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Mushroom Mountain - Quality Mushroom Spawn and Supplies, South Carolina

Mushroom Mountain - Quality Mushroom Spawn and Supplies, South Carolina

FUNGI FOR THE PEOPLE | Mushroom Cultivation Research and Education Sharondale Farm Mushrooms and Useful Plants Mushrooms db1 Our Associate, Deric Bruce, with a small portion of his day's harvest. Varnish Conk, Ling chih, Ling qi, Ling-Zhi, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) The information relative to the Medicinal Aspects of the Mushrooms below has almost exclusively come from Christopher Hobbs' excellent book 'Medicinal Mushrooms'. Below are the links to mushroom availability, prices, pictures and information. Dried Mushrooms: Dried mushrooms have a shelf life of up to a year if stored in airtight containers in a cool place, or placed in the freezer for longest shelf life. Salted Mushrooms: Mushrooms preserved in salt are essentially dehydrated.

Start Your Own Mushroom Growing Business Whether you want to grow your own mushrooms to save money on buying mushrooms from supermarkets and grocery stores, or you fancy making money from your own home based mushroom growing business, you'll find advice and tips in this article to help you grow mushrooms that will be the envy of your friends and family, also the many customers for your mushroom growing business. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of some forms of fungi, and there are many very different species of mushroom in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. Mushrooms are prized for their nutritional value, as well as being good to eat and containing many health benefits. For those reasons and the fact that few people dislike them, you’ll find that harvesting mushrooms represents a very profitable hobby and business venture that virtually anyone can start, even without experience or high capital investment, and with just a small amount of space to work from. Main Stages of Mushroom Production picking. becoming regular clients.

How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms OK, not the greatest picture - but man was it a tasty mushroom! Growing Shiitake on Oak LogsI've confessed before that I am a little obsessed with mushrooms - from growing oyster mushrooms in coffee grounds, to learning about edible wild mushrooms. (I'm still too nervous to eat them though!) Last Spring I contacted a local tree surgeon and scored a truck load of oak logs that had been cut down from a neighbor's yard - you need to let them sit for 3 weeks or so to allow the natural fungicides in the live tree to die back. Updated: Here's a step-by-step pictorial of the process courtesy of furtwangl on Flickr. Step One: Drill the Holes furtwangl/CC BY 2.0 Step Two: Insert Spawn Step Three: Wax Over Holes Step Four: There is no step four.... Once the logs are inoculated, you simply let them sit - preferably in a damp spot, raised off the ground so that they don't become colonized by other mushrooms - and you wait for them do their thing. My mushroom logs stacked behind the barn.

Bulk Steamer Pasteurizer Tek (Lots of Pics) - Mushroom Cultivation Ever dream about a way to pasteurize bulk amounts of substrate without putting all that much work into it? A while ago I stumbled across an idea for a pasteurizer. The credit for the idea goes to Mycotopia. I have wondered for a while why I have not seen anyone (hardly anyone) use this here. I have altered the concept though. My method is a combination of the system i picked up from Mycotopia, with a bag technique I picked up from Agar here on shroomery. I'm not going to hold your hand on a step by step procedure as it is already built. I went to Lowes and picked up a 50 Gallon Roughneck Tub. I had one of these laying around so I decided to use this as my rack. Now this is the heart of the machine. Is that too expensive? That's where I bought mine, works like new. Here is what the Pasteurizer looks like. You need a thermometer to check temperatures while pasteurizing. Now here is how I attached my Steamer to my tub. Now you need to prepare your substrate.

6kW Steel Drum Pasteurizer Build - Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms Gave the pasteurizer it's first run with straw yesterday, going for round two today. I was able to fit over 1/2 of a square bale of straw in the thing. This means I'll get three 3' straw logs per run. I loaded it up with straw, squirted in some soap, filled it up with cold water and let it soak for 2 hours. After it was done pasteurizing and draining the straw seemed a little on the dry side, maybe because it was packed to tight? To pasteurize I first poured in four 5 gallon buckets with 80°C (176°F) water and half a cup of hydrated lime each. After the pasteurization cycle the drum was drained and the straw left to drip for a couple of hours. Trial Grow Room before growing commercially - Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms This is a trial setup to learn as much as posible and when ready start a commercial mushroom growing business. In this trial growroom we will be doing the same tasks as in the future bigger setup but with less substrate, 40kg of substrate/week. - The room has a northwest orientation and has a big tree by the window. These and the A/C unit if needed will help keep the room fresh during the summer - There is plenty of natural light and no direct sunlight so artificial light is not needed - The Floor has been covered with several layers of thick plastic - We will put extra shelves (12 in total) to accomodate three blocks of 3 kilograms each - The two humidifiers maintain a 90-95% humidity. - Some trays with perlite help to maintain the humidity when the greenhouse is quite empty. - We had at home this old Thermo Hygrometer because my grandfather and father used to run a business where they sold them, it has become my favorite gadget. The image above shows the evolution of the humidity.

