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Networking & Server software / hardware for Windows 2003, 2000, NT & Linux -

Networking & Server software / hardware for Windows 2003, 2000, NT & Linux -

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Top Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube You Need to Watch We know how much are readers love great Photoshop tutorials. In this list we thought we would switch it up a bit and list some awesome Photoshop tutorials on video. While I prefer text and images when doing tutorials I know there are many people out there that would rather watch a video tutorial. Ladies and gentleman, without further delay I present to you the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. SOPA Emergency IP list: | CodeBangers So if these bastards in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown # News

Wakerupper - The Web's Easiest Telephone Reminder Chicken Recipes A hearty West African-inspired stew of chicken thighs and legs, sweet potatoes and peanuts that is perfect for a chilly day. A Middle Eastern inspired chicken stew with chard, coriander and cilantro. Kid-friendly chicken apple quesadilla recipe, toasted flour tortillas with melted cheese, apple slices, chicken, and salsa. Quick and easy apricot chicken with skinless boneless chicken breasts and fresh apricots. Classic dish of Spain and Latin America, this arroz con pollo recipe is browned chicken cooked with rice, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. An easy version of the classic Greek avgolemono soup of chicken with rice or orzo pasta finished with egg and lemon.

Adding Custom Google Maps to Your Website | Stiern Maps are often placed on a company website to help customers find their way there. For that, Google Maps is excellent. But wouldn’t it be nice to add your company logo, parking lots, train stations, etc. to the map, to help the customer even more? TheUrbanPenguin : Video Tutorials Linux, Windows, Novell and Citrix Hackety Hack! Open Culture Open source anti-theft solution for laptops, phones & tablets – Prey

No equipment 30 day workout program Old Software Downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux and Abandonware Games | Old my mom is going to have a supirse next time she asks me to fold the laundry