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Curso Gratuito First Certificate (Nivel B2)

Curso Gratuito First Certificate (Nivel B2)
Anónimo dijo... El curso es fantástico, muchas gracias por vuestro esfuerzo y vuestra ayuda. 11/22/2011 11:54 p. m. Liliana dijo... Muchas gracias!!!Hoy inicio el curso :D 3/03/2012 4:01 a. m. en junio voy a hacer el examen y acabo de encontrar esta maravillosa paginagracias ¡¡¡ 3/20/2012 4:57 p. m. Muchísimas gracias por ayuda. 6/01/2012 4:29 a. m. fannyga dijo... Buenas!!! 6/19/2012 8:43 p. m. Lenbe R. ME ENCANTA!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/02/2012 1:23 p. m. EMMANU// dijo... Muchas gracias equipo. 1/10/2013 3:56 a. m. Una maravilla de curso!! 2/05/2013 1:49 a. m. Sigo vuestro blog casi a diario, y actualmente estoy preparando el First Certificate. 2/27/2013 11:58 a. m. Audio y subtítulos en inglés dijo... Un grandísimo curso. 3/27/2013 10:09 p. m. Muchas gracias por vuestro esfuerzo. 5/23/2013 7:41 a. m. 6/10/2013 10:42 a. m. Hola, felicidades y muchas gracias por este Blog, pues me esta ayudando mucho. 6/26/2013 11:21 a. m. Fan de tu método dijo... Thank you very much! 10/03/2013 1:26 p. m. 11/14/2013 6:33 p. m. Hola!


las 10 mejores páginas webs para hacer ejercicios de inglés Ejercicios de inglés Sabemos que el aprendizaje de un idioma requiere constancia. Esto se traduce en práctica, práctica y más práctica (lo cual implica hacer un montón de ejercicios de inglés). Pero claro, solo con dedicarle un par de horas a la semana no es suficiente. How to learn a foreign language on a budget While the benefits that come from learning a second language may in theory be priceless, many are put off by visions of shelling out huge amounts on expensive resources, tuition or immersion courses. The good news is that is it actually possible to learn on a budget. Here are a few tips for spending less and learning more: Start online Many new language learners now start with smartphone apps like Duolingo and Memrise which are free. These apps start you off with vocabulary and basic sentences in minutes, and their game-like interface is ideal for anyone whose last contact with a foreign language was a terrifying oral school exam.

es.babbel Matthew Youlden habla nueve idiomas fluidamente y entiende casi una docena más. Trabajamos en la misma oficina en Berlín, así que le oigo usar sus habilidades constantemente, cambiando de idioma cual camaleón cambiando de color. En realidad, durante mucho tiempo ni siquiera llegué a sospechar que era británico. Cuando le comenté a Matthew que me estaba costando muchísimo esfuerzo llegar a comprender tan solo un segundo idioma, se descolgó con los siguientes consejos. Si eres de los que piensa que nunca llegarás a ser bilingüe, ¡más te vale tomar nota! 1.

Concorde International Canterbury 2. Concorde International Información general Video Lesson: Mr. Bean Follow me on twitter This is a video lesson based around the video “Mr. Bean packs his suitcase” thanks to British Council for bringing it to my attention in their lesson plan on making predictions but I’ve adapted it for use in different ways with different levels. Kids and lower levels The aim of this lesson plan is to practice holiday vocabulary (clothes and items that go in a suitcase) and some basic grammar structure. Project a picture of a suitcase on to the board (or draw one) and ask “What do you put in your suitcase when you go on holiday?”

10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers Lisa has asked me for some recommendations regarding useful sites for EFL teachers and I’m happy to make a little compilation of the places I visit most often to find ideas, inspirations, betimes lesson plans if I feel exceptionally lazy (The Liberation of the Garden Gnomes by Peter Vahle is just shiny!) and share them with you. So, here we go – my ten favourite websites: Hope you’ll like my choice and give these sites a go. PART 1 (EXAM 1) - READING - FCE CAMBRIDGE FIRST CERTIFICATE PRACTICE TEST/EXERCISE Q. 4) Sally had been sitting with her sister next to the river for ages and Q. 1) was fed up. Q. 2) Her sister was reading a book, and Sally couldn't understand why Q. 3) the book didn't have any pictures. All her books had pictures, and lots of them.The field next to them was full of daisies and Sally was seriously thinking of getting up and going to pick some for a daisy chain, but Q. 6) it was just so hot.

Phases to Pervasive Collaboration Phases to Pervasive CollaborationCollaboration implementation must be planned at the business process level. Collaboration implementation must be planned at the business process level. Collaboration is a term that we hear a lot, often as part of the unified communications suite of capabilities. Effective collaboration requires behavioral changes by users and business process changes by the enterprise as a whole.