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The shape of things to come: A consumer's guide to 3D printers

The shape of things to come: A consumer's guide to 3D printers
CES 2013 proved to be something of a coming out party for consumer-facing 3D printers. Sure MakerBot earned a fair amount of attention at last year's show with the announcement of the Replicator, which snagged its share of awards from various press outlets. This year, however, saw a relative deluge in 3D-printing representation, with strong showings from 3D Systems, FormLabs, MakerBot and the cloud-based 3D printer, Sculpteo. Even with so many companies rising to prominence, the dream of truly mainstream 3D printing still feels a ways off -- if that is indeed where we're inevitably heading. These nascent days are an exciting time, with a diverse array of companies and organizations vying to be the first to bring the technology to our homes. In a sense, many roads lead back to RepRap, the open-source, community-fueled project aimed at creating a self-replicating machine. 3D Systems 3D Systems has been in the 3D-printing game since before the term was coined. Bits from Bytes Eventorbot Pwdr

FoldaRap FoldaRap2 Release status: working In my obsession dreaming of a folding RepRap, I finally started to make one, after 5-7 months of development I'm able to travel with it around the town/country/world :) (adventures pictured on flickr / youtube / ustream) And now several people have build one : FoldaRap_Hall-of-Builds, even some by sourcing themselves the parts : google-maps (the red dots) Specifications Printed Parts: 33 Non-Printed Parts: 285 (including every bolts/nuts/washers/ferules/etc.) Special Features Foldable ! Community FoldaRap 2.5 new plates arrangement for the v2.5, to ease color associations ;) FoldaRap 2.1 after several tries and suggestions with Xav83, I ended with this simple piece that hold an endstop with a zip-tie :) (for the Z-endstop, or any machine using 20x20 extrusions) FoldaRap 1.0

Is Antibacterial Soap Bad For You? It seems like everything is antibacterial these days, from soaps and lotions to mattress pads and pizza cutters, which really makes you wonder how the world got along before the discovery of Triclosan. Ah, Triclosan, the miracle-working active ingredient in antibacterial soaps, toothpastes, and a galaxy of other consumer products: this unassuming antibacterial compound has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives. In my posts for this week and the next I’ll be exploring the profound effects Triclosan has on human health, the environment, and antibiotic resistance, all to answer the (deceptively) simple question: is antibacterial soap bad for you? Bacteria are attacking our pizza? What is Triclosan, and why is it in Pizza cutters? Triclosan was developed as a broad-spectrum antibiotic (that is, to kill a wide range of bacteria) and has been used in clinical settings since the late ‘60s to help prevent nosocomial (that is, hospital-borne) infections. “Out, damn’d spot! Human toxicity?

Metamáquina - Metamáquina - criamos máquinas que criam máquinas End robocaller, solicitation, and hangup calls with Asterisk & Raspberry Pi | Technical Intercession Do you have a land-line that is constantly barraged with unwanted robo, solicitation, and “hangup” calls, even though you’re on the do not call registries? This project uses a Raspberry Pi and an OBi110 voice-bridge to create an Automated Attendant (AA) to screen calls for you! The annoyance calls on my line have dropped from five or six/day (with many more during political “seasons”) to zero. Raspberry Pi and OBi110 You won’t need to dive deeply into Asterisk to create this project. Basic Analog Phone with answering machine Secretly, what we’re doing is turning your old analogue phone into a VoIP phone using the OBi110 (a voice bridge), so that calls can be handled digitally by the Raspberry Pi. Configuration of the OBi110 can be done via the phone hand-set, but it’s (much) easier using the web interface. Note: The configuration described in this post assumes that you have only a single phone or base-station on a POTS line. The basic steps for this project are: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

3dkits: Kits mecánicos para impresoras 3D hechos en España | MADfab A través de 3ders nos enterábamos de la existencia de estos kits hechos en España con un aspecto muy profesional y limpio. José, de 3dkits ha accedido a contestar unas preguntas para los interesados. Hola José, muchas gracias por atendernos.No se merecen. Siempre es un placer atender a una comunidad como la vuestra. ¿Dónde se fabrican vuestros kits? Todo el diseño el desarrollo y la fabricación lo gestionamos en nuestra sede central de Castellón, en ella trabajamos en equipo varias personas las cuales dirijo. Parece sencillo acoplar una fresadora al soporte, aparte de un extrusor de plástico. ¿Hay resultados mediales de la resolución que se consigue? ¿Qué posibilidades de ampliación hay? Se echa en falta en vuestra Web algún resultado. ¿Qué motores se usan y qué electrónica y software los controlan? Si hay algún lector de madfab interesado en probar una, ¿cuánto cuesta y qué incluye el kit? José nos promete más material según lo vaya generando por lo que seguiremos informando.

Spectacular stair dominates house, serves many functions There is an appalling trend in house design lately where home elevators are, if not standard, certainly are becoming common. The Globe and Mail writes about a 41 year old homebuilder in Calgary who installed one from his basement garage to the main level because "Hauling groceries up a flight of stairs with two young sons in tow wasn’t going to work." Much of the justification for putting in elevators is that " demand is partly driven by baby boomers who want to “age in place.” In fact, the opposite is true; there are elderly New Yorkers living in walkup apartments that swear that the stairs are what keeps them fit and mobile. Walking up stairs is one of the best-kept secrets in preventive medicine...Today, cardiologists tell heart patients they are fit enough to have sex if they can walk up two or three flights comfortably, and surgeons may clear patients for lung operations if they can manage five or six flights. © Moon Hoon

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