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Adodoc – apprendre le français en s’amusant

Home Page The Metropolitan School District of Steuben County believes that all students can learn and that learning is a lifelong process. Our school district is committed to excellence and continual improvement in academic achievement. Our schools are highly regarded within the community, the State of Indiana and the nation. We invite you to review our schools and extend an invitation to join our learning community. The Metropolitan School District of Steuben County is a progressive district. The School Corporation Annual Performance Report Anti-Bullying (Forms for reporting incidents are found in the Document Library under Information Tab at the top of this page) For inquires of the: Title IX Coordinator, Section 504 Coordinator, and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Dobles / Doubles This activity can be done individually or with a teammate. Using the prepared score sheet (see the next page), the student writes down as many words as possible that contain the the letters given by the teacher. In the example below the teacher gives the students the letters P A/ C/ I/ T/ O. The students write the letters on the blanks. The students then begin to write as many words as possible in the target language next to the letters given. Scoring: After 3-4 minutes of work time students stop. 1 point _P_ _A_ pad, pan, party, apt 2 points __C__ pace, pact, cap, acupuncture 4 points __I__ compacting, panic, packing 8 points __T__ capacity, typical 16 points __O__ caption, typographical

lafrancebis Lettres Acacias NEH Avignon French SMS Les Textos Français Now normally I'm all for correct spelling but when it comes to sending text messages on mobile phones I tend to abbreviate where possible to save time. I also do not have a phone with a keyboard so it's tedious to send text messages (I prefer to send an email or a message through Facebook, hey, I'm old school like that!) Actually I've found that many people I know (both in Australia and France DON'T use shorthand. I'm not sure the reason for this... because they want to appear more polite? more intelligent? more understandable? Anyway... Just going through my phone, some abbreviations I've been sent (all of which I've figured out on my own. c = c'est (it's) o = au (at the/in the/on the) koi = quoi (what) kil = qu'il (...that it...) parske = parce que (because) koment = comment (how) 2m1 = demain (that was a tricky one!) Luckily I haven't received anything like this so far! Lots more French sms/chatroom speak here (image from here)

Binettes (smiley) et acronymes Une binette est un « dessin » composé d'un groupe de caractères du clavier. Dans les débuts d'Internet, la communication se faisait uniquement en mode caractères. Les premiers internautes simulaient des visages humains dans le but de transmettre une émotion qui, en personne, se serait traduite par une expression du visage, d'où le mot « binette ». Les binettes sont encore utilisées aujourd'hui pour ajouter du piquant à la conversation virtuelle. Utilise modérément des binettes pour indiquer ton humeur. Ne crois pas qu'on va te pardonner un commentaire insultant parce que tu as utilisé une binette souriante. Les internautes n'abrègent pas toutes les binettes de la même façon. Liste de binettes : (anglais) | Binettes en images : Pour créer des binettes, utilise les caractères du clavier. Penche la tête à gauche pour voir un visage expressif, mis en valeur par la forme de la bouche.

Languages - French: All you need to start learning French Search results for "postcards" - Templates <div class="cdOLblEmRed cdSearchResultsMargin">Warning: This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. <a href=" how to enable scripts.</a><br/></div> All Products Word Excel PowerPoint Access Outlook OneNote InfoPath Project 2013 Standard Publisher Visio All Categories Card (118) Postcard (110) Print (78) Business (74) 2 per page (70) Design Sets (68) Visit Avery (U.S.) Visit Hewlett-Packard Visit LayoutReady ​Business postcard (5.5 x 4.25, Civic de...Publisher 2007​ ​Just listed postcard (Luxury, 4 x 6)Publisher 2003​ ​Postcard to job candidates when p...Word 2013​ ​Postcard to job candidates who ap...Word 2013​ ​Postcard to unqualified job appl...Word 2013​ ​Postcards to applicants acknowle...Word 2013​ ​Event postcardsWord 2013​ ​Promotional postcards (2 per pa...Word 2013​ ​Birthday invitation postcards (2 per pa...Word 2013 ​Birthday invitation postcards (2 per pa...Word 2013​ ​Birth announcement (girl)Word 2013​