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Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact

Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact

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Research, create, and present school projects online - Biteslide Build Assessments - Next Gen Assessments There are many tools for creating online assessments. These can be used in class for pretests, formative assessments, exit ticket quizzes, traditional quizzes and tests, and more. Using online quizzes in class will help students to become more familiar and comfortable with the process of completing assessments digitally. Based on the tool used, the student may also benefit from automated grading and therefore quicker feedback on their performance. Google Forms Google Forms is part of the Google Docs suite of tools which can be used to create online assessments, forms, surveys, and more.

Tupí In this section you will find the software source code and the binaries to enjoy Tupi. If you want to compile the source code yourself, please check our article about it. Note: This project is under constant development, so new revisions are released every week. Learn Tips & Hints Tips and hints that you might find useful as you explore ScratchJr. For answers to more general questions about ScratchJr, see the Frequently Asked Questions. Learn how to make a new project, rename an existing project, and delete a project.

Movenote Socrative Photo to Movie Le Voyage d'Adeline la girafe Le Voyage d'Adeline la girafe est une application ludo-éducative gratuite pour smartphone et tablette à télécharger dans l'App Store et sur Google play. Cette application invite les enfants à explorer librement cinq grandes régions du monde (Sahel-Soudan, Patagonie, Amazonie, Europe, Madagascar). Au fil du jeu, ils apprennent à identifier les espèces animales et végétales de notre planète en partant à la recherche d'Adeline, la girafe intrépide du Parc Zoologique de Paris qui s'est lancée dans un tour du monde. francetv éducation propose aux internautes de tester le jeu à travers une adaptation web de la partie du jeu se rapportant à la biozone du Sahel. Une coproduction Gedeon Programmes, MFP, francetv nouvelles écritures, francetv éducation et Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle Conception et réalisation : Benjamin Gibeaux

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