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Take a Seat - Make a Friend?

Take a Seat - Make a Friend?

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Five-Minute Film Festival: Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection I'd like to offer up a video playlist to remind all of us about the power of empathy, kindness, and human connections. It's always a good time to practice gratitude for the relationships that sustain us all -- for the people who have taught us in a school setting and beyond, and for the young ones we are able to nurture and inspire. I was also thinking about how many of us are living out the paradox of being ever more plugged in, and ever more aware of what's happening in our community via social media platforms, while at the same time, face-to-face interactions are less frequent than ever before. We are in constant touch, but barely touching. Watching these videos made me remember the importance of re-connecting, treating people with kindness and respect, and being generous and compassionate to both loved ones and strangers. If each of us pledged to do more of that, we'd make a better world for all of us to learn and grow in.

The 8 Skills Students Must Have For The Future Editor’s note: This is a revised version of an article written by Katie Lepi that originally appeared on June 7th, 2014. We believe this information is still highly relevant, but we wanted to update it with the latest thinking. To do that, we invited writer Michael Sledd to take the reins. Education has traditionally focused on the basic “3Rs” of reading, writing and arithmetic. However, as the ever increasing pace of technological innovation drives changes in the world, educators must re-evaluate whether the skills they teach truly provide their students with the best opportunities to succeed in school, the workforce, and in life overall. This naturally leads to the question of what those skills are or will be, and while there are other excellent suggestions out there, Pearson’s 2014 edition of “The Learning Curve” report lists the 8 skills below as those most necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

Kindness in the Classroom Lesson Plans Our FREE lesson plans can make a difference in your classroom. Research shows that students who learn in a positive environment have a better school experience—they enjoy higher test scores, learn new skills at a faster rate, and are overall happier at school. We're in our fourth year of researching the implementation, and we’ve measured positive results showing that practicing kindness in the classroom transforms not only students, but teachers and entire school cultures as well. We encourage you to use these plans in your classroom and provide feedback so we can fine tune them for use by others. With your help, we'll build an excellent resource for every instructor to teach kindness in the classroom and help create positive learning environments for their students. All of the materials are absolutely free of charge; we just ask in exchange that you provide us with information about yourself, how you intend to use the lesson plans, and how we might improve them.

The 10 Best Motivational Videos On YouTube That Will Inspire You Beyond Belief Let’s face it, we don’t feel like doing what we have to do. Heck, you might even find it hard to do what you want to do if there’s the right amount of risk, intimidation and criticism involved. Being ready for a great task isn’t just a matter of turning an internal switch on. Sometimes, you need that extra boost, the little bit of inspiration or that great reminder of just exactly why failure isn’t an option. In that respect, as always, Elite Daily has got you covered as we’ve searched through numerous channels to find the best words to push you towards your goals today.

Kindness Project Ideas 1. Welcome Winter Gloves Submitted by Anonymous, Idaho A high school psychology teacher in Idaho purchased a pair of winter gloves for every student in her class and assigned them to find someone in their school or community who needs that pair of gloves, perhaps to keep warm or to do a job. They were to document who received the “helping hands” and why that person was chosen. 2. The Power of Positive Summit For a List of Current Speakers Available to Watch, Go Here Bestselling author Liz Wiseman teaches leadership to executives around the world. To watch in full screen from desktop, click the icon to the right of the HD symbol in the video player. Connect with Liz Wiseman On Twitter @lizwiseman, Facebook, and at Invite Others to Watch Liz Wiseman's Message Share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Random Acts of Kindness Start A Kindness Journal Or Blog "No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." -Aesop Volunteer At A Food Bank There are many ways to help your local food bank. Obviously, providing canned goods is a great way. She’s Working As A McDonald’s Cashier. When A Customer Says THIS, She Breaks Down It’s very easy to believe that the holidays are a wonderful time for everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are so many families that are often times struggling during the holidays and it doesn’t help that it seems like everyone else is having a good time. For this McDonalds employee in Decorah, Iowa, the holidays would be just another time for her to realize she wouldn’t be able to afford a gift for her daughter.