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Polymer Clay Tutorial - Faux Ceramic Pendant

Polymer Clay Tutorial - Faux Ceramic Pendant
Ceramic jewelry has an earthy appeal, but because ceramics require a kiln, many of us find it an impractical pursuit. Using the technique detailed below, however, you can transform ordinary polymer clay into attractive faux ceramics. This tutorial illustrates how to make faux ceramic pendants, but you can also apply it to brooches, flattened beads, smaller charms, or anything else you like. It is well suited for any project that can be cured flat-- particularly those with decoration on only one side-- but may be adapted to work with more dimensional objects, as well.

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Free Tutorials Pages This Blog Linked From Here Polymer Clay Tutorial - Mokume Gane Beads From your block of translucent clay, cut a piece thin enough to go through the pasta machine on the thickest setting. (If it’s too hard or crumbly, pre-condition as necessary, but remember that over-conditioning bleached translucent clay / “Frost” may introduce more air and increase plaquing in the final product.) Continue putting the clay through the pasta machine on progressively thinner settings until it is as thin as possible (without tearing). If you don’t have a pasta machine, roll the clay very thinly with a brayer. Place the sheet of clay on your work surface.

Knitted Polymer Clay Bracelet – photo tutorial I’m still taking my shaky steps in polymer clay. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I loathe it, but I always learn something. I was talking to some artist friends about being a process vs product artist. polymer clay tutorial On request of one of my russian blog readers I made a quick tutorial on how to make coin beads.We'll be making these beads: Start with measuring out equal amounts of scrap clay for each bead core. Roll scrap clay into balls. Roll out a very thin sheet of pretty clay, which will be a background for your canes' slices.

Polymer Clay Tutorial - Chatty Charms Stamp with the letter(s) or word(s) of your choice. A few words about stamps and stamping polymer clay— There are a variety of options. With the recent popularity of stamping, you have your choice from all sorts of alphabet sets, as well as stamps of words and phrases. Traditional, wood-mounted rubber stamps, unmounted rubber stamps, clear acrylic stamps, metal stamps (typically used for stamping metal, but also useful with clay), address stamp sets—these and other commercially available stamps are excellent choices. You can also make your own word stamps from polymer clay or using tiny (uncooked) alphabet pasta. As a final resort, you can “carve” polymer clay—before curing, with a ball stylus or needle tool, or after curing with linoleum carving tools.

Free Polymer Clay Tutorial for Mica Leaf Pendants » The Blue Bottle Tree It’s autumn, the leaves are falling, and I want to share with you an easy beginner level free polymer clay tutorial to make a Mica Leaf Pendant. Using polymer clay, mica powder, and the leaves you find around your home, you can use the beauty of nature to create bold, graphic images like the one above. It uses a leaf from a Spider Flower plant with brightly contrasting red and gold mica powder. Or you can make more subtle, natural and earthy pendants such as this round one which uses leaves from a Golden Rain Tree and False Strawberry from my yard. And depending on your choice of colors, you can create soft fantasy scenes with an ethereal feeling.

Make Your Own Colourful Polymer Clay Necklaces Polymer clay necklaces are bang on trend and you can easily make your own to match your outfit or mood. They also make really brilliant gifts. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make an ombre disc necklace and a colourful bead necklace. Read on for the how-to. Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials : Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials Posted on | September 14, 2009 | 7 Comments The main building block, of many polymer clay projects, is an attractive cane. Polymer clay canes can be used to cover useful objects, to create jewelry and to build mosaics. In the opinion of many crafters, a good polymer clay cane, is an art form in itself. Molding Easy Salt Dough Ornaments It is December, it is time to counting down for Christmas, 19 days to go!!! The closer it gets, the more excited I will be!!!

Polymer Clay European Pandora Style Bead Charms - Three Piece Set 1022 Featured here is a set of three one-of-a kind European "Pandora" style bead charms handcrafted by mixed-media artist Jenn Ross from polymer clay. These pretty little bead charms have a metal core opening of about 4.5mm, and will fit the popular silver or metal bracelets and necklaces. These charms were formed by hand then cored with silver plated metal grommets. They were then cured to insure optimum strength and color, sanded smooth, buffed to a high shine and finished with several coats of a color enhancing protective polish. When finally finished, the polymer clay charms feel very smooth, much like glass or hard plastic and is very lightweight and durable. With proper care, they will never break, fade or chip!

Polymer Clay Tutorial: Faux Pewter Pendants Today I want to share a fun polymer clay tutorial with you, that is great for all ages! Premo Sculpey Clay Pendants. Your kids are going to love this one- and I guarantee it will take you back to your own childhood! Who didn’t love rolling “snakes” out of play-doh? The end result of your “playing” are these wonderfully rustic pendants that look like they are forged out of hammered pewter. Are you ready to get busy?

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