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Framework - Photos and Video - Visual Storytelling from the ...

Framework - Photos and Video - Visual Storytelling from the ...
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CHEN Man-Galerie Maeght Chen Man est une photographe chinoise, née en 1980, à Beijing, Chine. Elle est la «star» de la photo de mode en Chine. A seulement 28 ans, elle a déjà fait de nombreuses couvertures de magazine de mode. Jeune et talentueuse, elle a développé son propre style de photographie. Des couleurs fabuleuses, un lissé de la peau, des maquillages hyper travaillés, une fraîcheur et une maîtrise de la technique 3D, font de son travail une création unique. Les plus grands magazines et les professionnels de la création n’ont eu de cesse de la plébisciter. Elle expose ses œuvres dans les meilleurs musées et galeries de Chine où elle est considérée comme un des talents les plus prometteurs de sa génération. Ses photographies sont réalisées en deux tailles : Grand format, 130 x 130 cm ou 160 x 120 cm, tirage limité à 7 exemplaires signés et numérotés. Sa première exposition à la Galerie Maeght a lieu en 2008.

Photography Blog Aperture Foundation | Home burn magazine Michael Tittel: Behavior This week we are sharing work submitted to Lenscratch… It does not happen often, but every now and then I will catch someone sneaking a candid of me in public. It is the photographer in me that relates to the strides taken for the perfect image, and because of this I always pretend I cannot see them. Michael Tittel started his journey in photography when he was 16 years old. Behavior Our daily social journeys are built on instantaneous and fleeting views that are often not grounded in truth but are instead formed by our perceptions of the hundreds of situations we observe.

123 Inspiration Égarements by Cerise Doucède With application, precision and humour, photographer Cerise Doucède created the series ‘Égarements’ (aberration) consisting of installations which represents each of our dreams and obsession or even fears. By shaping her own visions, she reproduces her version of reality and sublimates the most ordinary moments. Objects thus come to life around one or more figures, in intimate locations, at key moments of everyday life. Cerise Doucède creates scenes filled with objects suspended in the space, like pirouetting thoughts. All images © Cerise Doucède | Via: i-ref

Contemporary Photography I made this series with the desire to build a set of symbolic portraits inspired by my background of double cultures. I'm French with Middle Eastern origins. I worked by using the pictorial tradition of still lives. I chose to put forward characters where the nature and objects they carry come from different rites and customs. The photographs can be grouped into three metaphorical categories: Firstly the "mark", with elements of uncultivated land, evocative death and rebirth. Secondly, the "fight" with a reinterpretation of the various struggles and honors of war, as a tribute to ancestors, veterans sometimes death indifference or anonymity of the war. And finally, the symbol of "femininity" located in the context of two cultures, French and Algerian, sometimes felt as a dichotomy, sometimes as a sign of diversity. Here jewels, feathers, branches, flowers, hats, decorative ribbons become evocative symbols of seduction, femininity, youth, memory, struggle, life and death. — Marie Hudelot

Features « Paper Journal Features Martin Kollar – Nothing Special Pierre Le Hors Curtis Hamilton: Taken as Given Xavier Ribas – Sundays, 1994–1997 Mårten Lange: The Natural Order Patrick Hogan: At the Centre Tiago Casanova: Breaking Ground Ben Alper – Terrain Vague Yael Eban – Desert Conquest About Paper Journal Launched in 2013, online magazine Paper Journal is updated weekly and aims to bring you the very best in contemporary visual arts. Contact General - Submissions - Search