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SciFund Projects

Online Fundraising Website to Fundraise Online for Charity | Online Fundraising Pages on Crowdrise Fractured Atlas On Learning to Code, pt. 3: Resources to Teach You Rails in a Month Since I find the process of memorizing by looking at the same material over and over again extremely tedious, I’ve developed my own method, which involves finding a handful of introductory classes online and speeding through them really quickly. When I was in college, I used to download podcasts of the same courses I was taking but at different universities, like Berkeley or Stanford. Then I’d listen to the podcasts while I was on the subway or walking around. It turned out that my approach eliminated hours of studying I would have had to do otherwise, and teachers love it when you’re able to bring in a unique perspective that wasn’t covered in class. If you were in a room full of smart people, would you ask the same person to explain something to you over and over again, or would you ask a bunch of people? What happens is that sometimes the way a concept is taught really resonates with you, and sometimes it doesn’t. Step 1: Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training by Kevin Skoglund

Dragon Innovation Cultural Policy Advocacy A New Paradigm, or Beyond the Tin Cup A new paradigm for arts advocacy is needed. Rattling our tin cup for more government funding is no longer enough. Yet economic impact studies paint an incomplete picture and can be dangerously misused. Fractured Atlas's approach is holistic and focused on infrastructure. Policymakers shouldn't be curators, hand-picking artists and organizations to support based on perceived aesthetic merit. Talking to Policymakers Fractured Atlas educates policymakers about the importance of infrastructure on local, state, and federal levels. Organizing the Community We also work to organize the arts community on a grassroots level. Educating artists and arts organizations about the public policy issues that affect them Coordinating political communication strategies Building strategic cross-sector alliances Providing information and other resources that empower artists and arts groups to advocate on their own behalf

Barnraiser Grow VC - crowdfunding early stage startups in the virtual Silicon Valley PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – 3 April 2014 – TradeUp Capital Fund, a new equity crowdfunding platform uniquely serving globalizing companies, announced its launch today at the Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference in Palo Alto. TradeUp is the first-in-class debt and equity crowdfunding platform for globalizing companies, an outperforming and rapidly growing segment. The Los Angeles-headquartered company brings together savvy investors with high-growth globalizing companies to fuel companies’ international growth and expansion. Through TradeUp, globalizing companies can raise $100,000-$20 million in debt, equity, or royalties-based financing for a variety of growth purposes. “Record numbers of small and mid-size companies in the United States and abroad are seeking growth through exports,” said Kati Suominen, TradeUp Founder and CEO. “TradeUp has a world-class team offering a critical service to globalizing companies.

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