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Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses

Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses
Will these lenses fit on my phone? Yesiree! Our lenses are compatible with all iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids ... basically any device that has a lens on it. If you can stick an adhesive ring on it, you can put a Photojojo lens on it. Buuuut how about the iPhone 4/4S/5/5s/5c? Each lens comes with three special rings that we designed just for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5s, and 5c. What about my iPhone 3G/S or iPod 5? The lenses will work with the iPhone 3G/S and/or your iPod 5 - but not perfectly. Can I use these lenses with a case on my phone? You totally can! What if I want to take the rings off my phone? Just lift it off and wipe off the phone with a dampened soft cloth. How about those rings … how big are they and how many do I get? The diameters of the ring are 13.06mm (outer) and 9.38mm (inner). Ok, so how big are the lenses? The lenses range between 16mm to 25mm in diameter and are from 6.5mm to 10mm tall. What’s the magnification on these bad boys? What’s the focusing range on the macro lens?

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54 Must-Have Wedding Photos for Photographers » Photography Awesomesauce 1. Wedding dress hanging up 2. The shoes 3. The rings 4. The flowers and ceremony decorations 5. Bride getting ready 6. Freedom – An Image Gallery Philip Jones (RIP) – As an amateur researcher and writer, with perhaps too much time on his hands, I am fortunate to be able to devote many hours a day reading books and online articles relating to what I will call in this essay the Luciferian Conspiracy. I make no pretensions that what follows is in any way original or even innovative. Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera It was that same sad stomach-drop. Finding out Polaroid was going extinct was like finding out the polar bear was endangered all over again. Translation: it was some serious sad times. Well, stomach-drops be-gone! Instant film photography is off the endangered species list thanks to the Fuji Instax 210 wide format instant camera and its easy-to-find instant film. Just like its instant film predecessors, your Instax 210 prints will ever so magically develop before your eyes.

40 Minimal Water Photos By: Nate Kay In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with the less is more viewpoint in photography. Here are 40 minimal water photos that represent that same philosophy. Seneca Lake by eflon Facebook for Photographers Facebook for Photographers | 76 Personally, I choose to have both a Profile with Follow enabled, and a Page. This allows me to maintain existing personal relationships with my personal profile, and to further my professional exposure to potential followers and friends through my business page. While some people wish to engage with me personally and others prefer to visit my professional Page, I want to be available in the mode through which they feel most comfortable.People who follow your Page or Profile will be exposed to your content in their News Feed and specific mini feeds, where they will be able to interact with, and re-share the content.

Still Life: Bent Objects UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. Little polish girl McDonalds as Sculpture Materials Yeah, this is where those come from Master Technika classic Master Technika classic The fact that the Linhof Master Technika has achieved a certain cult status has several good reasons: This equipment is a noble tool and a real status symbol for the ambitious photographer. Superb mechanical precision and an immaculate finish emphasize the prominent role this camera offers with the 4x5 inch format. Thanks to its drop-bed technique the Technika can completely be closed, easily carried and set up on location. The Technika is a large format camera system for virtually all fields of professional photography. From studio table tops, portraiture, indoor shooting to travel, landscape, architectural and industrial subjects.

Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera How does it work? The Lomokino uses ubiquitous 35mm film, and is powered by hand crank. Simply load the film in and turn the crank. The film exposes as it advances. What kind of film does it use? Any 35mm film will work: black & white, color negative (C-41), or color positive slide film (E-6). Lytro review 93inShare Jump To Close There are a few easy ways to make a digital camera better: make the sensor bigger, improve the quality of the lens, speed up the processor. But those are incremental improvements on a basic technology that hasn’t changed much in a long time. Lytro scrapped all that and built the self-titled Lytro camera, a digital camera that neither looks nor operates like any camera you’ve ever seen: it measures megarays instead of megapixels, captures light fields instead of light, and lets you focus your pictures after you’ve taken them.

Ménagères- Anika Tabachnick Pinhole by my window My Cam! Thanks for the disigner! Submission of a made pinhole from Germany by Anna Weöres Tóth hi i’ve yet to complete the film mechanism but the body’s completed and I just love it! Then & Now Now its time for KOREA, TAIWAN AND TOKYO. If you live here and want to participate in my project, email me amazing old pictures to : Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London Andy 1967 & 2011 Los Angeles Johanes 1994 & 2011 Hamburg Maarje 1990 & 2011 Amsterdam

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