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Visual Poetry for Facebook or Email Greetings

Visual Poetry for Facebook or Email Greetings
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Concrete Poetry Sites - North Davidson Middle School Guest | Login Amber Crotts 7th Grade ELA & Science North Davidson Middle School » Departments » 7th Grade » Amber Crotts » Concrete Poetry Sites Concrete Poetry Sites Concrete Poem Maker Sites * Google Docs: * Create Document * Insert Drawing * Choose Shape, Picture, etc. * Start working on your Poem * Go to Text Layout: --> Choose from the following: * Valentine/Heart * Banner * Spiral * Wave * Read, Write, Think ---> Type in your Name ---> Choose Theme: Nature, School, Sports, Celebrations, Shapes * Concrete Poetry ---> Choose shape or draw own * Tagxedo (Can use this site AFTER you complete Concrete Poem) Click on Load & type poem in box Choose Shape Word Cloud Website by SchoolMessenger Presence. © 2017 West Corporation.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Angel of the Odd: THE ANGEL OF THE ODD - Free Online Library IT was a chilly November afternoon. I had just consummated an unusually hearty dinner, of which the dyspeptic truffe formed not the least important item, and was sitting alone in the dining-room, with my feet upon the fender, and at my elbow a small table which I had rolled up to the fire, and upon which were some apologies for dessert, with some miscellaneous bottles of wine, spirit andliqueur. In the morning I had been reading Glover's "Leonidas," Wilkie's "Epigoniad," Lamartine's "Pilgrimage," Barlow's "Columbiad," Tuckermann's "Sicily," and Griswold's "Curiosities" ; I am willing to confess, therefore, that I now felt a little stupid. I made effort to arouse myself by aid of frequent Lafitte, and, all failing, I betook myself to a stray newspaper in despair. "This folio of four pages, happy work Which not even critics criticise," when I felt my attention somewhat aroused by the paragraph which follows : "The avenues to death are numerous and strange. "Humph !" "Who are you, pray ?"

Glossary of Poetry Terms accent The prominence or emphasis given to a syllable or word. In the word poetry, the accent (or stress) falls on the first syllable. alexandrine A line of poetry that has 12 syllables. alliteration The repetition of the same or similar sounds at the beginning of words: “What would the world be, once bereft/Of wet and wildness?” anapest A metrical foot of three syllables, two short (or unstressed) followed by one long (or stressed), as in seventeen and to the moon. antithesis A figure of speech in which words and phrases with opposite meanings are balanced against each other. apostrophe Words that are spoken to a person who is absent or imaginary, or to an object or abstract idea. assonance The repetition or a pattern of similar sounds, especially vowel sounds: “Thou still unravished bride of quietness,/Thou foster child of silence and slow time” (“Ode to a Grecian Urn,” John Keats). ballad A poem that tells a story similar to a folk tale or legend and often has a repeated refrain. ballade elegy

Poet Seers - Poem of the Day — Poet Seers Love Unkind by Jack Prost There was a time when we used to laughPlay games together to make time passWatch movies alone in a long embraceTalk about our day face to faceSit on our porch and watch the rainInvite friends over to entertain Share our dreams, our hopes, and desiresMake plans for our future together by a fireTravel together and be quite contentIn the company of each other in our little tent There was a time when our love was pure Simple desires that were so surePassion, devotion, emotion, and blissWe dedicated our love with a ring and a kiss Our lives are somewhat different nowSomething happened, I am not sure howTime has passed without much of a signOf why I am no longer yours and you are no longer mine

Poems & Quotes Poem Themes Poetry Archive Home You can discover work that is new to you by letting the site take you to poems that deal with a theme that appeals to you. Click on a theme to see what poets have written about it. This part of the Archive is full of poems chosen specially for children. Meet old favourites and make new discoveries. The Poetry Archive depends on donations from public bodies and private individuals. My Archive Create lists of your favourite poems and poets and share them with friends. Sign up Browse all poets by name View all poets Browse all poems by title View all poems Glossary of poetic terms View full glossary Browse all poems by theme View all themes Browse all poems by form View all poetic forms

POEMS AND PROSE - July 2007 Click to enlarge Waiting for when the sun an hour or less Conveniently oblique makes visible The painting on one wall of this recess By Caravaggio, of the Roman School, I see how shadow in the painting brims With a real shadow, drowning all shapes out But a dim horse’s haunch and various limbs, Until the very subject is in doubt. But evening gives the act, beneath the horse And one indifferent groom, I see him sprawl, Foreshortened from the head, with hidden face, Where he has fallen, Saul becoming Paul. O wily painter, limiting the scene From a cacophony of dusty forms To the one convulsion, what is it you mean In that wide gesture of the lifting arms? No Ananias croons a mystery yet, Casting the pain out under name of sin. I turn, hardly enlightened, from the chapel To the dim interior of the church instead, In which there kneel already several people, Mostly old women: each head closeted In tiny fists holds comfort as it can. Thom Gunn Santa Maria del Popolo (i.e.

The Hour of Poetry Dancing on the Edge of Doom Chris - my poetry My Free Novels: Fugue(PDF, Mobipocket, HTML) A woman with no identity or name keeps waking up during bizarre and often violent more Paranormal Activities Unit(PDF, Mobipocket, HTML, Online) What would you do if a secret government agency came to you and asked you to help more Mandra(PDF, Mobipocket, HTML)