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Socrative per creare lezioni su ipad

Socrative per creare lezioni su ipad
One of our favorite features is Quick Question – Short Answer. With a few quick clicks, you can use short answer to ask a question, then gather, visualize and discuss a whole class’ open responses. You could even have students VOTE on the responses! 1. As students settle into their seats have them enter a question based on last night’s homework or your current unit. Remember – student questions project anonymously, but you can have a report afterward which tells who said what. This is also a great tool to use at the end of class. 2. In every class, there are key vocabulary items that students need to master. 3. There are multiple ways to allow students to show their understanding in a second language classroom. - Present students with a sentence and ask them to translate - Present students with a sentence and ask them to write a follow-on sentence - Have students use a key vocabulary term in a sentence (verbs, nouns, adjectives etc.) How Quick Question – Short Answer Works: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

iPad As.... iPads have exploded throughout schools and classrooms. Their flexibility, versatility, and mobility make them a phenomenal learning tool. As teachers seek ways to integrate these devices, we recommend focusing on specific learning goals that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and the creation of student-centric learning environments. In other words, begin with..... Why I like Socrative

Classroom Aid | Educational Apps TBR eLearning Initiative is a central resource to assist educators looking for mobile apps to facilitate the learning process. With a bank of 40,000 educational apps that have been cataloged, reviewed, and approved, a Tennessee initiative hopes to make it easier for educators to leverage mobile learning in the classroom and beyond. (I Education Apps Review) is a community effort to grade educational Apps App Annie is a service for app analytics, and lists popular educational apps TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) recommended iPad Apps, over 1000 educational Apps categorized by subjects and level (Google Doc.) Learning Exchange iPad Apps Review is a list of Apps reviewed by educators from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta. Common Sense Media reviews and ranks digital media like movies, games, books, websites and Apps for youth, check out the review on Apps, their criteria is referring to research result updating. iPads in Schools (LiveBinder by Mike Fisher)

Socrative Blog Using an iPad as a teacher. Every day. My daily apps - well some of them My new school are thinking about getting some iPads so I thought i’d repost this page from my blog about using iPad as a teacher. I’ve updated it with a few things as well. I’ve had an iPad 2 since a 2 1/2 hour queue on launch day. Planning Planbook - Who needs paper eh?? Having taught for 10 years I don’t need to plan every lesson to the minute (thankfully). Attendance/Gradebook TeacherPal - Organise your class by where they sit For this I use TeacherPal. Presentations Prezi - Interesting presentations I use both Apple’s Keynote and the Prezi app to do my presentations. Mindmapping iThoughts HD - Mindmapping in class I use iThoughts HD to develop mindmaps in class. Fun stuff Mathemagics - Good fun to show the students I like this app (Mathemagics) and other number games as a break up in lessons or for friday afternoons TED - Show your class some inspirational talks [UPDATES: I would really like one of my classes next year to do a blog.

Why I love Peek idee per usare ipad in classe The label of “21st Century learning” is vague, and is an idea that we here at TeachThought like to take a swing at as often as possible, including: –weighing the magic of technology with its incredible cost and complexity –underscoring the potential for well thought-out instructional design –considering the considerable potential of social media platforms against its apparent divergence from academic learning Some educators seek out the ideal of a 21st century learning environment constantly, while others prefer that we lose the phrase altogether, insisting that learning hasn’t changed, and good learning looks the same whether it’s the 12th or 21st century. At TeachThought, we tend towards the tech-infused model, but do spend time exploring the limits and challenges of technology, the impact of rapid technology change, and carefully considering important questions before diving in head-first. The size of the circles on the map are intended to convey priority. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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