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The Human Chakra System

The Human Chakra System
Click on the Chakra of Interest ROOT chakra Color: Fiery Red Element: Earth Sense: Smell Fundamental Principle: Physical will of being as opposed to spiritual will of being (that of the 7th chakra) Body Association: Spinal column, bones, teeth, nails, anus, rectum, colon, prostate gland, blood, and the building of cells Glands: Suprarenal glands (which produce adrenalin and influence the temperature balance of the body) PURPOSE AND FUNCTION The 1st chakra (Root Chakra) is located between the anus and the genitals. It is connected with the coccyx and opens downward. It connects us to the physical world and lets the earthly energy enter our system. When it is open, we fully accept life on earth and enjoy the physical existence it provides. If your Root Chakra is unbalanced or malfunctioning, your thoughts and actions primarily revolve around material possessions and security, as well as your over indulgence in sensual pleasures such as, good (exotic) foods, alcohol, sex, etc. Related:  Philosophy and Spiritualitysites on self improvement and life,worth checking out.

The Triptych Enigma by Richard Cassaro Classicist Richard Cassaro is a specialist on ancient religions and secret societies. His new book, Written In Stone, reveals never-before-seen visual evidence of a “secret code” hidden in plain view in the architectural facades of the world’s most famous Gothic cathedrals. He says the code conveys an ancient message to posterity which was fully intended by the Freemasons who scholars say built these sacred structures. For a powerful preview, visit and download his illuminating PDF Report: Breaking The Cathedral Code, Freemasonry’s Triptych Secret Revealed. Also, visit his Sacred Science blog at An unprecedented new archaeological discovery has been made that ties the world's ancient pyramid-building civilizations together and shows they all practiced the same advanced "Universal Religion." The pyramid-cultures all built "Triptych" three-door temples, with the door in the middle wider and taller than the two flanking it. You don't have a soul.

Herbal Recipes | Dr. Chen Herbal Tea Formulas for Healthy Life Preface Ever since ancient times, the mountains and rivers of the earth have served to nurture all living things. Human beings rely on natural resources to grow strong, to cure diseases and promote longevity, to carry on their family line, and to pursue health and beauty. My late father Chen Sher worked as a Chinese medicine doctor in Taiwan for forty years.

Venus Calendar by John P. Pratt Reprinted from Meridian Magazine (10 Feb 2010). ©2010 by John P. Index,Home The evening and morning star has eight key orbital places, and each corresponds to one major event in the life of Jesus Christ. Many precise dates have been proposed in my previous work for the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There has always been much confusion about the timing of the visit of the wise men and also of the Herod's murdering of the infants and the flight of Joseph, Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape it and their subsequent return. 1. The Venus Calendar keeps track of the position of the planet Venus in the heavens. Look at Figure 1 to understand its motion. Venus then moves quickly (8 days) across the sun from the evening sky to the morning, during which it appears to be below the earth all night. Note that in this figure the earth is drawn as if stationary at the bottom of the picture. Now look at Figure 2 and find the same eight points in that diagram. 2. 2.1. 2.2. 3. 4.

TELEPATIA NO ES MAGIA NI PODERES OCULTOS | EvoLuTion Este post trata sobre lo que se ha llamado antiguamente como “poderes” ya que hoy en día se ha demostrado científicamente que la telepatia no es magia ni poderes ocultos. Mucho se ha contrapunteado la ciencia con la telepatía, y esta última no es cuestión de magia ni poderes ocultos. Diversos experimentos han demostrado la base del fenómeno y los científicos siguen poniendo resistencia ante ello por mero prejuicio. Veamos qué argumentos sustentan la telepatía. Repetidos experimentos, avalados por numerosos científicos, han comprobado la existencia de fenómenos de percepción extrasensorial; sin embargo, la corriente principal de la ciencia sigue rechazando a la telepatía, acaso víctima de un nuevo dogma, avatar de una estrecha visión religiosa cuando pensaban que la telepatia es magia o poderes ocultos. La ciencia lleva la voz dominante de lo que es real en nuestra cultura. Un caso que parece demostrar lo anterior es el de la telepatía o la percepción extrasensorial (ESP, en inglés).

Edward O. Wilson The classic article, published 2 decades ago by one of the world's great biologists & humanists Imagine that on an icy moon of Jupiter - say Ganymede - the space station of an alien civilization is concealed. For millions of years its scientists have closely watched the earth. The watchers have been waiting for what might be called the Moment. It was all but inevitable, the watchers might tell us if we met them, that from the great diversity of large animals, one species or another would eventually gain intelligent control of Earth. Darwin's dice have rolled badly for Earth. The human species is, in a word, an environmental abnormality. The reason for this myopic fog, evolutionary biologists contend, is that it was actually advantageous during all but the last few millennia of the two million years of existence of the genus Homo. The rules have recently changed, however. Yet the awful truth remains that a large part of humanity will suffer no matter what is done.

Spirit Vaults : Meditation : The Three Parts of Meditation, Scott Taylor This is a very brief overview of some of my keys to understanding and approaching meditation. Meditation is frequently misnamed. For my purposes, there are actually three parts to the process generically called meditation. The first step is Concentration, the second is Contemplation or Reflection, and the last is Presence. In my view, most teachers of meditation in the West focus on concentration alone and call it meditation. It is important to make these distinctions because each step towards reaching a quiet, contemplative mindstate has its own challenges and people new to the practice can become frustrated by the seemingly impossible leap to the states described by experienced meditators. Concentration is the act of focusing one's attention on one thing. Concentration is the effort to withdraw those bits of our consciousness that are attending to non-essential functions, so that we have a more complete set of the attention bits in our "attention account" from which to "pay attention".

Cosmic Harmony, the State of Enlightenment - Stories and Ancient Wisdom of Sages, Saints, Avatars. Cosmic Harmony- The State of Enlightenment "The Universe has been called the Cosmic Form of the Divine.All the beings you see here are manifestations of the Cosmic Form.This means that all are inherently Divine." What is enlightenment? How to Achieve the Goal ??? How does one proceed from the normal human condition to the goal of enlightenment? Short of direct guidance by a living enlightened one (a rare piece of good fortune), there is no better way than to read the lives of saints and pay close attention to their words. Read their stories. This is a very special time during which spiritual evolution is being immensely accelerated. Please Bookmark this site - reading requires multiple visits. Ancient Wisdom, Vedic Lore, Enlightenment - 3 Teachings Harmony through the Sacred Wisdom Our Origin and Destination Goal of Life Creation and Dissolution The Two Paths Atma, the Inner Witness Vedanta, Science of Self Realization Bhagavata -Descents of God Immanent vs. Lives of Sages Saints and Avatars

Vices Are Not Crimes, by Lysander Spooner A Vindication of Moral Liberty by Lysander Spooner, 1875 Vices are those acts by which a man harms himself or his property. Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another. Vices are simply the errors which a man makes in his search after his own happiness. In vices, the very essence of crime - that is, the design to injure the person or property of another - is wanting. It is a maxim of the law that there can be no crime without a criminal intent; that is, without the intent to invade the person or property of another. Unless this clear distinction between vices and crimes be made and recognized by the laws, there can be on earth no such thing as individual right, liberty, or property, and the corresponding and coequal rights of another man to the control of his own person and property. For a government to declare a vice to be a crime, and to punish it as such, is an attempt to falsify the very nature of things. Who are the men who have the right to say this?

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