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The Official Rube Goldberg Website

The Official Rube Goldberg Website
New Auburn HS from New Auburn, Wisconsin, won 1st place at the High School Nationals, as they showed the judges how to "Zip A Zipper" - Rube Goldberg style! Seventeen teams from around the US competed on April 5th at Waukesha County Technical College, Wisconsin, in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest hosted by STEM Forward. Minooka Community High School from Minooka, Ill., placed second in the competition and McDonogh High School in Owings Mills, Md., placed third. Additional Awards presented at High School Nationals:Safety Award – St. Catherine’s High School, Racine, WIMost Rube-Like Machine – Columbia Christian HS, Magnolia, ARBest Design – Minooka Community High School, Minooka, Ill.Risk Award – St. Agnes High School, Houston, TXBest Presentation – Pius XI High School, Milwaukee, WIBest Construction – New Auburn High School, New Auburn, WIPeer Award - McDonogh High School, Owings Mills, Md

ZOOM . games . Goldburger To Go Come play again later! Come play again tomorrow! Webonauts Internet Academy Come play again later! Come play again tomorrow! How to Build a Homemade Rube Goldberg Machine: 7 steps Edit Article Edited by Greg S, Nicole Willson, Maluniu, Travis Derouin and 63 others Rube Goldberg machines are a fascinating and fun way to put your creativeness to good use. Though each one is different, you can build your Rube Goldberg machine using the following guidelines and tips. Ad

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