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Converse at TheFind Converse Women's Chuck Taylor Ox Casual Shoes, Grey - 8.0 Women's Chuck Taylor Ox Casual Shoes. The Converse Women's Chuck Taylor Ox is the classic, all-American shoe that looks good at school, running errands, at a concert or even at the office (okay, maybe not every office). Show your individuality and style in these versatile sneakers that now come in even more colors and great patterns. A breathable canvas upper keeps feet comfortable, while the lace-up style allows for a secure, personalized fit. The low-top design makes these shoes easy to wear with almost

Multilingual and multinational site annotations in Sitemaps Webmaster level: All In December 2011 we announced annotations for sites that target users in many languages and, optionally, countries. These annotations define a cluster of equivalent pages that target users around the world, and were implemented using rel-alternate-hreflang link elements in the HTML of each page in the cluster. Based on webmaster feedback and other considerations, today we’re adding support for specifying the rel-alternate-hreflang annotations in Sitemaps. Using Sitemaps instead of HTML link elements offers many advantages including smaller page size and easier deployment for some websites. To see how this works, let's take a simple example: We wish to specify that for the URL targeting English language users, the equivalent URL targeting German language speakers Up till now, the only way to add such annotation is to use a link element, either as an HTTP header or as HTML elements on both URLs like this:

The Best Price Comparison Websites And Apps, From Trae Bodge How can be sure that you're getting the best price on the item you're purchasing? Senior lifestyle editor of Trae Bodge recommends using price comparison tools, available both online and in the app store, to ensure you're getting a good deal. If you're looking to purchase an item online, Price Grabber and Google Shopping will allow you to compare prices of the item you're looking to purchase across different retail sites. If you're already at the store, the Red Laser app on your smartphone will scan the item you're interested in buying, and tell you how much it costs at surrounding stores, making sure you're not missing out on saving a few dollars by walking across the mall to another retailer!

AIR MILES - Home American Express®* AIR MILES® Reserve Credit Card ◊These exclusive benefits are available when you redeem using the AIR MILES Reward Miles in your AIR MILES® Dream Balance. ‡ All Rewards offered are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the AIR MILES® Reward Program, are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice.

Most SEOs Negatively Impacted By Google's Penguin Update About a month ago, we polled our readers asking how they were impacted by the Google Penguin update. We have well over a 1,000 responses and I wanted to share them with you. Keep in mind, those who were negatively impacted are probably more likely to take the poll. First Report Of Google Penguin Recovery The Google Penguin update first touched down on April 24th and many webmasters that were hit by this update were frantically making changes to their web site in anticipation for a Penguin refresh. That refresh happened late Friday evening and we have one report that appears to be a legit Penguin recovery. An SEOmoz story named How Recovered From The Penguin Update has a pretty good case of a likely Penguin recovery. How can we know it is a pretty good case of a recovery? The Google Analytics graphs show a huge dip in traffic on April 24th and then a huge spike on May 26th, returning the site to pre-Penguin traffic levels. We have reached out to Google to see if this site did indeed recover from the Penguin update but from the looks of it, it has.

New Sites Offer Circle Recommendations for Google Plus Looking for people to Circle on Google Plus? Several new sites have popped up with ideas for "suggested circles." Unfortunately, Google Plus itself doesn't offer a way for users to share Circles with their friends, so for now, manually reproducing these Circles is your only option. But for those who are willing to put in the time, you'll be hitting that 5,000 friend limit pretty quickly.

Internet Nonprofit Applies for New Domains: Meet .ngo and .ong [EXCLUSIVE] The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the non-profit that manages and operates the .org domain, has formally submitted its applications to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the .ngo and .ong domain extensions. The application process is part of ICANN’s initiative to expand domain extensions across the Internet as early as 2013. The .org top-level domain (TLD) is the world’s third largest — behind .com and .net — with more than 9.9 million web addresses registered worldwide. Teen Entrepreneur's Search Engine Is Built for a Higher Purpose The World at Work is powered by GE. This new series highlights the people, projects and startups that are driving innovation and making the world a better place. Name: Benelab

Google Finally Takes A Clear Stance On Mobile SEO Practices Today at SMX Advanced during the iSEO panel, Pierre Far, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, announced clear guidelines and recommendations on mobile SEO. In short, Google recommends you go with a responsive design when possible, otherwise you can use device-specific HTML but Google asks you to take certain steps to communicate when you are using device-specific HTML. Google has been known to offer contradictory advice on mobile SEO thus far and Google wanted to take a watch and listen approach to see how webmasters were implementing their mobile web sites. Now Google has come out with their official recommendations on how to build mobile web sites that work best for users and at the same time work well for Google. In December 2011, Google introduced a new mobile user agent for Googlebot-Mobile Smartphones, which was responsible for detecting mobile content.

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