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Responsive Email Templates - ZURB Playground -

Responsive Email Templates - ZURB Playground -

Emails HTML - Dompter la bête Par David Greiner Devriez-vous utiliser les CSS ou (comble de l'horreur) les tableaux ? Et que faire quand les images sont désactivées ? L'email HTML, on aime ou on déteste. La plupart d'entre nous a tendance à penser que si nous pouvons concevoir une page web, alors que diable, un email HTML devrait être du gâteau ! Les directives se traduisent grosso modo par ces recommandations : comment vous devriez concevoir votre email, comment vous devriez le coder, et pour finir quel est le contenu indispensable à inclure. Concevez pour le cas où les images sont désactivées Accrochez-vous, première mauvaise nouvelle. L'annonce d'Apple iTunes Voici un exemple qui montre à quel point les choses peuvent dégénérer. L'email HTML d'Apple que j'ai reçu, avec les images désactivées. Le même email d'Apple, avec les images actives. Nous savons que les images sont parfois bloquées et que cela affectera l'apparence de votre email - mais les images bloquées ne sont en aucun cas un obstacle définitif. Ta Da !

10 plantillas responsive gratis Un diseño responsive te permite expandir o encoger la página web dependiendo del tamaño de pantalla en la que se esté visualizando. Si estáis empezando a crear tu sitio web, es mejor que implementéis un diseño responsive. He recopilado varios de los mejores temas, algunos gratis, que te permitirán diseñar el sitio web para distintas pantallas, lo que hará aumentará tu tráfico. Minimalistiq Minimalistiq Grid Theme Responsive Grid Theme Responsive Demo Shutterloop Shutterloop Demo Codium Extend Codium Extend Demo Touchfolio Touchfolio Demo Unique Theme Unique Theme Demo Simple Grid Simple Grid Demo Oxygen Oxygen Demo Smally Smally Demo Auto Focus Auto Focus Demo Vía | Webrevisions Antwort | Transform Columns to Rows Getting Started » Most responsive email layouts feature single fluid columns, whose contents adjust to the width of the device. This experience may be underwhelming for desktop users who have more real estate for content. To illustrate how to create a more complex and interesting layout, for example columns that transform into rows for smaller screens, we’ll walk through the code in 3columns-to-rows.html, which works across all major email clients, including Outlook. Columns Container Table In your desktop version, to create columns as you would normally would with <table>s not <div>s as some recommend. <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="columns-container"><tr><td class="force-col" valign="top"> Column 1 </td><td class="force-col" valign="top"> Column 2 </td></tr></table> To manipulate the columns into rows, you need the following styles in your <head> I choose a breakpoint of 600pxinstead of 480px to catch small tablets in addition to smart phones. N.B.

10 jQuery Video Plugins 10 Awesome jQuery Video Plugins that can help stream videos from your favorite websites easily. Display videos and video playlits in style with these 10 jQuery video plugins. Enjoy! Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo 1. jqVideoBox A jquery port of Videobox lightbox for videos Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, iFilm and custom flash. Source 2. This jQuery plugin will help you add StreamPlug player on your web contents. Source 3. jdivx This is a plugin I made to embed divx throught dvix web player using jquery. it is my first jQuery plugin but maybe someone could find it useful. Source 4. A small and simple jQuery plugin that you can use to load in video players from your favorite video sites. Source 5. A jQuery plugin that helps you embed QuickTime movies to play directly on your webpage, instead of redirecting your video to a separate page or forcing you to embed a video using Flash. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8. Source 9. Source 10. jYouTube – YouTube video thumbnail screenshot getter

Responsive Email Design Now we’ve got the theory, let’s put some of these techniques into practice by applying them to a real-world email. Not just any email, but one that’s send to millions of people every day. In the not so distant past, Twitter’s email notifications were less-than-flash on mobile devices. The problem was, a combination of tiny text and a wide layout pushing out the zoom made them nearly unreadable on small screens. We decided to do something about it. In this case study, we’ll show you how we took a humble email notification and turned it into something tweet-worthy when viewed in iPhone or Android Mail, or any mobile email client that supports media queries. Taming the tiny text First of all, we wanted to approach the most apparent issue with Twitter’s notifications – tiny text. @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) { ... } We’re going to bring them down to size by adding classes wrappertable, wrappercelland structure: Putting a harness on the header image Now we’ve got you started…

Make Your HTML Email 5&frac12; Times More Mobile Friendly Let's face it, ask most designers what their dream project would be and I bet none would mention designing and coding HTML Email. Designing email has a special place in my heart and I am excited to communicate with people through this challenging medium. So here's 5½ improvements you might consider making when you revamp or greenfield your next template. Note: This article is a guest post by Josh Rubinstein. Why should you care? From the time we rise until the wee hours of the night our smart phones are never far from our opposable thumbs. The Concept of "The One Web" represents a shift in thought towards "democratically" publishing online content to a range of devices. The statistics back this up: no matter what service your company provides, your HTML email needs to be optimized for mobile today – according to Campaign Monitor, the iPhone now accounts for almost 15% of their email subscribers. One HTML template for them All Tip #1: Design all "clicks" to be touch friendly!

