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Bow making Basics

Bow making Basics
I remember making my first bow as a kid. I found a branch on the ground under the black oak trees that grew in our yard. There was a windstorm the prior evening and branches were everywhere. I found one with a bend and tied on a string. Then I grabbed a smaller, straighter branch. What is it that attracts people to want to know how to make a bow and arrow? So how do you make a bow? Select your wood My first attempt at bow making was actually not that far off. You can walk outside, find some local trees or shrubs, and start bending wood. You can actually make a bow out of any wood. Bow woods [twocol_one] [unordered_list style="tick"] HickoryOakPacific YewJuniper [/unordered_list] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Osage OrangeAshElmMulberry [/twocol_one_last] If you live in the land of hardwoods, you can see from the list that there is a bounty of woods from which to choose. Harvest Once you have decided which species you are going to use, you’ll need to find a specimen to harvest. Prepare the stave Related:  craft & small constructionsHone your skills

Homemade PVC Bow The Backyard Bowyer is a badass who runs a YouTube channel, BackyardBowyer, dedicated to building bows from the ground up (strings and arrows included) and then shows them off. He even made a radical crossbow for his 200th video. He also runs a blog that has even more DIY bow-making, including picture tutorials. Really, all you need is a 6′ long piece of 1-1/4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe, a heat gun, and some bow string. He has even written quite a few books on the subject, you should defiantly check out his books if you are into bow making. Cups | Sharpie Markers Official Blog No one is a morning person, even if they CLAIM they are. They are probably lying and by “probably…” I obviously mean they are. Who LIKES having to get out of bed, especially when you JUST found the perfect sleeping spot and the open air is frighteningly and shockingly less welcoming than your blanket cocoon? What could possibly be even worse than that? The traumatic moment where you have actually managed to violently pull yourself out of bed but have yet to consume your morning wake-me-up beverage of choice. All you want is a straight caffeine shot to the face, but noooo you have to wait for water to boil and drinks to steep while making small talk with your roommie, slash bestie, who you love but at that pre-caffeinated moment, can’t remember why. Enter Sharpie mugs who can say it alllll for you and possibly inject a smile into the AM routine we all love hate while working to get your day started off right. Image and tutorial via A Beautiful Mess blog

Homemade Antiseptic Ointment MIY Remedy: Homemade Antiseptic Ointment Yes, I have made yet another home supply. This is the first time I’ve gone toward the physical aspect and made something useful for our bodies, though. It won’t be the last time, because I can only imagine what else is out there that I can make. So, here we go. I am not a fan of lavender. So, I grated half of my little round of beeswax. I put my coconut oil, (the white stuff on the spoon), the beeswax and all the essential oil except the vitamin E in a mason jar surrounded by water in a pot over medium/low heat. I used a little wooden skewer, you can use a chopstick, too, to stir until it was all melted. I didn’t have enough coconut oil, so this yields a little more than shown. It would sound weird if I said that I couldn’t wait to try this stuff out…haha. This should be good for 8-10 months. Antiseptic Ointment (scrapes, cuts, burns) Ingredients And just so you know what the significance of each of the ingredients is:

Survival Bow Making Instructions By Jason Knight The following bow making instructions will help you construct an effective bow in a relatively short amount of time. A quickie bow is a fast-made bow for immediate use in a survival situation. It is carved from a sapling or branch of a tree. The reason it is called a “quickie” bow is because it is made at the time the wood is harvested, rather than waiting a year or more for the wood to season (as is typical for regular bow construction). Survival Bow Making Instructions 1. The first step is to select the proper materials. For a quickie bow, you want to start with a relatively straight section of sapling or branch that is free of knots, side branches, and twists. 2. Stand the bow stave upright on the ground, hold the top loosely with one hand, and push outward lightly on the middle of the bow. Now find the middle point of the stave and mark out your handhold area by measuring and marking 3 inches out from the center in both directions. 3. 4. Notches for the bow string 5.

Best on DA: volume 34 « Cosplay Gen We continue the candy-sharing campaign by offering you our finest cosplay photos of this week. Just have a bite and some more. Magi – Dark Sideby ca-g-e Bayonetta 2 (Maid version) by rinoafatali Devil Scanty by Vavalika Kinuko Ibara ZONE 00 by AlienOrihara Shining Tears x Wind (Elwing) by Pugoffka-sama Smile! Cosfest 2013 – Magic Knight Rayearth by shiroang Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann by AlienOrihara Lady Sylvanas Windrunner by Kiirae Scissors Crown – Red Queen? Cosfest 2013 – Clover by shiroang BANG! Pain Is Righteousness by xXAnemonaXx Fate Extra : Red Saber – 2 by ImMuze Captains will curse our flag … by S-Seith Elin Priest – Tera by sundancekiid Magi – Yunan Cosplay by ElisaCosplay Blood on my hands by Miss-Alice-Monster Stone Ocean by yui930 Fate/Zero: Irisviel and Saber by Yuuri-C Giorno Giovanna by fritzfusion Devil May Cry 4 – Lady by Matosauce Mahmut by studioK2 Oichi – Sengoku Basara by Pugoffka-sama Kindan no Elixir-02 by hiyuki Legendary J anchor – Felyne by Shoko-Cosplay Skuld by vietgirl018

How to Build an Earth Oven Do you remember your teachers asking you on the first week of school what you did for your summer vacation? Well, if I were still in school, this would have been a story to amaze my teacher and classmates. My friend, TH, is an amazing baker and cook. She is also very wise in the ways of crafts and organizing activities that bring diverse people together. Her great ambition has been to build and use a wood-fired oven in her own backyard. Then she and her dad cooked up a scheme to build a test model in his backyard as a practice version. TH's Dad drew plans up for brick foundations to be built in her backyard over the course of several summer weeks with the help of his grandsons. And that's where I come into the "Earth Oven Project 2008," because TH invited me and a group of her friends and neighbors to be a part of the oven's creation. It was an extremely hot (mid 90s F) day in mid-July, but not so humid as Maryland suburbs can be in this season.

Homemade Bows and Arrows How to Make a Primitive Homemade Bow and Arrows Copyright © 1998, 2006 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article. The primary purpose of a primitive homemade bow is to hunt wild game. However, none of us can predict the future. The purpose of this narrative is to provide information on how to make a primitive handmade bow and arrows. With that said, let's focus our attention for the duration of this narrative on the topic of a primitive handmade bow and arrows. A bow increases the range at which you can successfully hunt and put meat into the cook pot. A great bow with a lousy arrow has a very small chance of putting meat on the table. In a survival situation you may need meat immediately. Let's begin by looking at how to make a primitive handmade bow and arrows very quickly. A Quick Homemade Bow Accuracy Range: 10 to 20 feet Length: 50 inches to 60 inches (from ground to between chest and chin). Quick Arrows

How to Build A Rocket Stove For Cooking Project Print this Post Log Cabin Cooking website shares a step by step process with great pictures and detailed instructions how to build a highly useful rocket stove. A rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney which ensures complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface…as quoted by Wikipedia. logcabincooking. Click here to create this project yourself: StoveTec Deluxe 1 Door Stove (Wood & Biomass Fuel Options) Emberlit Camping Stove – Stainless Steel with Cross Bars G-3300 Envirofit Rocket Stove Permanent link to this article: