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The Tiny Tack House

The Tiny Tack House
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Tiny Diamond Homes Home Relaxshacks Rolling Cabins by Wheelhaus | Luxury Recreational Park Trailers Our “Rolling Cabins” are completely unique in the RPT industry. Innovative design, space management, high standards of quality, top of the line materials, creativity and a passion for sustainable building practices, all combine to produce the most extraordinary RPT’s in existence. Our cabins are designed to offer a combination of rustic and modern aesthetics. The “Wedge” design features an angled roof, which starts low above the bedroom and builds to 17 feet in the living room. Trapezoidal windows grow similarly from back to front, offering natural light while maintaining privacy. The front of the cabin is almost entirely glass. Each cabin has one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen/living room and a private deck. The bedrooms are sized to fit a king size bed with two side tables and linen lamp style sconces. The kitchen/living room was designed to offer both comfort and functionality. Our bathrooms are also small but functional. Have more questions?

Tumbleweed Tiny House Blog Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Sonoma's Lovely: Great Deal for a Tumbleweed Sleepover While so many places in the U.S. are pummeled with snow and real winter, Northern California basks in far milder temperatures. In Sonoma, the high temperature is supposed to reach 70 degrees today and drop below freezing overnight. Sonoma's simply lovely, and the climate, landscape, food, wine and community can't be beat. Stay overnight in a Tumbleweed, during January The owner of this sweet Linden 20 Overlook just let us know about a special opportunity. It's nice to try out tiny living in a Tumbleweed that's ready to host visitors. To book the Sonoma tiny rental, please visit this airbnb site and check the calendar. Meeting Louisiana's Tiny House Expert Art Cormier is one of those unique, multi-talented guys who grew up surrounded by building projects. With obvious building expertise, Art soon teamed alongside our lead designer Meg Stephens to host Tumbleweed's step-by-step construction video. Art's Heritage: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

index.html-eco built-small home-oil field housing-tiny house-emergency housing-eco community The Tiny Life East Coast Tiny Homes | Facebook microhouse - affordable design small cottage plans Microhouse - Affordable small house design At microhouse we specialize in the design and permitting of backyard cottages and other small houses. Because we are specialists we are able to offer design services at affordable rates. To this end, we utilize standard designs as a starting point for design and budgeting. Our design services include residential master planning and landscape design. Budgeting Choosing to build a new house or backyard cottage is an important long term decision. While it may be hard to put a value to how a well designed home makes you feel or the value of being close to family, other considerations are easier to assess. Financing Financing to build a small house can either be done out of pocket or with a construction loan. Backyard Cottages -Invest where you live Backyard cottages can be used as part of a downsizing strategy or to generate income.

Residential Ready Structures - Craven Construction Are you planning to build your first home, a vacation get-away, an accessory dwelling or possibly an income opportunity on your existing property and wondering where to start? Please view the Ready Structure models if prefab or hybrid homes are a choice for you. Ready Structures are a graciously designed year-round residence on a city lot or an accessory dwelling on your property for grown children or grand parents. It resilience and durable materials make it ideal as an income producing rental, or a solid high performance vacation get away that can be left locked up for months or years at a time and remains maintenance free. Even if you need to store food, seeds, or off season clothing and need a structure that is pest and mold resistant then look into the smaller Ready Structures and see if there is anything that can accomplish your goals and give you a return on your investment at the same time.