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Linux/UNIX For DOS Users

Debian Linux: Set a Serial Console How do I set up a serial console on Debian Linux HP server for troubleshooting and login purpose? To setup a serial console you need to edit the following files under Debian Linux: /boot/grub/menu.lst or /etc/default/grub (recommended for grub2)/etc/inittab/etc/securetty Our Setup SampleCaptures Sample Captures So you're at home tonight, having just installed Wireshark. You want to take the program for a test drive. But your home LAN doesn't have any interesting or exotic packets on it?

Serial Consoles - Gridwiki Serial-over-LAN and IPMI 2.0 SoL is a standard feature of IPMI 2.0 and can be used with any IPMI 2.0 client over the LAN+ interface, provided the BMC is correctly configured with an IPv4 address. SoL is only avaialble to privileged users (on Dell: "root", hooi-ei: "root" and on Valentine: "ADMIN"), and of course such accounts on the BMC must be protected with a passphrase, which they are. Only one SoL client can be connected at any one time. FYI: the default password for the Dell DRAC "root" user is "calvin". NetWorkSecurity For help with forensics, Jim points out, “SANS instructor, Rob Lee points us to a couple of new cheat sheets for doing forensics on USB keys under XP orVista/Win7.” There is also the Memory Analysis Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 by Pär Österberg and Andreas Schuster. If you have a SANS Portal Account, you can access the SANS Forensic Analysis Cheat Sheet.

setserial(8): get/set serial port info Name setserial - get/set Linux serial port information Synopsis setserial [ -abqvVWz ] device [ parameter1 [ arg ] ] ... setserial -g [ -abGv ] device1 ... Metasploit Unleashed arp_sweep When your target systems are located on the same network as your attacking machine, you can enumerate systems by performing an ARP scan. Naturally, Metasploit has a module that can help you out. msf > use auxiliary/scanner/discovery/arp_sweep msf auxiliary(arp_sweep) > show options Module options: Name Current Setting Required Description ---- --------------- -------- ----------- INTERFACE no The name of the interface PCAPFILE no The name of the PCAP capture file to process RHOSTS yes The target address range or CIDR identifier SHOST yes Source IP Address SMAC yes Source MAC Address THREADS 1 yes The number of concurrent threads TIMEOUT 500 yes The number of seconds to wait for new data Due to the manner in which ARP scanning is performed, you need to pass your MAC address and source IP address to the scanner in order for it to function properly. As you will see when running this module, ARP scanning is very fast.

Linux Network Configuration Linux TCP/IP Network Configuration Files: Domain Resolution Configuration Files: File: /etc/resolv.conf - host name resolver configuration file search - Name of your domain or ISP's domain if using their name server nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - IP address of primary name server nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - IP address of secondary name server This configures Linux so that it knows which DNS server will be resolving domain names into IP addresses. If using DHCP client, this will automatically be sent to you by the ISP and loaded into this file as part of the DHCP protocol. If using a static IP address, ask the ISP or check another machine on your network. Red Hat/Fedora GUI: /usr/sbin/system-config-network (select tab "DNS").

Armitage Tutorial - Cyber Attack Management for Metasploit About ArmitageBefore we begin... Getting StartedHow to get any woman to talk to you User Interface TourSo many pretty screenshots Host ManagementYou've got to find them to hack them. ExploitationThis is the fun stuff Post-ExploitationThis is the really fun stuff ManeuverGetting around the network and on to more targets Team MetasploitThis is cyber attack management! Scripting ArmitageThe next step...

E.3.9.  /proc/sys/ The /proc/sys/ directory is different from others in /proc/ because it not only provides information about the system but also allows the system administrator to immediately enable and disable kernel features. Use caution when changing settings on a production system using the various files in the /proc/sys/ directory. Changing the wrong setting may render the kernel unstable, requiring a system reboot. For this reason, be sure the options are valid for that file before attempting to change any value in /proc/sys/. A good way to determine if a particular file can be configured, or if it is only designed to provide information, is to list it with the -l option at the shell prompt. If the file is writable, it may be used to configure the kernel.

Using the power of sound to figure out which Simpsons character is speaking In a previous post, I looked at transcripts of Simpsons episodes and tried to figure out which character was speaking which line. This worked decently, but it wasn’t great. It gave us memorable scenes like this one: Linux / UNIX minicom Serial Communication Program Linux comes with many serial text and gui based serial communication programs. My favorite is minicom - friendly menu driven serial communication program. If you are addicted to DOS / Windows TELIX (a telecommunications program originally written for DOS and was released in 1986), minicom is for you under Linux / UNIX.