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11 Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know

11 Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know
As an email service provider we are constantly throwing around terms that sometimes our customers may or may not know. So I decided to pick 11 email marketing terms and give you the low down on what they mean. Don’t be offended if you know some of these, I’m trying to cover a lot of bases here. Here goes! ROI (Return on Investment) – Your ROI is the measure of the profit you make and/or costs saved at your business. For your email marketing campaigns you calculate cost of sending email plus time. ROI = [(Payback - Investment)/Investment)]*100 So if you made $780 on your email campaign, your time was worth $50 to create it and it costs $15 to send it it would look like this: (($780 – $65)/$65)*100 = 1100% ROI (which is really good!) If you want to take it a step further subtract your cost of your products or services as well. Open Rate – Your open rate is simply the number recipients who opened your HTML emails. Copy – Your copy is simply the text of the email you write. About the Author

5 Key Areas to Focus On to Boost E-Commerce Conversions How can you increase the conversion rates on your e-commerce site? The question is simple but the answers often feel incredibly complicated. The options for boosting performance can seem endless and overwhelming—on most websites there are countless combinations of colors, words, buttons, images, and layouts that can be tinkered with to wring every last click out of visitors. Tips for Effective Cross-Cultural Emails Email Share Sharebar 3 Email Share So what are the ingredients for successful email communications? Still life: Bent objects » Article », Digital Journalism UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. Little polish girl McDonalds as Sculpture Materials Yeah, this is where those come from

Untitled Page Not all of these are necessarily very unusual. Sometimes I pick them because they have unusual origins, or a little used secondary definition. Sometimes it's just a word that people know, but would be hard-pressed to exactly define. 9 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Shared on Social Networks: New Research Do you wonder how to get your content seen amidst a sea of information? What if you could understand why your audience shares some information and not other? That would make your content stand out from the competition. The Science of Sharing

How to Use EBITDA to Value Your Company Looking to the future, can you envision a time when you might want to sell your business? "The best way to build a company is to build it as if you're going to sell it," says veteran entrepreneur and Inc. columnist Norm Brodsky. "It has to be built to last." One place to start measuring your company's potential value in a sale is determining your EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. It's certainly a mouthful, but the equation itself is really quite simple: subtract expenses from revenue (excluding interests and taxes) without depreciation and amortization (what you pay for tangible and intangible assets). The remaining number paints a basic picture of your profitability as well as your ability to pay off what it owes.

Things People Said: Courtroom Quotations The following quotations are taken from official court records across the nation, showing how funny and embarrassing it is that recorders operate at all times in courts of law, so that even the slightest inadvertence is preserved for posterity. Lawyer: "Was that the same nose you broke as a child?"Witness: "I only have one, you know." Lawyer: "Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?"Witness: "By death." Fallacies Dr. Michael C. Labossiere, the author of a Macintosh tutorial named Fallacy Tutorial Pro 3.0, has kindly agreed to allow the text of his work to appear on the Nizkor site, as a Nizkor Feature. It remains © Copyright 1995 Michael C. Labossiere, with distribution restrictions -- please see our copyright notice. If you have questions or comments about this work, please direct them both to the Nizkor webmasters ( and to Dr.

Email marketing versus social media - once more If we can believe the people of Email Delivered there is a “heated debate inside marketing circles” about what’s the best option when it comes to focusing your marketing efforts: social media or email marketing. Although I had promised myself not to rant anymore I can’t help but beg you to please refrain from this way of thinking. If there’s a heated debate going on inside marketing circles about these questions, I’m very happy that it’s not a debate in my marketing circles.

How to Comply With the New Revenue Recognition Rules Fusion-io, a fast-growing start-up based in Salt Lake City, needed a more efficient way to provide its investors and bankers with a clear picture of its revenues. The company, which launched in late 2005, makes cutting-edge flash storage memory devices and also provides year-long maintenance contracts. The old accounting rules required Fusion-io to spread out its recognition of the revenue for both product sales and maintenance throughout the life of the service contract, which didn't accurately reflect their revenue realities. So when the accounting standards were updated earlier this year, Fusion-io was quick to embrace them. These new accounting standards were developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the non-profit group recognized by securities regulators in the U.S. to set accounting rules for public companies.

“Condor” Supercomputer Made Of 1,716 PS3s Now Online Supercomputers are expensive to make no matter how you look at it. But if you use a whole bunch of PS3s, you can save over 10x the cost compared to this guy. The Condor project is a supercomputer made up of 1,716 PS3s for the Air Force’s image processing tasks and is considered one of the top forty fastest computers in the world. Its big task involves monitoring 15 square miles 24/7, but not in the way you think. Because the PS3 is really good at image processing, the Air Force hopes it will solve their problem of processing images from all their recent aerial photo gathering. With all the satellites they have, it has become pretty easy to snap loads of photos, but figuring what parts are important is difficult.

Argumentation Home Welcome to the Argumentation Home Page. This is a website designed to give you information and examples to supplement the instruction you receive in class. The material for the web site was chosen not only to be helpful in your comprehension of the information, but also to aid in your research. Library tips, web site information, and links to interesting and useful web pages are also included.

How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958,373 Visits from Google 254 Comments 6 minutes I receive a lot of emails from people who ask whether, with all of the competition online, it’s still possible to enter a niche right now and make money.