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North America's Largest Collection of Fine Art Photographs

North America's Largest Collection of Fine Art Photographs
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How to 3-D Print the Skeleton of a Living Animal | Wired Science The skeleton above was created by taking a CT scan of an anesthetized rat and sending the data to a 3-D printer. Similar life-size models of body parts from other animals or human patients could be used to train veterinary and medical students and to help surgeons prepare for difficult surgeries, the researchers say. The idea to print skeletons from CT scans came from Evan Doney, an engineering student working in the lab of Matthew Leevy, who runs the biological imaging facility at the University of Notre Dame. ”At first I didn’t really know what the killer app would be, I just knew it would be really cool,” Leevy said. But he began to see new possibilities after striking up a conversation with an ear, nose, and throat specialist during an office visit for a sinus problem. Doney used several freeware programs to convert data from CT scans into a format that could be read by a 3-D printer. X-ray CT (top) and stereolithographic (bottom) renderings used to produce the rat skeleton above.

Desert Caballeros Western Museum - Wickenburg Arizona Gallerie STEVENSON - Afrique du sud (Cape Town) Cape Town 26 November 2015 - 16 January 2016 SCHEMA The Cape Town gallery is open throughout the season except on public holidays. Photography: Photography Equipment, Lenses, & Lighting | B&H As the USA's leading photography store, B&H Photo is committed to providing superior knowledge and exceptional equipment for beginners and professionals alike. It makes no difference whether you're a shutterbug who's just starting out or a seasoned shooter with your own studio—our aim is to supply today's photography enthusiast with everything needed to take gorgeous, breathtaking photographs. On film or digitally. In full color or black and white. Regardless of your photographic proficiency, only B&H delivers the best price... and the best advice. In fact, we're so committed to education that we built an archive of helpful photography news, tips and product reviews to help you choose the best photography tools for your particular needs and creative goals. But if you're shopping for a drone to take your creative aims higher, our in-house specialists can guide you to the best aerial imaging solutions, hands down. Looking to save even more?

360 Degree Aerial Panorama | 3D Virtual Tours Around the World | Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth | Tucson Museum of Art :: 140 N. Main Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701 Huis Marseille, musée de la photographie-Pays-bas (Amsterdam) In the Future, We Will Photograph Everything and Look at Nothing “Today everything exists to end in a photograph,” Susan Sontag wrote in her seminal 1977 book “On Photography.” This was something I thought about when I recently read that Google was making its one-hundred-and-forty-nine-dollar photo-editing suite, the Google Nik Collection, free. This photo-editing software is as beloved among photographers as, say, Katz’s Deli is among those who dream of pastrami sandwiches. Before Google bought it, in 2012, the collection cost five hundred dollars. My guess is that it wants to kill the software, but it doesn’t want the P.R. nightmare that would follow. “The giveaway is bad news, as it means the software they paid for has almost [certainly] reached the end of the line in terms of updates,” wrote PC World. Google’s comments—disheartening as they might be—reflect the reality of our shifting technologies. To understand Google’s decision, one needs to understand how our relationship with photographs has changed.

The Ultimate Custom Firmware For Any Camera Roundup With Magic Lantern recent 24P raw video hack I thought it may be a good idea to go over each of the big manufacturers and review are the options for anyone who is trying to use a custom Firmware on their camera Magic Lantern Magic Lantern (ML) is a Canon firmware toolbox specifically aiming for the video segment. It has recently got a huge buzz for enabling a Canon’s 5DmkII to shoot 24P RAW video. And while ML is not the oldest of custom firmware, it is definitely one of the more mature ones, with many movie makers using it on production setups. As with CHDK, it usually run from the memory card and does not require a firmware “flush. CHDK is another Canon firmware targeting smaller point and shoot cameras. PTool Firmware Manipulation Tool Ptool is a firmware altering tool for Panasonic users which mainly enables the changing of video recording parameters. Nikon Hacker Nikon Hacker is the new kid in town hoping to do to Nikon DSLRs what Magic Lantern did to Canon DSLRs.

West Valley Art Museum Rencontres photographiques de Montpellier Landscape Photography Tips -- National Geographic We've all had the experience: Driving through a beautiful landscape, you stop at every scenic overlook to make photographs sure to capture the grandeur of what you see. You get home, look at the pictures, and find them flat and boring. All the elements that enthralled you at the time are there, but not the feeling. Why? When we look at a landscape, our eyes travel over it and selectively focus on the elements that we find appealing. Our field of vision encompasses a great deal of the scene, but our eyes and brains have the ability to ignore all except the most alluring details. Time is the most important investment you can make in getting good landscape pictures. If a river or stream flows through the landscape you are shooting, think about the character of it and how to convey that character in the image. Look carefully for reflections in the water. Photographing forests presents a different set of challenges. As with any photograph, find a point of interest.