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F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content

F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content

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Capture Visitors' Attention Through Your Home Page What made me decide to share with you this article is the experience I had when I was working as a part-time freelancer. I remember that whenever I planned the design for websites, I always made it a point that the home page is the most attractive page on the site. I made sure that the home page can capture each viewer that visits the site, not only to scan the home page but to enjoy exploring the whole site. The Poynter Institute Participants read deep into stories (including jump text) in print and online, although reading decreased as story length increased. Online participants read an average of 77 percent of story text they chose to read. This is substantially higher than the amount of story text participants read in broadsheets and tabloids.

The Flipped Classroom - Instructional Module What type of hardware do I need? Depending on the type of instruction you selected, the hardware requirements will vary. However, regardless of the variation, two major components are required: a COMPUTER and BROADBAND INTERNET CONNECTION. Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too.

6 Ways to Bring Civility Online “All u need is one shell: for yourself. Done.”“Nothing says survival like a tube of Carmex. Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking How College Students Learn Flickr:AllHails At the star-studded Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching (HILT) event earlier this month, where professors gathered to discuss innovative strategies for learning and teaching, Harvard’s professor Eric Mazur gave a talk on the benefits of practicing peer instruction in class, rather than the traditional lecture. The idea is getting traction. Here’s more about the practice. By Emily Hanford, American RadioWorks It’s a typical scene: a few minutes before 11:00 on a Tuesday morning and about 200 sleepy-looking college students are taking their seats in a large lecture hall – chatting, laughing, calling out to each other across the aisles.

The problem with nerd politics In the aftermath of the Sopa fight, as top Eurocrats are declaring the imminent demise of Acta, as the Trans-Pacific Partnership begins to founder, as the German Pirate party takes seats in a third German regional election, it's worth taking stock of "nerd politics" and see where we've been and where we're headed. Since the earliest days of the information wars, people who care about freedom and technology have struggled with two ideological traps: nerd determinism and nerd fatalism. Both are dangerously attractive to people who love technology. In "nerd determinism," technologists dismiss dangerous and stupid political, legal and regulatory proposals on the grounds that they are technologically infeasible.

Anyone Still Listening? Educators Consider Killing the Lecture Teaching Strategies Flickr: Sidewalk Flying Scott Aikin admits that he’s “a very conservative pedagogue.” That’s why the author and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University says that, this fall, he’s asking his students to keep their laptops at home. Instead, he wants their full attention for his main method of teaching: lecturing. “I call it ‘the chalk and talk.’ Critique a Web Page in 30 Seconds or Less Critique a Web Page in 30 Seconds or Less by Bryan May 11, 2010 in Interaction Design, Business and Startups, Notable comments When you're ready to launch your website, you'll want to give visitors the best user experience possible. Learning to evaluate a website effectively is part art and part science, but it's a skill that can be learned. To develop an eye for what works on a website and what doesn't, there are few simple techniques that help you critique your website in 30 seconds or less.

Rebirth Of The Eagle Hoax OutlineCirculating slide presentation claims that, at around 40 years of age, eagles go through a painful 5 month process of rebirth in which they remove and regrow their beak, talons and feathers thereby allowing them to live another 30 years. Brief Analysis The information in the message is false. Eagles do not undergo the process of rebirth described in the slide show.

SAMR Model Explained for Teachers Below is a great video explaining the SAMR model in 120 seconds. SAMR is a framework through which you can assess and evaluate the technology you use in your class. Here is how the video below shared by Candace M explains the SAMR's four levels: Substitution In a substitution level, teachers or students are only using new technology tools to replace old ones, for instance, using Google Docs to replace Microsoft Word. the task ( writing) is the same but the tools are different. Planning And Implementing Website Navigation - Smashing Magazine Advertisement The thing that makes navigation difficult to work with in Web design is that it can be so versatile. Navigation can be simple or complex: a few main pages or a multi-level architecture; one set of content for logged-in users and another for logged-out users; and so on. Because navigation can vary so much between websites, there are no set guidelines or how-to’s for organizing navigation.