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Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet: History of the I

Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet: History of the I
The original ARPANET grew into the Internet. Internet was based on the idea that there would be multiple independent networks of rather arbitrary design, beginning with the ARPANET as the pioneering packet switching network, but soon to include packet satellite networks, ground-based packet radio networks and other networks. The Internet as we now know it embodies a key underlying technical idea, namely that of open architecture networking. In this approach, the choice of any individual network technology was not dictated by a particular network architecture but rather could be selected freely by a provider and made to interwork with the other networks through a meta-level “Internetworking Architecture”. Up until that time there was only one general method for federating networks. The idea of open-architecture networking was first introduced by Kahn shortly after having arrived at DARPA in 1972. Four ground rules were critical to Kahn’s early thinking:

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 This isn’t really news as such, but Famitsu magazine also reports that Persona 5 development arrangements are in place, and the regular Persona team will be handling development of the game. Katsura Hashino will return as director, Shoji Meguro as composer, and Shigenori Soejima as character designer. No further details regarding the game have been provided. Sos Kicap Some super preliminary details on Persona 5 appear in this week's Famitsu. In an interview discussing Persona 4 The Golden and Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka, producer Katsura Hashino said that preliminary development for Persona 5 (which he referred to as "the next numbered title") is nearly complete. The key players are returning for Persona 5. They've solidified the themes they'd like to cover in the game. Hashino shared one technical bit about P5. However, he warned that he expects a lengthy wait until release. Sos kicap

Thoughts on Google Plus: The Magic Isn’t Social, It’s Semantic It’s been said that I’ve called Google Plus “one of the subtlest and most user-friendly ontology development systems we’ve ever seen.” I did, and you can listen for yourselves on the Semantic Link podcast. Why did I do so? Well, G+ follows some of the basic principles of linked data: it uses persistent HTTP URIs for people, Sparks (concepts) and posts. It allows you to indicate a relationship between to entities and give that relationship a type. It collects, and types, attributes about entities from the expected experts – the entities themselves. Let’s take those points one at a time, with pictures. Persistent URIs for People Everyone with a G+ account gets assigned a random string of numbers as their unique identifier. [click images to open them at full size in new tabs/windows] How is this ontological? Persistent URIs for Sparks Sparks are the name Google uses to refer to concepts, also known as subjects, categories, tags, terms (you get the idea.) Persistent URIs for Posts

lady gaga chop her leg Lady GaGa is truly dedicated to her new lookLOS ANGELES - USA - The bizarre American pop starlet, Lady GaGa, astounded fans and TV audiences Friday when she announced that she has had one of her legs amputated below the knee purely for fashion purposes. The pop singer endured the operation so that she could look increasingly 'different', and it seems she has achieved her objective. Her record company even paid for the operation and her new video will showcase the knew image when filming begins in three weeks. "This is the latest fashion I'm starting and you can see that I'm a world leader when it comes to wacky and weird shit huh. "Cosmetic Amputation Surgery" According to pop music experts, Lady GaGa has pioneered a new trend in pop acts who want to cash in on the amputations. "Just think how cool it would be if other mediocre pop acts were to amputate parts of their bodies? sos gaga

75-year-old woman cuts off Internet to Georgia and Armenia A retired 75-year-old woman has single-handedly managed to cut off the Internet connection of two countries. She was digging around for scrap metal when she happened upon something far more valuable: Armenia and Georgia’s connection to the Internet. The interior ministry in Tbilisi said the woman hacked into a fibre-optic cable which runs through Georgia to Armenia, causing thousands of Internet users in both countries to lose connection for a few hours on March 28. Georgian interior ministry spokesman Zura Gvenetadze told the Associated Foreign Press that she found the cable and had intended to steal it. Gvenetadze said the woman’s age has been taken into account and she has been released pending the end of the investigation and upcoming trial. The cable is owned by the Georgian Railway Telecom company, which clearly now has some major repair work to do. More at BBC News and Yahoo! Jennifer’s Opinion

which country is worst in the world? QUOTE(wodenus @ May 1 2010, 11:06 AM) You, a foreigner, were there for three weeks, and you're not dead yet? For a city boy like me, the first week was full on paranoia!!! If you don't try to find trouble, then in won't be finding I fastly adapted this. Shit man! I had witnessed poverty and famine close-up while traveled in a Pajero looking at the environment... people smoking weed in the public, drinking home made brew( like tapai), a father punch his young son multiply in the gut, women helplessly getting groped public, police patrols Jeep with guys equipped with standard N.A.T.O. Ironically the beach is beautiful.... Although after awhile, you'll get it in your head that humans are still humans, there are good things too, so I personally don't hold contempt with the locals... (yeah, I counted them...) Even I returned back to M'sia after that 3 weeks, I couldn't forget the frequent gunfires that can be heard during the nights in Port Moresby , PNG.

Without Internet, Urban Poor Fear Being Left Behind In Digital Age Jillian Maldonado is a 29-year-old student at the Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center and an Avon sales representative who earns $300 a week. On most nights, she takes the D train from her classes in Manhattan back to her third-floor apartment in the South Bronx. It’s a tough neighborhood. A few months ago she heard gunshots outside her window. Once home, Maldonado cooks dinner. A year ago, Maldonado’s computer stopped working and she cannot afford a new one. When she returns to her apartment, she rummages through her purse and places whatever money she can spare in a jar half-filled with coins and crumpled dollars. “My teacher assumes everyone has Internet at home,” she said. Maldonado is not alone. But being disconnected isn’t just a function of being poor. “The cost of being offline is greater now than it was 10 years ago,” said John Horrigan, vice president of policy research at TechNet, a trade association representing high-tech companies. “It’s a major inconvenience,” Mason said.

WinMatrix - Windows Customization Community Death By Utopia John B. Calhoun relaxing in Universe 25 In the late 20th Century, John B. Calhoun decided to make Utopia; it started with rats. He bought the second floor of a barn, and there he made his office and lab. 2.7 metres square with 1.4m high walls. Society broke. The outside of Universe 25 The purpose of the experiment for Calhoun was to examine a pressing problem, overpopulation. After day 600, the male mice just stopped defending their territory, listless mice congregated in the centres of the Universe. The ‘beautiful ones’ withdrew themselves ever so quietly, removing themselves from the sick society. In the end the population sank, even when it was back down to a tolerable level none of the mice changed back. Poster for dystopian film Soylent Green In a time where people worried about the dangers of people gathering in cities it confirmed their worst fears. This purpose of the experiments was not to portend some imminent doom for humanity, in fact Calhoun was trying to be positive.

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