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DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) Vault

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) Vault
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Erowid DMT Vaults : Extraction : QT's DMT Extraction Guide NOTE OF WARNING:QT's DMT Extraction for Students is archived by Erowid as a historical document. The process as described has been critiqued as flawed and dangerous several ways. Safer and more effective DMT extraction and purification techniques have been developed and made available in the years since the document below was created. Specific concerns regarding QT's tek, detailed below, were sent to Erowid on behalf of the community at The DMT Nexus, who note: "Time and time again, people have come to The DMT Nexus or other web forums because they were following QT's tek and it either didn't work or they ran into serious issues trying to follow it. Health and Safety Concerns 1) The tek recommends using hydrochloric acid without appropriate guidance on safe handling. 2) While the tek mentions the health hazards of working with dichloromethane (DCM), it fails to note the flammability hazards of naphtha and ether. 3) The tek describes a method for obtaining ether from starting fluid.

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction What happens if you give a thousand Motorola Zoom tablet PCs to Ethiopian kids who have never even seen a printed word? Within five months, they'll start teaching themselves English while circumventing the security on your OS to customize settings and activate disabled hardware. Whoa. The One Laptop Per Child project started as a way of delivering technology and resources to schools in countries with little or no education infrastructure, using inexpensive computers to improve traditional curricula. What the OLPC Project has realized over the last five or six years, though, is that teaching kids stuff is really not that valuable. Yes, knowing all your state capitols how to spell "neighborhood" properly and whatnot isn't a bad thing, but memorizing facts and procedures isn't going to inspire kids to go out and learn by teaching themselves, which is the key to a good education. But that's not what OLPC did. "We left the boxes in the village. Via MIT

Cacti Vaults : San Pedro Preparation Years ago in the early 1970s I became friends with the employees of a plant shop in the Seattle University District. What was really cool is that I found out that the owner of this plant shop was also the author, as well as the editor of several fine books such as "How to Grow the Finest Marijuana Indoors under Halides" and "How to Grow Pot Hydroponically". They also published "How to Identify and Grow Psilocybe Mushrooms," by Jule Stevens and Rich Gee. One of the employees and I went to the Seattle Arboretum in 1975 and were playing Frisbee when I dropped the Frisbee to the ground at the Woodlawn Park section of the Seattle Arboretum. At that time in the early to middle 1970s, I learned that this cactus was from Peru and Ecuador and was used ritualistically in ceremonies similar to those associated with the ritualistic use of Peyote. My friends at the plant shop told me I would have to slice and cook the cactus for about four hours or so and then drink the remaining liquid.

Mimosa (Jurema) Vault : DMT for the Masses NOTE: Before performing any extraction procedure, it is always a good idea to read the entire description of the process from start to finish. Please see the Addendum at the end of this tek for additional tips, refinements, and clarifications regarding to the processes described. Also see the related article Keep that Mimosa Mud? Disclaimer Performing this procedure is illegal in most countries. The intent of this tek is to simplify the extraction procedure as much as possible, so that the average person can complete it in a kitchen in one evening. Materials Process 1) Snap the Mimosa tenuiflora root-bark into small pieces and run it through the coffee grinder or blender at high speed. 2) Combine the lye and the water in the mixing jar. 3) Add the powdered root-bark into the lye/water solution in your mixing jar. 4) Now add to the mixing jar 1 ml of naphtha for each 15 ml of water used to create the lye solution. Recrystallization Addendum by Noman and Entropymancer Notes

Hidden Knowledge Consciousness Freedom and the Right to Get High Why do we, as children, want to spin in circles until we’re so dizzy we puke? Or push on our eyelids until we see colors and images? Or choke ourselves until we lose consciousness? Or take extra huffs off of our inhaler, or extra doses of medications? This is not the result of peer pressure, or outside influences, but virtually all children do at least some of these things. It’s because we all want to get high. The people who stick to the socially approved substances do so because they are the successful products of social conditioning. Why do people think it’s wrong to get high? But that’s because psych meds are intended to get you back to normal, back to the normal waking state of consciousness, because all others are prohibited, and it naturally follows that any chemicals which take you outside that state are likewise prohibited. But when you use a chemical or plant to do something extra-curricular and exploratory with your consciousness, you venture into forbidden territory.

DMT is everywhere - A general introduction to Ayahuasca Below you will find an overview of the most common and most potent DMT resources for each continent. The first name is the binomial name and between brackets are the common names. Australia These seeds just germinatedAsia1 = Endangered species, unsuitable for usage!2 = spp. means several species of the Virola genus. There are approximately 15 Virola DMT sources. EPBOT