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Web Design Trends in 2013 The past few years have seen a tremendous shift in the way developers are building websites. More users have switched onto mobile platforms, along with newer browsers which support HTML5/CSS3 web standards. There are so many unique ideas flowing out of the design community – it seems like new thresholds are being replaced every few months! In this article I would like to go over some of the most recent trends we have seen evolving. Mobile First Design The idea of responsive design isn’t just limited to full websites scaling down smaller. It is often much easier to plan your most important interface elements first and squeeze each of them into a mobile layout. There is a small book published by A List Apart which is called Mobile First. Infinite Scrolling A number of social media websites have begun applying infinite scroll effects onto dashboards and timelines and user feeds. Designers may be asking why this is even useful in the first place. Whitespace & Minimalism Natural Design Elements

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