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Trends in interactive design 2013

Trends in interactive design 2013
333,948 views Featured in: Design Find the Interface Design trends for 2014 by - now freelance - Petra Sell on: ... Find the Interface Design trends for 2014 by - now freelance - Petra Sell on: Prophets Agency presents "ID13": the trends in Interactive Design for 2013. Third year in a row, after the ID11 and ID12 trends. Starting at the emerging trends in 2012 moving to what is happening in interaction design in 2013. the consolidation of ongoing trends up to future thinking and some advice on how to keep up. Take your time to browse through the 147 slides of this impressive deck. Statistics Views Total Views Views on SlideShare Embed Views Actions Likes Downloads 420 Embeds 96,715 More... Usage Rights © All Rights Reserved

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Adventures in Interfacing Part I: Should the Interface be the Adventure? » A Hardy Developer's Journal – as written by indie adventure game developers Interfaces are important. I love interfaces. Forming an intuitive and fluid language that is used by the player to communicate with the game, and a way for the game to communicate back is fun. But adventure games, even the commercial titles, rarely get much interface love. Games in the genre tend to stick to one of the commonly used control schemes. In the indie and amateur space, you see a lot of classic Sierra or Lucas Arts verb interfaces.

Designing For The Multifaceted User Advertisement Designing with users in mind is a tricky thing. Not only does it require of us a sound understanding of who our users are, but the actual act of translating what we know about them into a well-designed product is not always an obvious or easy path. Text Opening Sequence with CSS Animations A simple and fun text opening sequence effect with blurry letters using CSS animations. View demo Download source Today I want to show you how to create a fun little typography effect with CSS animations and text shadows. Maybe you know those eerie opening sequences of movie trailers where some text is being faded in on a dark background.

UI Design Guidelines for Responsive Design Some UI guidelines and tips to consider when designing a website to make it cross-device friendly and responsive. The web development community has come up with endless solutions, best practices, and tools for coding a responsive design with ease. While the vast majority of websites can be made responsive now, it’s time to push the envelope further. It’s easy to pay attention to great coding best practices, but sometimes the best design practices for various screen sizes get pushed aside. Many resources on responsive design cover the basics — make use of excess space on desktop, make things simpler on mobile.

Movin' Ahead Here is a collection of Amalfi coast “being there” YouTube video clips and photos in slideshow from Flickr. For our 10th wedding anniversary, my wife and kids revisited familiar sacred and new places from Rome down to Calabria, Italy. I created a PearlTree collection of sites that we explored while planning our trip — this mostly looks at Umbria and Amalfi Coat. We arrived by rented car at the seaside, cliff nestled city of Amalfi.

Touch Application Prototypes (TAP). For iPhone and iPad, using Adobe Fireworks – UNITiD This tutorial shows you how to use our method to make your Fireworks prototype work for the Apple iPhone and iPad. We call the method TAP. It is an updated version of our earlier work, found on our website, or at the Adobe Developers Connection. We added quite a lot of features. The most important being able to use page transitions, swipes (by using the jQTouch jQuery plugin) and caching of the application. 70 Beautiful Free PSD UI Kits of 2013! Best Graphic Items In this collection, we are introduction some beautiful and useful free PSD UI Kits that you can download for free. So, you can design visually interactive and appealing user interfaces with our awesome free kits. All these kits are available in PSD format for easy modification. With these mobile user interface kits, designers can enhance their creations and make their mobile user interfaces look more interesting and appealing.

Digital Identity – Theories Suport Five main theories are related as the background research theories: Embodied InteractionEmbodied CognitionThe Phenomenology of PerceptionSynesthesiaColour Psychology Varela et al. (1991) raised the concept of Embodied Cognition in two aspects and explained the idea that the human body influences the original human cognition. “First, the cognition depends upon the kind of experience that comes from having a body with various sensorimotor capacities, and second, that these individual sensorimotor capacities are themselves embedded in a more encompassing biological, psychological, and cultural context.” - Varela et al. (1991), The Embodied Mind. Responsive Typography: The Basics by Oliver Reichenstein When we built websites we usually started by defining the body text. The body text definition dictates how wide your main column is, the rest used to follow almost by itself. Used to. Until recently, screen resolution was more or less homogenous. Today we deal with a variation of screen sizes and resolutions.

Square UI Free - User Interface Kit Today, we are pleased to share a new and beautiful UI Kit for designers featuring the flat design trend. Square UI is our latest PSD User Interface Pack including a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS apps. We love the latest flat design trend, and Square UI is made exactly in that style. The simple, colorful and flat-designed components of Square UI are perfect for almost any project, from complex web applications and small startup projects to websites. M.I.T. Scholar’s 1949 Essay on Machine Age Is Found Photo It was a vision that never saw the light of day. The year was 1949, and computers and robots were still largely the stuff of science fiction. Only a few farsighted thinkers imagined that they would one day become central to civilization, with consequences both liberating and potentially dire.

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