40 Free Html5 Responsive Templates There is just no reason why you would not use HTML5 theme templates for your website, especially it looks so professionally done, attracting many of your site visitors to explore your page even more. Aside from the appearance that’s surely created to please, another reason why HTML5 patterns are the bomb is because of its responsiveness and fluidity, which is evident on animations found in the said themes. Colors, font styles, and accents are also evidences of how such themes have been meticulously done, even though they are offered as free html5 responsive templates. Another thing with HTML5 themes is that it is responsive and flexible across not only in different browsers, but more importantly, display also adapts to those individuals who are using tablet PCs and smartphones, thus making the site visit a great experience for everyone. You May Like Business Website Templates and Free Responsive WordPress Themes Free HTML5 Responsive Templates Folder Responsive Html5 Theme Demo || Download

Responsive Tables by ZURB A CSS/JS solution for tables that allows them to shrink on small devices without sacrificing the value of tables, comparison of columns. Our solution for responsive tables requires two included files (both linked on this page): responsive-tables.css and responsive-tables.js. The JS will help us create some new elements on small devices, so we don't have to modify our table markup on the page. The CSS applies the requisite positioning and overflow styles to make the new elements work. /* Attach the Table CSS and Javascript */ <link rel="stylesheet" href="responsive-tables.css"><script src="stylesheet" href="responsive-tables.js"</script> Small Word Table In most cases, tables like this are okay at smaller sizes (since they'll break on every small word). By attaching a class of .responsive to the table, our JS/CSS will kick in. /* Put the responsive class on the table */ <table class="responsive"><tr> … Larger Content Table Very Long 1st Cell Content

how to embed WMV files in my html file 35 Outstanding HTML Email Newsletter Templates Email marketing and newsletters are a critical part of the marketing plan of many businesses large and small. If you’re not already using email marketing for your own business or offering services for your clients, this is certainly an area to explore. One of the aspects of email marketing is the design of the email itself. While most email list managers will offer some free templates and/or a WYSIWYG editor for designing your own email, there may be times when these options don’t meet your needs. Fortunately, there is a large selection of HTML email templates available for purchase at very reasonable prices. Metro – $18 Market – $18 Karma – $15 Oceanic Email – $16 Modern Business 3 Light – $15 Corporate Newsletter Template V1 – $12 Versatile Newsletter 2 – $15 Rich Typography Email Template – $9 Elegance – HTML Email Template – $10 Storesletter – $15 Leaf – $16 Business – $18 Modern Business 4 HTML Email Template – $10 Clean Mail – $17 La Mode – $15 Mobilized-1 – $18 Shop News Email Template – $18

Tutorial newsletter pour grand débutant : envoyer une page HTML par mail Tutorial newsletter pour grand débutant : envoyer une page HTML par mail 19 janvier 2010 | Posté par caroder à 21:35 Les très nombreux lecteurs de mon tutorial "Créer une newsletter avec Dreamweaver et PHP/MySQL" ne sont pas tous des développeurs et beaucoup ne souhaitent pas mettre en œuvre une solution aussi lourde au regard de leurs besoins.Il existe en effet une solution beaucoup plus simple qui consiste à tout simplement envoyer une page HTML via votre client messagerie. Vous pourrez au préalable avoir recueilli les emails de vos prospects via votre site (via un formulaire de contact par exemple). Avant de commencer ce tutorial, voici ce dont vous devez disposer pour pouvoir mettre en œuvre ce tuto : Tout d'abord créez la page HTML de votre newsletter. Uploader votre page HTML via FTP sur votre hébergement distant avec toutes les images nécessaires pour son design. Ouvrez dans Internet Explorer la page en question depuis le domaine d'hébergement. Commentaires Poster un commentaire

A Beginner’s Guide to Zurb Foundation 3: The Grid In the past, we’ve discussed Twitter Bootstrap quite a bit. Much more so than its most worthy competitor: Zurb’s Foundation. Now on its third iteration, Foundation is a robust and responsive front end framework used by hundreds of developers every day. Over the course of several articles, we’re going to jump in and take a look at its various aspects from a complete beginner’s perspective. Grid Crazy If you’re a regular reader of Design Shack, then you probably already know that I’m a bit of a grid nut. The grid that comes built into Foundation is no exception to this rule. The Foundation Grid Like countless other grids, the foundation Grid is built on a twelve column system. What this means on a code level is of course that each column in the grid does not have a static width but is instead assigned using percentages. Responsive Getting Started If you’re at all used to grid systems, Foundation should be really easy to pick up. Creating a Row How easy was that? Adding Columns Going Further

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