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Free International Volunteer Work Abroad Programs

Free International Volunteer Work Abroad Programs
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Links to volunteer opportunities in sustainable development The following sites provides some key services to link you with the volunteering opportunity that you are looking for. Below in this page are some links to articles that ask you to question whether that volunteer opportunity really addresses the values that you are seeking to model. Volunteer opportunities Idealist, a project of Action Without Borders This is a key site for people wanting to make a difference in the world. Is that volunteering opportunity right for you Gap Years Create 'New Colonialists' GAP year volunteers are in danger of becoming the new colonialists, indulging in a type of "charity tourism" that can do more harm than good, according to a leading charity. List of cognitive biases Cognitive biases are systematic patterns of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment, and are often studied in psychology and behavioral economics.[1] There are also controversies over some of these biases as to whether they count as useless or irrational, or whether they result in useful attitudes or behavior. For example, when getting to know others, people tend to ask leading questions which seem biased towards confirming their assumptions about the person. However, this kind of confirmation bias has also been argued to be an example of social skill: a way to establish a connection with the other person.[8] Although this research overwhelmingly involves human subjects, some findings that demonstrate bias have been found in non-human animals as well. For example, hyperbolic discounting has been observed in rats, pigeons, and monkeys.[9] Decision-making, belief, and behavioral biases[edit] Social biases[edit] Most of these biases are labeled as attributional biases. See also[edit]

ArtCorps Youth The Youth Department in cooperation with the Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity Unit of the Council of Europe will organise a three day seminar in connection to the 17 May International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The programme of the seminar will map the challenges faced by young people who are targeted by hate speech because of their sexual orientation and gender identity and explore how the existing recommendation and case law of the Council of Europe provide grounds for taking action. The seminar will invite representatives of National Campaign Committees, youth organisations, online activists, bloggers, reporters in online media and LGBTQI youth leaders that can develop, within the framework of the No Hate Speech Movement, activities that will challenge Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Speech online and offline. Applications must be submitted by Monday, 7th April 2014 Presentation of the seminar >> Apply at:

Voluntary Work Worldwide At Anywork Anywhere Voluntary Work There are many organisations throughout the world who welcome volunteers for long and short periods, as well as many Companies offering volunteer/expeditionary packages. Work could involve caring for children, teenagers and people with disabilities, archaeological and community development projects, studying, surveying and monitoring plants and animals, restoring industrial heritage, laying hedges or planting forests. Voluntary Work Guides By Country Charities and Aid Organisations offer a range of voluntary opportunities around the world for long and short periods such as caring for people with disabilities, conservation, archaeological, and community development projects. Most volunteers must be self funding, although help can often be provided with fund raising. Why Pay To Volunteer ? Specific skills are not usually required by many organisations. Experience isn't usually neccesary most importantly concern for our enviroment, communities and boundless enthusiasm

Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed Our minds set up many traps for us. Unless we’re aware of them, these traps can seriously hinder our ability to think rationally, leading us to bad reasoning and making stupid decisions. Features of our minds that are meant to help us may, eventually, get us into trouble. Here are the first 5 of the most harmful of these traps and how to avoid each one of them. 1. The Anchoring Trap: Over-Relying on First Thoughts “Is the population of Turkey greater than 35 million? Lesson: Your starting point can heavily bias your thinking: initial impressions, ideas, estimates or data “anchor” subsequent thoughts. This trap is particularly dangerous as it’s deliberately used in many occasions, such as by experienced salesmen, who will show you a higher-priced item first, “anchoring” that price in your mind, for example. What can you do about it? Always view a problem from different perspectives. 2. Consider the status quo as just another alternative. 3. Be OK with making mistakes. 4. 5.

United Nations Volunteers: Home Au Pair Jobs | Be an Au Pair | Hire an Au Pair > 10 Practical Uses For Psychological Research in Everyday Life | People love to give each other advice. The web is full to bursting with all types of pseudo-psychological advice about life. The problem is, how much of this is based on real scientific evidence? Well, here on PsyBlog we’ve got the scientific evidence. So here’s my top 10 list of what you can learn practically from the psychological research discussed here recently. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Work Abroad • Volunteer Abroad • Intern Abroad • Travel Abroad Projects Abroad. 10,000 volunteers a year. Hundreds of ongoing projects around the world. Which will you do? Help, Learn and Explore with Projects Abroad by participating in a worthwhile international volunteer placement or internship. Spending time overseas with Projects Abroad can last from one week to a year in 28 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Volunteer placements and internships include care, teaching, conservation & environment, sports, culture & community, archaeology, building, farming, performing arts, medicine & healthcare, journalism, law & human rights, international development, business and veterinary medicine & animal care. Projects Abroad 80 Broad St., Floor 32 New York, NY 10004 (888) 839-3535 (USA) (877) 921-9666 (Canada)

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