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Brain Games and Mind Puzzles

Brain Games and Mind Puzzles

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Remember Names Game How to Play Remember the names of the people in the pictures as they introduce themselves.Type in their names when prompted. (case-insensitive, but spelling matters) Warning: The pictures used in this game were randomly collected and some of them may be odd, but that just adds to the fun. Train with Brain Games Memory Games There are several different types of memory: "Working memory" processes information over a span of about 15 seconds, "short-term memory" retains information for up to about 60 seconds and "long-term memory" stores information indefinitely. Sustained practice with memory games helps to strengthen your memory functions. Attention Games Rules for the Game of Charades Although Charades is typically thought of as a game in which one team competes against another, you can also play a simpler version I call Free-For-All. Free-For-All. In this lackadaisical version the actor thinks up her own target name and all the other players try to name it.

Brain Games - Fun Games That Train Your Mind What can you do to help your brain stay sharp? A lot! These five steps may help keep our minds limber and healthy! 1. Break out of your routine: Take on new challenges; take a different route home, travel, and experiment! BrainBuilder BrainBuilder® is the brain fitness program designed to improve your memory, attention and brainspeed! For children, teens and adults! Experience these REMARKABLE RESULTS with BrainBuilder: Better memory and attentionSharper focus and clearer thinkingImproved visual and auditory processingIncreased BrainSpeedStronger problem-solving skills Brain Coach The Coach will test your BrainSpeed, design your daily sessions, track your improvement, adjust your training program and motivate you along the way.

Brain Games for Adults Brain games are fun to play at gatherings, meetings, kitty parties or on outings. Most of the brain games usually include trick questions and brain teasers, or some very hard riddles. The following are some brain games that you can play in both small and large groups. These games test some of the capabilities of the brain like concentration, memorization and flexibility. The Stroop Test The Stroop test is a brilliant way to test a person's mental flexibility and concentration. Play Brain Games — Featured Game Uber Brain is a brain cross-trainer that works on all five areas of the brain: Language, Memory, Concentration, Visual-Spatial and Problem Solving Skills. Play Now Brain Training Tools With regular Brain Training, Fit Brains can help make you sharper and combat the effects of aging on your brain.

List o’ Ten of the Most Dangerous Roads Anywhere It may be the riskiest thing you do, and if you’re like most people, you do it every day: get in your car, get on the road and take your chances. we know them when we drive them — roads that turn your knuckles white, as you wonder whether that 18-wheeler is going to stay on his side of the yellow line or if there is even enough room for both of you on the road. Some of the most dangerous roads are presented in this list, and may bring back a white-knuckle memory of your own as you read. 10. The Death Road (El Camino de la Muerte), Bolivia There is a road in Bolivia that is known as The Death Road. The Death Road is the common name by which everyone refers to a 100 km (60 mile) stretch of dirt downhill road one-and-a-half hours from La Paz.

Brain Gym® Exercises By Kenneth Beare Updated December 16, 2014. Brain Gym® exercises are exercises designed to help the brain function better during the learning process. As such, you can think of Brain Gym® exercises as part of the overall theory of multiple intelligences. These exercises are based on the idea that simple physical exercise helps blood flow to the brain and can help improve the learning process by making sure the brain stays alert. Cognitive Rehabilitation Word Game Quizzes Cognitive rehabilitation can be helped by performing regular cognitive exercises that force the brain to work a little. This simple word game quiz provides just such a workout, but can be done in the non-threatening environment of your home. Since you can download and print the quizzes, they can be used over and over again. Each quiz contains a tracking line if you want to use it to measure progress. For instance, you can take Quiz One as many times as you wish.

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