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U.S. History: Free streaming history videos and activities

U.S. History: Free streaming history videos and activities

Belkin Rockstar lets you share iPod tunes Belkin is introducing at CES a rather simple and unique solution for sharing MP3 player audio with your friends: an audio hub. It’s called the Belkin Rockstar and retail price is being set at around $20. The Belkin Rockstar is targeted primarily towards teenagers who own an iPod and want to share their music with their friends. This circular device sprouts six arms. One arm is designed to be attached to your MP3 player, while the other five can be attached to headphones. All those listening through the attached headphones can hear the music coming from the player. Belkin added the Rockstar also supports playback from multiple MP3 players, allowing one to mix songs and fade-ins via the standard controls of each attached player. Belkin Rockstar Share:

Teacher Infographics I have recently been shocked at the fact that educators don’t really see the need for a rubric. They either find them too specific or too vague. But, I am not really sure they are seeing the big picture on this one. Rubrics are great for students and teachers. Here are a few benefits: What else would you add? ~Mia Like this: Like Loading... Thanks, Robin! Here is a group of infographics that relate to your first day of each teaching term. Is this a crazy idea? This infographic is as much about flipping online as it is about online teaching in general. What does connected learning (21st Century Learning…) look like to you, your students, and your classroom? This is what I think it looks like… More and more higher education organizations are using experts from the field to teach college courses. Stay tuned for infographics on each of the 10 topics and the training curriculum. Do you connect with your students?

A YEAR OF LITERARY TERMS! PRESENTATION WITH MODERN EXAMPLES & WEEKLY ACTIVITY This product has been featured on the Teachers Pay Teachers Best Sellers List! This resource is sure to get your students interested in literary terms! This is a resource that can be used all year at least once a week. The product teaches students various literary terms through the use of modern examples (music lyrics, TV, movies, novels, celebrities, images etc). How it is used: At the beginning of each week, introduce a new term to your students with the presentation. Then have students write the definition and examples in the provided booklet. Put the "Literary Term Of The Week" poster up on a bulletin board (or wall). Under this poster, place the literary term for that week (posters for all terms also included). Have students find examples in the week of that term and post them underneath (they can write it on a post it, clip it out of a magazine, or print something from online.) The following is included with your purchase - Teacher instructions Complete Essay Writing Unit © Presto Plans

Film Education | Home Teacher Reboot Camp LearnEnglish Teens | British Council Pearltrees: discover, organize and share your stuff easily Pearltrees is a fantastic web2.0 tool . It is “ the social curation community , a place where you can organize , discover and share the staf you like on the web ‘.It looks like Livebinders and symbalooedu but does a greater job than them . Some features of Pearltrees Here are the main things that set Pearltrees apart from other organizing tools out there :It is completely free You don't have to create an account to browse or search pearltrees.

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