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Tutorials | Drawn in Black 10 Tutorials on How to Draw a Cat Hehe, kitteh. So your furry feline friend has you feeling inspired, eh? Well it is no surprise that there are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to draw the internet’s mascot, the kittayh! But to be honest, a lot them just ain’t that… Skull Anatomy for Artists Here’s a quick follow-up to the post I did a few years ago on how to draw skulls. How to Draw a Horse Tutorial This post is divided into two sections: first, the horse drawing tutorial that I have put together (immediately below); second, links out to other worthwhile tutorials on how to draw a horse. How to Draw Eyes: 25 Tutorials, Step-by-Steps, How-To’s and Reference Photos on How to Draw Human Eyes Eyes… the window into the soul as they say. How to Draw a Face: 25 Tutorials How-To’s, Tutorials, and Step-By-Steps Books Facial Expressions Videos Online Books Drawing faces or portaits is, to me, a bit of a paradox. Ah, the skull. 7 Tutorials on How to Draw the Human Anatomy / Body / Figure

4 Ways to Use Google Drive Edit Article Four Parts:SetupDocumentsFilesOther CapabilitiesQuestions and Answers When Google Drive first launched, it served as a place to store your files in the cloud so that they could be accessed anywhere. As Drive has evolved, it has assimilated the roles of Google Docs and now serves as the hub for all Google document creation and office tools. You can even install apps into Drive to expand its functionality even further. Ad Steps Part 1 Setup <img alt="Image titled Use Google Drive Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">1Sign into the Google Drive website with your Google account. Part 2 Documents Part 3 Files Part 4 Other Capabilities Google Drive Tips and Tricks Tips Read the Google Drive online safety tips to ensure you're keeping your information safe. Warnings

Blog / Featured Photos, Tutorials, Picture Galleries and Interviews Sign In to PicsArt Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign Up to Picsart Back to Sign In Already have an account? Tutorials How to Draw an Alien Step by Step with PicsArt Drawing Tools The Drawing Challenge this week has given users a task that is truly out of this world. PicsArtists Share Umbrella Drawing Tutorials from Contest With the conclusion of the Umbrella Drawing Challenge, it is time to have a look at some of the Drawing Tutorials posted by PicsArtists who participated in last week’s contest. How to Use the Selection Tool to Copy/Paste and Create Custom Clipart PicsArt’s new Selection Tool gives you the power to bring better precision to your editing, letting you alter your photos section by section. Design an Earth Day Poster for the Graphic Design Contest For the Graphic Design Contest this week, we want PicsArtists to use the PicsArt Editor to design a poster that advocates protecting the environment! How to Use Radial Blur Photo Effect in PicsArt: Step by Step Tutorial post

Chiloé al día — Google Drive, un nuevo servicio de almacenamiento en la nube “Guarda todo. Comparte todo”. Esa es la consigna de Google Drive, el último lanzamiento del gigante de internet que promete remecer el mercado de losservicios de almacenamiento en la nube. Según indican desde su blog oficial, “Google Drive es un lugar donde usted puede crear, compartir, colaborar y mantener todas tus cosas”. Y la oferta es amplia: “Puedes subir y acceder a todos sus archivos, incluyendo vídeos, fotos, Google Docs, archivos PDF y más allá”. Con unidad de Google, usted puede: Crear y colaborar. Este nuevo servicio entrega 5 Gb de almacenamiento gratis para cada usuario, los que se pueden ampliar pagando cuotas mensuales de US$ 2,49 por 25 GB; US$ 4,99 por 100GB. ; US$ 4,99 por 1TB. ¿Y la competencia? Otros servicios son iCloud de Apple y Ubuntu One.

step by step Allyson Wright gives us some tips on using Inktense Pencils to draw hair... I love drawing and painting with Inktense and not just for the wonderfully vibrant colour schemes that Inktense is known for, but to create more subtle colour schemes as well. You can use Inktense instead of watercolours to produce paintings full of clarity and, unlike watercolour, Inktense is waterproof once it has been wet and then allowed to dry. Today I am going to show you how I use Inktense pencils to draw hair. TIP: Before you begin, don’t forget that when you are using water-soluble pencils the colour you see when you draw with them isn’t nearly as strong as it will be once the pencil marks have been wetted with a brush. In this first example you can see my quick drawing of a little girl with tousled curly long hair. In the first image you can see stage one of the hair, where I have used Sicilian Yellow to put in the highlights. Allyson Wright

Le plein de trucs et astuces pour Google Drive Ça y est, Google a enfin lancé son service de stockage en ligne, le déjà célèbre Google Drive, intégré à l'ex-Google Docs. Tu as peut-être déjà joué avec, ou tu n'as peut-être au contraire pas envie de changer de service, habitué à Dropbox ou toute autre solution. Voici cependant quelques astuces qui pourraient t'intéresser pour en faire plus avec Google Drive. Bien entendu avant de commencer, n'oublie pas que le service est disponible à la fois sur le web, sous forme d'application PC ou Mac, sur smartphones Android, et prochainement sur iPhone, iPad et systèmes Linux. Les astuces suivantes utilisent soit l'interface en ligne, soit l'application Windows. Les utilisateurs de Mac pourront se manifester en commentaires, et les Linuxiens... devront patienter un peu. Quelques raccourcis clavier pour commencer Comme pour GMail, la liste des raccourcis clavier est accessible en tapant Maj + / depuis l'interface web, ou sur la page dédiée. Ajoute Drive au menu "Envoyer vers" - sélectionne Copier ici

Art Schools and Art Tutorials Art Schools, Lessons and Classes 5-Pencil Method - Learn how to draw by artist/instructor Darrel Tank with step by step tutorials/lessons. Art Apprentice Online - Learn to paint and learn to draw with our affordable and flexible online art courses. Take interactive art lessons and receive personalized critiques from experienced instructors. Art Courses in Italy - Art courses in Florence and Milan offered by Language School and Private Universities. Find course details, history and pricing. Art Schools - Worldwide Art Schools and Colleges directory. - Learn how to draw portraits like a pro. ArtGraphica - Free art lessons in drawing, sketching and painting alongside commercial art video demonstrations. - Art lessons, forums, painting technique demonstrations, how to make oil painting, Oil Painting Technique video workshops, and learn Old Master Secrets. ArtStudy.Org - Information about art schools, colleges and institutes. Color Pencil Tutorials Art Tutorials

Go Ahead and Uninstall PowerPoint, Google Docs Just Beat It Google Docs has always been great at collaboration and group projects, but the majority of such assignments involved a presentation of some sorts, and this has traditionally been the suite’s weakest product. You could always work together on a single presentation, but the real-time text updating that allows you to see your partners’ cursor location has never been fully ported over from text documents and spreadsheets until now. With the updates, you’ll also get the nice sidebar IM window to chat with your partners from anywhere (though I swear that was there before. Anybody remember for sure?). If you’ve ever tried to get a group of four or more people in the library at the same time, you’ll quickly realize how big a boon this is. The other big knock on Google Presentations was that it was just plain ugly. There are plenty of other little additions available too, so definitely head over and check it out yourself. [Via the official Google Docs Blog]