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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 40 iPad Apps for SAMRL Model

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 40 iPad Apps for SAMRL Model
We are all passionate educators and teachers keen on using technology to improve our teaching practices and enhance our students learning but the question is how do we know how much technology we are using and what type of technology we should be using ? Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already approached these two questions in a previous post in which I published a great check list that every teacher should be using to the technology he/she is using and how they should be using it, you can access this post HERE. Dr Rueben Puentedura, however, came up with a new model which I think most of you are already familiar with; this is called The SAMR model. I have already talked about this model in a post I published last year but this time I am revisiting SAMR with more details. To start with, SAMR model is a system which you can use to measure your application of technology, or its level of use. Substitution Augmentation At this level there is a level of productivity added.

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Top Five iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas Ever since I was a kid, I loathed back to school commercials. They always showed parents gleefully skipping through aisles of pencils and notebooks as the kids, sullen and dejected, sluggishly followed along. It's a scene we are all too familiar with, and one that creates a negative stigma around school. EdofICTJSSALC - SAMR & teaching with iPads Technology and the Horizon Report Time-to-Adoption Horizon: One Year or LessMobiles and AppsTablet ComputingTime-to-Adoption Horizon: Two to Three YearsGame-Based LearningPersonal Learning EnvironmentsTime-to-Adoption Horizon: Four to Five YearsAugmented RealityNatural User Interfaces Source: The New Media Consortium 2012 NMC Horizon Project Preview 2012 K-12 SAMR Diigo in Learning Why the ipad? One iPad This is a segment from An introduction to the SAMR model by Mark Glenn The segment cut out refers to the use of Bloom's Taxonomy.

How Do You Know if an App is Truly Educational? Let’s take a look… Was a rubric used? Are cross curricula activities applied? Are built-in differentiation of skills being utilized (is it a SMART app)? Is the app aligned to the Common Core Standards? The Best iPad Apps for Creating Videos, Animations and Tutorials for Students May , 2014 There are a variety of iPad apps that teachers can use to create different kinds of video materials. In this post, you will get to learn about the apps you can use to create different video projects. I have divided the video categories into three main sections: apps for creating tutorials for flipped classroom, apps for creating stop motion videos, and apps for creating documentary videos. I- Apps for creating tutorials for flipped classroom

6 Interactive Storytelling Apps For Younger Students Getting younger students to tell stories can promote a variety of different language arts skills in a way that is a lot more fun than doing grammar drills. From learning the parts of speech and sentence and paragraph structure to vocabulary, there is a lot of hidden teaching material in storytelling, which interactive storytelling apps can enhance. Since we all know that kids LOVE to tell stories (check out this blog post by a teacher who had to limit how many stories each student could tell per day), there is a lot of potential in this activity. Bringing in digital tools can make the process even more robust. Check out the web tools and apps that we’ve explored below for a few options that might be useful in your classroom.

The SAMR Model - From theory to practice Last month, while at the Apple Education Leadership Conference, I went to a presentation about the SAMR model. This weekend the IT department went on a retreat to our school's chalet in the Alps and one of the issues we were considering was how to raise the level of technology from enhancing the curriculum to transforming the curriculum. Often we attend planning meetings where teachers suggest using technology in a way that is merely enhancing what they are doing (the S and A in the model) - we have decided that if they want to do that they should book the lab themselves and do these activities, the ones shown in blue on the above diagram - and that this will free us up as IT teachers to go into the classrooms to concentrate more on the M and R to transform the learning experience (shown in pink on the diagram). We have discussed just what skills the teachers will need to take on this new role. Our ultimate goal, of course is redefinition.

4 Great Rubrics to Help you Select Educational Apps As iPads are increasingly infiltrating our educational systems the question of the pedagogical implications ensuing from the use of these mobile gadgets in the classroom come to the surface. Some do look at them as an added distraction and that learning can be more focused without students having access to them during the class. Traditionalists do advocate this view and are , in fact, against the " over-digitization " of education. To these people I say what John Dewy once said " If we teach today as we thought yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow ". 8 Great iPad Apps to Manage Your Class April , 2014 The educational use of iPad spans different key academic areas from knowledge management and distribution to content creation and curation. iPad is analogous to a Swiss knife in that it has multiple functions and can be used for unimaginable number of purposes. Today I want to focus on classroom management and share with you some useful apps to use in this regard. These apps will help you : randomly select students, monitor noise levels, display messages, track behaviour, and count down time. This collection of apps is created by Tony Vincent and included in his wonderful visual " iPad as Teacher's Pet". 1- Classdojo

8 Things to Look for in An Educational App Picking up the right educational apps to recommend to your students and kids is not an easy task.There are several criterion you need to consider before you can comfortably claim that an app is educational or not. Of course there are no hard and fast rules to follow to be a good app reviewer and app reviewing is not an established science with clear boundaries but what we talk about here are simple conventions. These conventions are developed by experienced educators who , out of their long experience with app reviewing , have developed a sense of what works and what does not for educational settings. Experience here is very important because sometimes people learn more through experience than through formal instruction.

10 Great Tips on Using iPad Offline Whenever we talk about iPad here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning we take connectivity for granted . But there are times when this connectivity is lost or when WiFi is not picked up or when you are in the woods with no cellular service, in cases such as these, does your iPad have any value any more ? Jeff Dumm has the answer for this. He had diligently worked on the graphic below to share with us what we can do with our iPads when there is no connectivity. The ideas he touched on are really interesting but for an educational context I would add a bunch of other tips including :

6 Great iPad Apps to Organize your Class October 10, 2014 If you are using or planning to use iPad in your instruction the apps below are definitely a must have. These are apps that will help you organize your class and enhance students learning. Some of the things you can do with these applications include: create virtual spaces for your classes, share materials with your students such as files and documents, get students to pass in their assignments, post reminders, share quizzes and homework assignments with students, send reports to parents and school administrators and many more. 1- Schoology Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more! With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere. 2- Classroom Organizer

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