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Color Explorer- Extraire les couleurs d'images

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Tutoriel-Feedly.pdf Lorem Ipsum How To Create Color Palettes Using Your Favorite Images We recently wrote an article about ColourCode ( which is a great resource for creating and managing color palettes. We quickly thought to ourselves, what good is a color palette creator if you don’t have a method of conceptualizing new and unique groups of color? One of our favorite and most successful ways to develop these new color palettes is to create them using an image that helps convey our target look and feel. Have you ever looked at an image and wanted to convey the same emotional response in your designs? A big contributing factor to this response is the overall color scheme of the image. Step 1 – Select an Image Select the image you would like to extract a color palette from and open it up in Photoshop. This is an example color palette we extracted from our selected image. Step 2 – Open the Save For Web Dialog Box Click on File -> Save for Web . Once you have clicked on Save For Web you should get a dialog box that looks like this. Step 5 – Save Your Color Table

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GECO - Music and sound through hand gestures Multi-dimensional MIDI expression through hand gestures We've invested a lot of time and effort to provide you with one of the easiest and most powerful solutions to interact with MIDI, OSC and CopperLan through hand gestures. Our custom multi-staged processing engine ensures an extremely low processing overhead and near zero latency, while still providing you with beautiful real-time visual feedback and powerful customization capabilities. Download for macOS Download for Windows NOTE: GECO uses features which may not work properly with the Orion software. If you encounter issues, specifically around background operation, you may wish to use Leap Motion's older V2 software. Donate GECO is now available for free since the Leap Motion store closed down. Please consider donating something for our efforts in creating GECO and help finance future maintenance and development. Features