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9 Ways to Delight Your Facebook Fans Without Giving Away The Farm

9 Ways to Delight Your Facebook Fans Without Giving Away The Farm
When it comes to social media marketing, and Facebook in particular, the name of the game is engagement. Conventional wisdom says that the best way to keep your Facebook fans engaged is to reward them, the most obvious way being with free products, discounts and other types of giveaways. For many small businesses or businesses with limited resources, though, doing this on a regular basis is tough. So, instead of thinking of this as a barrier, think of it as a creative challenge. 1. One of the primary reasons your customers become fans on Facebook is to have a channel to interact with your business. 2. People love to feel in the know or ahead of the curve. 3. In the same vein, giving your fans a behind the scenes look at your business can be a great way to start conversations and make them feel special. 4. What’s more delightful than playing games? 5. If your company already contributes to a charity with any sort of regularity, why not get your fans involved? 6. 7. 8. 9. Related:  Interesting knowledge

35 Pest and Disease Remedies Before you begin... My friend and garden assistant, Peggy, tells me that of all the yards she helps tend, mine is the healthiest (although it is not necessarily the tidiest). I credit that health to myriad factors. On the occasion that I need to treat a plant for a pest or disease problem, I follow these simple guidelines: • Test homemade sprays on a small portion of the plant before applying it to the entire surface.

What Apple Can Teach You About Marketing | SmallFuel Marketing Apple rocks at marketing—I think that's something fanboys and haters can both agree with. From building an incredible amount of buzz, to driving fans out to buy products, to keeping repeat customers for life, they really have their act together. There are a lot of things small businesses can learn from Apple's success, and most of them easily translate from the corporate world to the small business world. The strategies that set Apple apart from its competitors are strategies that you can learn to use too. It’s important to be pretty. In all of Apple’s product lines and marketing materials, you won’t find a single thing that isn’t pretty. There are several opportunities for your small business to have great looking materials. People like big photos. A quick look at their website, and you’ll see that Apple fully believes in the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Keep your message simple. Here’s an example, it’s Apple’s description of the iPhone: “Revolutionary Phone.

E-commerce Platforms - Young & Reckless Reports Record Sales (December 20, 20111 – Oakland, CA) -- Young & Reckless, the streetwear clothing brand created by Drama from MTV's Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory has reported record breaking web sales since signing with Sparkart Group, Inc., the Oakland based full-service independent digital agency. Sparkart was brought in to design, develop, and manage Young & Reckless’ website ( which was launched in preparation for Cyber Monday. “It was our goal from the beginning to create a website for Young & Reckless that fully captures the brand unique aesthetic, works faster and provides a better shopping experience for their customers,” says Sparkart CEO and Founder Naveen Jain. Since our partnership began a mere month ago, we have seen an explosion in sales quadrupling each week – we must give credit to Sparkart making this happen,” says Young & Reckless’ MTV star, music producer and mini-mogul genius Drama.

10 Ways To Promote Your Business With $5 | Articles Do you want to give your business a boost but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Try out It is a very usefull website to promote your business. Essentially, it’s a marketplace where you can can sell and buy gigs that are priced at $5. Gigs range from doing video testimonials to sending out Tweets to writing a romantic sonnet. In this article I will sum up 10 examples of how to promote your business for only $5 by showing you some gigs that where posted on So, here we go: Adnagam will post a tweet of your choice to 33,000 Twitter followers for $5 Adnagam has over 34,000 followers on Twitter spanning all categories and would like to post a link to your site or whatever you’d like her to say on her twitter once a day to my followers. Pro_facebook will get you 300 likes on your facebook page in 24h Do you need Facebook likes but don’t want to give out your username and Id? Linkedinpro will help you grow your network by over 2000 LinkedIn connections for $5

How to Get Facebook Fans Have you ever found an easy and superior way to do something, then watched in bafflement as people insist on doing it the hard way? You will never make money on Facebook if you have the wrong fans. And the best way to get the right Facebook fans for your business is with Facebook ads. There are two main obstacles to people using Facebook Advertising: A lot of companies don’t have a budget for Facebook adsMost people don’t know how to create Facebook ads that are affordable Let’s tackle both issues… 1. Ok I’ll give you a pass if you have no budget for AdWords and no budget for print and… basically no budget for advertising. So should you spend some of your AdWords money on Facebook? Prioritizing Your Online Marketing Efforts: AdWords for the highest ROI keywords AdWords reaches a point of diminishing return. Free Facebook Fans Suck Don’t go to Facebook just because you don’t have a budget for AdWords. Yes, you can get 50 of your friends to fan your page. Cheap Fan Services? 2.

100 Websites You Should Know and Use Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword. Among them: “hlizifikh,” a wild but powerful strike; “hrakkarikh,”a quick and accurate strike; and “gezrikh,” a fake-out or decoy strike. Culture My Year of TED: How 54 talks changed a life By Kylie Dunn What do you get when you cross a 39-year-old perfectionist with 54 TED Talks and far more honesty than any person probably needs to experience?