21st Century Diversified Agriculture Project for Ghana - Aloha Ecowas Development Corporation LTD Low Technology Mushroom Cultivation using Agricultural Wastes as Substrates Mushrooms are an attractive crop to cultivate in developing countries for many reasons. One of the most compelling points would be that they are grown on agricultural wastes. It enables us to acquire substrate materials at low prices or even for free and to conserve our environment by recycling wastes. Mushrooms can be grown on virtually all types of available wastes. Figure 1. Banana and its leaves Figure 2. Figure 3. According to a recent survey, approximately 200 different wastes are available as mushroom substrates. Mushroom Cultivation Mushroom growing house (MGH) The recommended MGH (shown below) is an 8 x 6m brick and mortar structure, with cement floor, gable thatched roof with jute bags ceiling. At virtually all past sites, the MGH was modified in various ways. How to Build a Clean Room in a Simple Way Introduction What is a clean room? How does it work? Why do mushroom growers need a clean room? 1.

Hydrofogger.Com - Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers - Hydroponics Printing Concrete Tobacco Make Money With a Marvelous Mushroom Farm - Sustainable Farming How do you like your mushrooms served? Perhaps mixed in with a green salad and vegetables? Or how about pan-fried, then sprinkled over a favorite hot dish? If you're like me, the mere mention of the delicious one-legged edibles—prepared in just about any way imaginable—starts your taste buds to cravin' a fungi feast! Unfortunately, such a meal used to put a serious dent in my budget. You see, Dr. A Mushroom Mansion Admittedly, mushrooms demand a special environment, and an outdoor climate will not support most varieties for more than a few weeks each year. Caves, abandoned mines, or root cellars often have the desired temperature and humidity for mushroom cultivation (although such places may require additional ventilation). As they grow, mushrooms give off carbon dioxide, a gas which—in an enclosed space—can cause the fungi to become enlongated, stringy, and tasteless. And that's it! Make 'Em Comfortable In addition to warmth, mushrooms also need moisture to flourish. Food to Grow On Dr.

Finding Money In Mushrooms Ryan Bubriski and Will Fortini of the Portland Mushroom Company hold clusters of just-picked oyster mushrooms, grown in the basement of their rental house in Sellwood-Moreland and sold to restaurant chefs and at farmers markets for up to $10 a pound. Dan Sadowsky / OPB When Ryan Bubriski tells people he grows mushrooms in the basement of a rental house he shares with four other men in their early 20s, he’s usually greeted with raised eyebrows. “People say, ‘Oh, are they special mushrooms?’” The variety he grows is, in fact, oyster mushrooms, and they are special enough to command up to $10 a pound from shoppers at farmers markets and chefs at a handful of Portland’s finest dining establishments, including Clarklewis and Papa Haydn. That, too, raises eyebrows. Ryan Bubriski opens a shipping container that would soon house most of the growing operation of the Portland Mushroom Company, multiplying their production of oyster mushrooms by a factor of four. Hooked On Mushrooms Comments

55 Gallon Drum Steam Boiler Sterilizer - Let's Grow Mushrooms This page demonstrates how we built our own low pressure steam boiler and autoclave for sterilizing mushroom substrates on our farm. It's shown in two versions. The first version shown below must be filled with water and regulated manually. This is what we started with because of our limited budget at the time. The manual version can be built for $300 or so, and much of that cost is for the valves and fittings you'll need from your local hardware store. The most expensive part was the burner assembly itself, at $130. Download Let's Grow Mushrooms in High Resolution $8.99 What my lawyer made me sayConstructing your own boiler is something which is going to require mechanical aptitude and welding/brazing skills. Manual Operation 55 Gallon Drum Boiler Scroll down or click here for the automated version Click the thumbnails to enlarge images on this page 55 Gallon drum sterilizer system 55 Gallon drum sterilizer frame Bulk sterilizer forms Bulk sterilizer slab 2 Sterilizer slab The Boiler

Mountain Mushroom Farm-Certified Organic Shiitake Mushrooms - Let's Grow Mushrooms Organic Shiitake Mushrooms Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture USDA Organic Label WSDA Organic Producer Green Energy Farming Techniques - Research and Development In early 2008, as ground was broken for what would become Mountain Mushroom Farm, the end-result was already well in sight. Download Full Release-Let's Grow Mushrooms in High Resolution for only $8.99! Energy and Water Conservation in Mushroom Farming As anyone with knowledge of agriculture is painfully aware, some of the biggest users of water on the planet are irrigated farms. Passive Fresh Air Supply What we've done differently at Mountain Mushroom Farm is to develop a passive fresh air exchange system, which uses the natural currents in the air above, coupled with the pressure and temperature differential below, to constantly supply and exhaust air through the underground growing chamber. Water Conservation Substrate Colonization An additional consideration in mushroom farming is the colonization room.

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