416inShare

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom Twitter has caught fire across many professional fields as well as personally, but it seems to be in the beginning stages in the realm of higher education. The creative ways Twitter users have incorporated microblogging has become inspirational, so the recent trend of using Twitter at college, including at online colleges, is sure to keep evolving into an ever more impressive tool. Make sure you don’t get left behind by incorporating some of these educational and fun ways that Twitter can be used in the college classroom. Communication Twitter offers new and exciting ways to open up the lines of communication in the classroom. Direct Tweet. Class Projects and Discovering Content From learning how to use Twitter to finding useful information for class to practicing a foreign language, Twitter provides creative opportunities for learning. Twitter-specific projects. Twitter Tools Twhirl. Finding People in Academia to Follow Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education.

How To Find Twitterers Talking About Your Profession, Company, Or Product Finding The Right People on Twitter I read a very clever idea in a blog post by Corbett Barr of Free Pursuits – You can follow him on Twitter @freepursuits. If you are a marketer, business owner, or just an avid Twitterer looking for the perfect Tweeps, you will want to have this trick in your arsenal. The reason I was impressed by this technique is because it constantly scrubs the Twitter stream looking for conversations I’m interested in, which increases the likelihood that those Tweeps are people I want to find and follow. Also, as a professional it is a handy tool. To Get Social Media News Subscribe To This Blog By Email Here. Additionally, I use this technique regularly to help my clients build a targeted, meaningful following on Twitter, and you might want to use it the same way. When others tweet on a topic that is of interest to you, and that you tweet about, they are more likely to follow you and retweet you. To learn what RSS is Click Here. My Results My Omea Twitter Feed Results