5 Subject Line Tricks that Get Your Emails Read | Speedy Mail Email... by Josh Shayne We all want our email campaigns to be read. But with the volume of messages your subscribers receive, you need to make YOUR email stand out from the rest – shining like a lighthouse beacon in a storm. No matter how great the content inside, if your email is never opened, it is almost not worth sending. Your email subject line is your bait – it must hook your reader’s attention and reel them in. Here are 5 Subject Line Writing Tricks to Get Your Emails Read: Have you ever seen a magazine headline that read something like this? How about: 15 New Movies You Absolutely, Positively Must See! Or even: 7 Seductive Secrets to Sexier Sideburns Of course you have! Stating the number of tips, ideas or thoughts grabs the reader’s attention and puts them at ease. You are promising an easy, digestible format – a numbered list. Try adding a number to your next Email Subject Line to heighten appeal. Consider the difference between these subject lines: This is a fun opportunity to be creative.

December 2007 - Apparel & Accessories Bringing merchandise and the store to online shoppers When it comes to categories of products sold, apparel & accessories is the biggest kid on the Internet retailing block. E-retailers in this category account for 80 of the top 500 retail web sites, according to the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. The category, however, also has one of the biggest hurdles on the web: merchandise that shoppers really like to feel, hold and try on, actions impossible to achieve via an Internet connection. But that`s not stopping the apparel & accessories e-retailers named to the Hot 100 from using web tools and technologies to come as close as possible to helping shoppers "feel" merchandise and have an online experience similar to one they would have in a store., for example, has introduced Try It Online, a site feature designed to help dampen worries shoppers have when purchasing a handbag online., for instance, boasts a personal shopper program that brings shoppers and retail associates together online. Others notice it.

Rise To The Top With Facebook EdgeRank Facebook can be a great place to market your small business; many of you have set up fan pages and are actively building a Facebook audience. One thing you may not realize, though, is that not all of the messages you share on Facebook are being seen by your fans. In fact, many of the posts you share on your Facebook page will only be seen by a handful of people, regardless of how many fans you have. If you want to know why this is and what you can do to optimize your posts for maximum reach, you’ve come to the right place. For the personal profiles of your fans, the default setting on their newsfeed is set to display what Facebook considers “Top News.” Users have to manually select “Most Recent” to see all posts from their friends and pages that they are a fan of. Affinity: Affinity refers to the strength of the Facebook relationship between users. What You Can Do: Encourage conversations with fans on your page and start a dialogue. © 2011 – 2013, VR Marketing Blog.

How to Make a Facebook Page for Your Small Business If you own a small business, having a Facebook page lets you reach individuals among the 750 million or so users worldwide who are most likely to be interested in your company. Your interaction on the social network gives customers the sense that they know you and your business, which can increase loyalty and make them more likely to recommend your services. On Facebook you can easily add features that are harder to implement on your website. You can build a custom page, run contests and promotions, and manage a small e-commerce shop. Plus, Facebook is free. Even if you pay for custom applications or a developer's services, it remains a form of advertising with a small price tag. [Also see: How to Promote and Maintain Your Facebook Business Page] The potential reach of a Facebook page is huge, as half of its users log in every day. Establishing Your Profile and Page Admins Before creating your Facebook fan page, you must establish a personal Facebook profile.

Dokkōdō The "Dokkōdō" [ (Japanese: 独行道?); "The Path of Aloneness", "The Way to Go Forth Alone", or "The Way of Walking Alone"] is a short work written by Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) a week before he died in 1645. It consists of either nineteen or twenty-one precepts; precepts 4 and 20 are omitted from the former version. "Dokkodo" was largely composed on the occasion of Musashi giving away his possessions in preparation for death, and was dedicated to his favorite disciple, Terao Magonojō (to whom the earlier Go rin no sho [The Book of Five Rings] had also been dedicated), who took them to heart. "Dokkōdō" expresses a stringent, honest, and ascetic view of life. Precepts[edit] References[edit]

40 Key Emotional Drivers B-to-B prospects respond to the same key emotion drivers consumers do. In “Mail Order Strategy” (Hoke Communications, 1956), Victor Schwab compiled the following 40 key emotional drivers. People want to gain:Health PopularityPraise from othersPride of accomplishmentSelf-confidenceTimeImproved appearance ComfortAdvancement: social-businessMoneySecurity in old ageLeisureIncreased enjoymentPersonal prestige They want to save:TimeDiscomfortRisksMoneyWorryEmbarrassmentWorkDoubts They want to be:Good parentsCreativeEfficientRecognized authoritiesUp-to-dateGregarious“First” in thingsSociable, hospitableProud of their possessionsInfluential over others They want to do:Express their personalitiesSatisfy their curiosityAppreciate beautyWin others’ affectionResist domination by othersEmulate the admirable Acquire or collect thingsImprove themselves generally

December 2008 - Apparel & Accessories The e-commerce sites featured in the apparel & accessories category of this year’s Hot 100 are as distinctive as, well, individual clothing buyers. And that’s a big part of what makes them successful. These are certainly not cookie-cutter sites. Put the retail sites of Anthropologie and Wet Seal up next to one another and the difference is night and day. So what’s the common thread that makes all these retailers Hot 100-worthy? Take American Apparel, another retailer that appeals to the younger consumer, takes an entirely different approach to it brand. The Hot 100 apparel & accessories retailers this year know they will never be able to attract every shopper. Simple is chic is designed to project the same air of sophistication and complexity that infuses American Apparel Inc.’s 143 retail locations worldwide. The site design is intentionally simple. The photos project the clothing manufacturer’s style: sophisticated but simple.

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