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Visual Supply Co (VSCO)

Visual Supply Co (VSCO)
Based out of Princeton, New Jersey, Chris Schoonover is a talented photographer who is always striving to push his sight and passion to the limits. Following Chris’ work from the past year, one can see that his images are prolific, ever–evolving, diverse, and highly attuned to his individual style. Living and working out of New York City, Justin Chung is a distinguished fashion and portrait photographer. Justin's images contain that classic presence, which is impossible to fake, where light, subject and surrounding all blend seamlessly. Run by twin sisters Hannah and Kelty, The Weaver House specializes in custom print design, web design, photography and more. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Hannah and Kelty both have well-cultivated tastes, which translate into one-of-a-kind projects of beauty.

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The Best Designs - Web Design Inspiration Featuring the best of web design. Filter by style or search designs by color, industry or genre. How to make Korean Al Bap, Flying Fish Eggs and Vegetables on Rice recipe Al bap ("al" means egg, "bap" means rice) is a delicious and nutritious dish that can be served any time of day. You can also prepare it for gatherings and parties, where people can make their own with their favorite toppings. Each ingredient has a very distinct taste and texture.

24 Tools for Journalists to Explore in 2015 1. Plague Plague works like a virus. When you spread information, it goes to the users who are closest to you physically. 2. 1. What is OT-24? Who is collecting information This website is operated by Mountview House Group Ltd(MVHG) whose registered office is at Mountview House Group Ltd, Suite 100 – Building 3, North London Business Park, London N11 1GN. MVHG has notified the Information Commissioner of its processing operations and is registered as required under the Data Protection Act and intends to fully comply with the provisions of that Act. What information is collected How to make Jeonju Bibimbap - Traditional Royal Court Cuisine Style The following is the summary of seasoning ingredients for each topping. You can also find these amounts in the cooking directions below but we thought this chart may help you see everything at once. Please note that these amounts are for the default serving of 4.

CSS GALLERY for inspiration PSD to HTML in Bulk. Order up to 12 templates for html conversion and pay fixed rate of $480. Ryan Abi –– UI/UX Designer Digital Geo-Portraits Multimedia Fleeting Manifesto How to make Tong-yeong Seafood Bibimbap Don’t be overwhelmed! You can choose a few toppings you like. When it comes to bibimbap, there is no one original recipe. Pitchdeck Revolutionizing the way people discover, share, and interact with images online. Inspired by Google Images, Flipboard and Pinterest Piccsy embodies all of the redeeming qualities these products provide, plus so much more. Traffic Visitors / Month Unique Visitors / Month Pageviews / Month

A culinary journey Around the World in 12 Dishes is an original idea by Elespacio and culinary advocate Imogen Wells. The site features a collection of 12 tasty recipes and stories of small food-producers. It aims to celebrate diversity and help people build a more intimate relationship with our food and its sources. Visit the website We reached out to food producers all over the world for information about their goods, production details and the daily challenges of working in their environment. How to make Nakji Bibimbap, Spicy Stir-fired Small Octopus Bibimbap Optional Ingredients & SusbstitutionsMul Yeot: If you don't have it, add 1/2 tbs of ADDITIONAL sugar instead.Shrimp fish sauce (sae woo jeot): it's a really nice touch but you can get away without it. But, if you don't use it, make sure you season it with salt. You can also substitute shrimp fish sauce with anchovy fish sauce or kanari fish sauce, OR use a combination of these.Soy sauce for soup (gook-gan-jang): If you don't have it, season with salt.Sesame seeds: you can omit this if you have sesame oil.Carrot: you can omit it.Green chili pepper: It gives a very nice spicy kick however, you can use red chili pepper which is usually less spicy. If you really want to tone it down, use regular red pepper or green pepper.Sprouts and greens: Although greens such as perilla leaves and garlic chives do add very unique taste and aroma, you don’t have to use all the greens in the ingredient list. You can simply use leaf lettuce and other sprouts. Frequently Asked Questions

10+ Solutions for Responsive Data Tables Having trouble fitting your tables into a responsive site? They look great on a desktop layout, but look miserable on mobile. Here I will show a basic solution I have used, followed by a list of other plugins and tools you might want to use. Retro-fitting Old Table Markup First remove any fixed widths from your HTML. Before:

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