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DIY Envelopes | Fellow Fellow This little DIY is by no means new or particularly innovative, but fun nonetheless! During Chinese New Year it is customary for parents to give their kids a monetary gift in bright red and gold envelopes. So I thought I’d try making my own envelopes, inspired by the red and gold ones I’ve been seeing around for weeks, but in my own style. They could be used for just about anything – letters, gifts, confetti.. and can be customised so easily! All you need is paper (whatever colours you like), glue, scissors, and a paint pen (also in whatever colour you like!). Step 1: Cut the paper using the template (or create your own size/shape and draw it onto the paper). Step 2: I found it easier to fold and glue the envelope before drawing on it so the pattern was seamless, but you can do it either way. Step 3: Get drawing! Thank you, your sign-up request was successful! Given email address is already subscribed, thank you! Please provide a valid email address. Oops. Other posts you may like:

Odds, Ends & Thingamajigs Here There Be Monsters One of the most common things I hear from people who object to learning, or having others learn, story structure is that the writing becomes stiff and mechanical. They are right. I will not argue with them about that. This argument, however, is made primarily by those who have a hard time understanding and applying story structure and it is convenient to say that it makes their work mechanical. Yet, this is true of the process of learning anything. Why would this be any different from learning to structure a story? I remember trying to learn the guitar years ago. This is where you want to get with writing and constructing stories. And that is why I can't play a musical instrument. I'm reminded of an early art teacher for the late great animation director Chuck Jones, who was fond of telling his students that they all had 100,000 bad drawings inside them and the sooner they got them out the better. But if you sail beyond that edge there is a new world.

Cómo hacer un libro de tapa dura ¿Eres autor, artista, maestro o artesano y deseas encuadernar tu propio libro de tapa dura? Puedes hacer libros de tapa dura con materiales básicos que probablemente ya tienes en la mano. Utiliza tus libros como diarios, álbumes de fotos o álbumes de recortes. Puedes hacer tus libros con tantas páginas como desees. Nivel de dificultad: Moderadamente fácil Otras personas están leyendo Necesitarás Papel de 8 1/2 por 11 pulgadas (21,59 cm por 27,94 cm) Máquina de coser Tela Cinta métrica Regla Cartón Cuchillo de manualidades Cortador de papel Cemento de caucho Pegamento de escuela Espátula Lista completaMinimizar 1 Toma hasta ocho páginas de papel de impresora estándar y dóblalas en la mitad a lo ancho. Más galerías de fotos Read this article in English: How To: Make a Hardcover Book

PaperMatrix howardlyon Persephone in Autumn – Oil Sketch 5″ x 5″ By Howard Lyon - Last updated: Monday, December 9, 2013 - 3 Comments Here is a painting of my daughter Belle, as Persephone. I did this little sketch over about 3.5 hours and a couple days. I thought I would try doing a time lapse and set my camera to take a shot every 30 seconds. [youtube= Magic Card – Sketch Giveaway By Howard Lyon - Last updated: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - Leave a Comment **Winners of the contest are posted on my Facebook site! - - *If you won, I sent you a Facebook message, but it will be in your ‘Other’ folder in your messages* I was doing some sketches on the back of Magic cards and then buyer asked that they relate to the artwork on the front of the card. To enter your guesses you will need to go to my Facebook page – - like the page and send me a message. Here are the sketches: And the watercolor sketch for the winner:

Advice for Aspiring Artists Pt. 3 by Andantonius on deviantART Convierte tus libros economicos a tapa dura</h1> : VCTRY's BLOG Los libros de edicion economica o de bolsillo suelen venir con una tapa de cartulina que no dura demasiado. Especialmente complicado si son libros de uso escolar o infantiles, ya que se deterioran mas rapidamente. Ahora podras facilmente convertirlos en libros de tapa dura y tener una bibioteca de lujo con poco dinero. Necesitaras para "reencuadernar": carton, tela de algodon fina, lapiz, tiras de papel, pegamento y el libro que deseas transformar. Lo primero que hay que hacer es copiar las tapas y el lomo al carton con un lapiz contorneandolas. Agregue medio centimeto en alto y medio en ancho a las tapas, esto protegera las paginas. Luego de contar con las tres piezas en carton. Separaremos las piezas en un cm con tiras de papel para diagramar como las pegaremos. De vuelta el trabajo coloque como corresponde y pegue la tela externa. Ahora doble el borde hacia el interior y peguelo tal como muestran las imagenes. Una vez seco lo pegamos a las tapas del libro a transformar.

MintyCam (Altoids Candy tin) Pinhole Camera | Chris Keeney Photography Here are a few sample images I've taken with my MintyCams over the years. I'll try and update this page with new photos in the future. The picture above is a double exposure using the MintyCam first then shooting the same film through an underwater camera. Color photograph of a historic church in Massachusetts created with a MintyCam pinhole camera by Chris Keeney MintyCam pinhole portrait submitted by Bonnie who bought a camera from me and then kindly sent me this test photograph Here's another test photograph created by Bonnie who recently purchased a MintyCam from me. The above pinhole by Steven M Bumgardner a.k.a. The MintyCam pinhole above was created by Steven M Bumgardner a.k.a. Thanks Macro, it's good to see you're getting out and enjoying the camera. Misc. Pinhole & Camera Maintenance Since the pinhole size in the MintyCam is so small (.007") it's important to keep it clean. Camera Updates and Improvements

Sarah's Sketches Advice for Aspiring Artists Pt. 2 by Andantonius on deviantART tutorial: stab binding | Sarah Nielsen Three cheers for Tuesday! Today’s tutorial is a traditional bookbinding stitch that is used for sewing together single sheets of paper (as opposed to signatures). So before I get started, let me assure you that this is a very handy stitch to know. Ok. stack of paper that needs to be sewn together front and back covers (a heavier weight paper) waxed linen thread (or yarn or jute or grass or whatever else you have around) needle (optional) ruler binder clips drill (or other sharp object) It’s important to follow the book anatomy outline above. In this tutorial, I am using 4.4″ by 6″ paper bound with waxed linen thread. STEP 1: Use the binder clips to secure your stack together. STEP 2: Starting at station 1, sew from the back to the front. STEP 3: Wrap around the foot and enter through station 1 again (from the back to the front). STEP 4: Sew through station 2 from the front to the back. STEP 5: Sew through station 3 from the back to the front. Ta-da! Be Sociable, Share!

iDiY: 'i do'-it-yourself - Part 3 Coloriffic Finds by Luzel Whether you are: Partying… celebrating with friends… in need of some refreshments… or taking a breather… craving for even more pops of color? or screaming for some ice cream… thinking of a picnic, perhaps? or have some serious crafting business on your mind… … Hope your weekend is as fun and colorful as these clickage goodies! Pingg invites by Lisa Rupp Free printable poster DIY soda pop escort cards Free clock screen saver, designed by Apple’s own Alan Dye Leaf pattern downloads Alphabet paper cups: Buy or yup, DIY! Enjoy! ShareThis Free Garden Stripes Invitation Suite From my black & white Kimballs to my flutter sleeve dress. Imagine my delight when I came across this Garden Stripes Invitation Suite by J. DIY Watercolor Silhouettes L-O-V-E this! Love and Lavander Lovelies Amazing just how much generosity there is around blogland, no? Enjoy! DIY Fabric Envelope Liners An easy and inexpensive trick for a multitude of things– Fabric as paper!


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