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Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial

Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial
I started out to make this bag thinking it would be cute but not something I would carry around myself. I was really just doing it as a project option for Week 5 of the Learn to Sew series. But now that it’s done I am in love and I think I just might keep it for myself. If you have a daughter I think it would be fantastic as a little dance bag or you could use it yourself for a library bag. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to show you this ruffle tote bag tutorial. Three layers of ruffles on a cute little tote bag. And it’s got hot pink in it. And guess what? OK, so enough talk. Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial: Supplies Needed: 3 coordinating fabrics. Coordinating ribbon-1-2 yards 1 tote bag (you get them at any craft store and they come in other colors too if you prefer) Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. And that’s it!

Tuto du grand sac à dos scolaire pour ado - Couture et Créations de Kajin'Kisaï Enfin le tuto et le patron fait maison (et réussit) du grand sac à dos scolaire pour ado. Mon fils de 12 ans , rentre en 5ème, a adoré et son frère de 14 ans s'est écrié : "on dirait un vrai comme au magasin!", je prends ça pour un compliment. Avant de commencer, faites vos armoires!! J'ai mis 3 jours en comptant la création du patron avec ses calculs. Allez c'est parti !! Attention: les surplus de couture sont déjà comptés sur les pièces du patron Matériel 1m de toile, ici du jean, en 1m40 pour l'extérieur1m de tissu au choix , ici du jean, en 1m40 pour la doublure1 rectangle de 72x20cm de simili cuir pour le fond60cm x 1m de ouatine pour doubler le dos et les anses1 fermeture éclair (à double fermeture c'est mieux!) Les pièces du patron: Je vous ai fait le patron à bonne taille pour le patron sac 1, patron sac 2 et patron poche devant, il s'agit de la moitié à couper dans la pli patron_sac_1 patron_sac_2 patron_poche_devant patron_anse_1 patron_anse_2 Ouf!! Allez on attaque la couture!! Et voiloù

Besace pop ● 2 cotonnades imprimées coordonnées: ici 2 taies imprimées d'une grosse fleur sur le devant et de rayures sur le dos (Ikéa) ● 0,50 m de cotonnade à pois en 1,50 m ● 0,50 m d'entoilage thermo-collant en 0,90 cm de large ● 2 m de biais préplié blanc ● 4 anneaux en D de 4,5 cm de large ● Dessinez le patron en agrandissant les schémas ci-contre. ● Coupez dans le tissu imprimé, puis dans le tissu à pois, 1 dos/rabat, 1 devant, 1 poche dos, 1 poche devant et 1 côté/fond en ajoutant 1 cm autour du dos, du devant, des poches et sur les bords du côté/fond (tous les bords recouverts de biais restent «vifs»). ● Entoilez l'envers du dos/rabat, du devant, des poches et du côté/fond en tissu imprimé. Posez les poches sur leurs doublures, env. contre env. ● Posez la poche devant sur le devant, bien centrée, et faites une piqûre verticale sur le milieu. ● Formez un pli plat de 2 cm d'épaisseur de part et d'autre de cette piqûre et maintenez le bas des plis avec quelques points. ● Ouvrez les coutures au fer.

noodlehead Once in a while i get asked about how I clean my handmade bags. I wouldn't say that I have it down to a science or anything, but I can offer some tips that might help you. I don't wash mine very often and usually only if there's a huge spill on it or at the end of a season (I usually change mine with the seasons, don't you?!). I really like having the ability to put mine in the wash and freshen things up! First, I don't usually pre-wash my fabrics. Use a color catcher. They're similar to a dryer sheet, but these you throw in the washing machine with whatever you're washing and it grabs onto any colors that are leaking out into the water. Use a Lingerie bag. Perfume/dye free detergent. Wash on cold. Line dry! Press after it's dry. Hope that helps a bit!

Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies: PDF Sewing Pattern The first pattern of the 2014 Bag of the Month Club is here! If you haven't seen it yet, here is the January pattern, the Bye Bye Love Bag by Sara from Sew Sweetness. This is a gorgeous, roomy tote with plenty of room for books, gym gear or anything you need to cart around. If you are not familiar with the Bag of the Month Club, it's a great club that has just begun and it's not too late to join. Go here to join the club or get more details. Remember to join the Facebook page to follow along with any updates, and I've just started a FLICKR group. And now for some more Bye Bye Love Bags! These gorgeous bags are Tracy's of I've Got a Notion. And Cyndi from The Nosy Pepper has done it again.

Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies How awesome do these faux leather vinyl handbag straps look? If you want to make some great leather look straps from vinyl that don't show raw edges and messy threads, keep on reading because I can show you how. They are super easy to make and they turn out so good. I must say, I'm loving them. Recently, I took one of my bags down to the local quilting shop and the ladies working there marveled over my handles and thought they were real leather. If it sounds like I'm tooting my own horn here, I apologize, but I guess I am! A few months ago I was making a handbag from a pattern that called for premade leather straps, and after looking around, I found that they were either really cheap looking, really expensive or available only by order and had a huge wait for delivery. Finding the right vinyl is key, because with the wrong stuff you won't have that great leather look and it will be really hard to sew. Let's get started: Materials: Teflon Presser Foot Upholsery/heavy duty thread 3. 4. 5. 6.

Simply Stylish Tote Materials and Tools: 3 coordinating fabric prints, one each for the middle, the base and handles and the linerfusible interfacingthreadmagnetic snapgrosgrain ribbon scissorsrotary cutting toolsewing machineironironing boardrulerparchment paper for patternstraight pinsFray Check or lighter for sealing ribbon ends Steps: 1. First, create the pattern. Using parchment paper and a ruler, draw a rectangle 7-1/2 inches tall by 13-inches wide, this will be the tote bag's middle panel. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Caroline Ritzer, Pink Lemondade Bags

Sacoche Attention... Un post, un vrai !Avec un truc à montrer, un tuto à télécharger !!!Il va pleuvoir ? Ah non ça c'est en train ! Petit besace en cuir kaki (100% agneau) Doublure en gloria marron N'empêche que je suis fière de moi là !!! Clic-Clic sur l'image pour télécharger le fichier Ne pas utiliser à des fins commerciales Bon sur ce je file ouvrir ma boîte mails... que je n'ai pas regardé depuis plus de 15 jours et qui a largement dépassé les 300 messages en retard... j'essaie de battre mon record !

Rounded & Embellished {Faux Leather} Zipper Pouches A friend of mine had a birthday……and that gave me a good excuse to make her a little something. Instead of making her a regular ‘ol zippered pouch (like my tutorial here ), I made it rounded. And with Faux Leather…….AKA, vinyl. If you remember my post here , I purchased a stack of this vinyl on the sale table at the fabric store. But here’s a couple rounded pouch ideas using the vinyl……. ………but these pouches can be made with any sort of fabric . Both pouches are lined with a printed cotton fabric. And adorned with a little label. Just think of what you could stuff these with. And if you are anything like me, you’d appreciate a pouch stuffed with treats. (Good thing this friend of mine is a sugar junkie like I am. Make one for you , a friend, or that neighbor down the street who could use a little handmade love. Would you like to make your own rounded pouch? **Remember, you don’t have to use vinyl…….any fabric would work just fine. First decide on your fabric and prints. Related posts:

4 Hour Slouchy Summer Hobo Bag I thought it would be fun to do a Slouchy Summer Bag – and this one is super quick!! I did it in under 4 hours – so you could make up your bag in the morning and carry it to your beach party or picnic that evening! It’s a cute lace Hobo bag with a fun bright orange lining and tabs for the strap. I used a bright pink zipper for contrast – I think it’s so fun! Ready to get started on your own? 2/3 yd lace2/3 yd fabric for lining22″ zipper2 D Rings18″ of webbing for strap UPDATE: Click here to Download the Free Pattern if you’d like to use mine. Start by drawing out your pattern. Fold your outside lace fabric in half with the selvedges together. Center the zipper along the top curved edge, between the right side of the lace and the right side of the lining. Here’s what the right sides will look like after you sew that seam. Repeat this step for the other side of the zipper, and the other curved edges of the lace and lining. Open up your zipper before this next step, it’ll be easier.

Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag with Free Downloadable Pattern I promised you this free downloadable bag pattern when we offered up the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Giveaway as a great first project for your Homemade Bias Tape, so here goes… I’ve made a couple so far, and I usually don’t like fabric bags (i’m a leather lover) but I actually adore these for summer. They are super quick to whip up (under an hour) and are also reversible, so you can get a couple different looks in one swoop. You could also use store-bought bias tape, like I did for the big one (oh, and you can blow up or shrink the pattern to make different sizes – Scarlet’s been using the littler one as her lunch bag). Either way I think it’s a sweet & simple summery project. But I’m dying to know, what do you think?? , and some white suiting for the lining. 1. 2. made creating the bias tape a breeze. Here is how I made the bigger bag, by cutting out the pattern tiled at 200% and taping it together: 3. So here are all your pieces: 4. Pinch the next marks and do the same: 5. 6. 7. 8. Done…

Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial Here's what you will need: Main body -2 pieces of home dec weight fabric or corduroy measuring 14" x 12" (Fabric A) Main body-2 pieces of contrasting home dec weight fabric measuring 14" x 12" (Fabric B) Flap- 1 piece of Fabric A- 12" x 11.5" Flap- 1 piece of Fabric B- 12" x 11.5" Back Pocket- 1 piece of Fabric A- 14" x 8" Back pocket- 1 piece of Fabric B- 14" x 8" Small Pocket- 1 piece of Fabric B- 7" x 12" Strap- 1 piece of Fabric A- 6" x 42" Depending on the weight of your fabric, you may want to interface it. I purchased 1 yard of each fabric and had plenty of fabric left over. Let's get started. Cut out all your pieces. Cut a 1 inch square out of the bottom corners of all 4 pieces. Interface pieces. Take your strap piece and iron each side towards the middle. Then fold in half and iron. Round the corners of the flap pieces. With right sides together sew the flap pieces together leaving the top open. Clip the curves. Turn right side out and iron. Stitch across the bottom of the pocket.

elm street life: DIY: Bow clutch sewing tutorial. And fiiiinally... the tutorial you've been waiting for. This is my first real sewing tutorial - which scares me a bit, because I've never actually taken a sewing class, so I don't know all the terminology. What I do know is that I've learned to sew lots of things by reading tutorials, so hopefully I can make this simple enough that even you beginners can feel confident making a bag. And yes, a bag with a zipper! **Also, please note except where I say, "Sew close to the edge," I am using a 1/2" seam allowance throughout. Ok, let's get started! Supplies you'll need: 1/2 yard exterior fabric* 1/4 yard interior fabric (I recommend a quilting cotton) 9" zipper that matches your exterior fabric 1/4 yard #808 Pellon Craft Fuse interfacing Sewing thread that matches your exterior fabric Sewing machine Scissors Pins Iron & ironing board *I recommend a medium to heavier weight cotton for this. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. WHEW!

Valisette des Petits Riens - Isa l'a fée faite pour ma princesse car comme maman, la demoiselle bricole !!! Modèle issu du livre : Les petits riens pourchambre d'enfant de Mélanie Voituriez J'ai ajouté des poches à l'intérieur. Tissu Petit Pan acheté à la Petite Emilienne Un gros plan du tricot en cours de ma princesse, une écharpe pour son doudou, j'ai monté les mailles, je lui ai expliqué la maille endroit et elle a continué toute seule Et pour finir, je vous montre le sac réalisé pour la maîtresse et offert le dernier jour d'école Modèle du sac besace réversible issu du livre "Léger et Douillet avec La Droguerie"

Bag-Making Basics: A Reversible Tote & Zipper How To Class on Craftsy! When you're looking for a quick, fun project that won't break the bank or tax your nerves, turn to Kristin Link's Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch . In this absolutely free class, the founder of the popular website Sew,Mama,Sew! guides you through the process of creating two handy and attractive bags that make great gifts - if you can bear to give them away! Even beginning sewists will feel at ease following Kristin's precise and simple directions - yet the finished product will look entirely professional. And if you're afraid of zippers, fear no more! Kristin has a clever trick that makes sewing them easier than ever. These cute and handy bags will garner praise when you carry them and raves when you gift them. What You'll Learn What You'll Make A reversible tote with sturdy handles and a pocket, perfect for grocery shopping or a day at the beach A cute zippered pouch that can hold cosmetics, pencils or sewing notions or double as a wristlet What You'll Need