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Now That's Nifty: Life Hacks

Now That's Nifty: Life Hacks

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The Girl in the Photograph One school day, a boy named Tom was sitting in class and doing math. It was six more minutes until school let out. As he was doing his homework, something caught his eye. Otomata - Online Generative Musical Sequencer 16 Jul 2011 Click on the grid below to add cells, click on cells to change their direction, and press play to listen to your music. Update: Click here to get Otomata for your iPhone / iPod / iPad! Police Pranks - Just For Laughs Gags Scaredy-Cop The cop has pulled people over and is calling in their driver’s license information. In the meantime, his partner is

Who's Suing Whom - The Battle Continues By Jawad Masood | November 2nd, 2010 We live in a consumer market where profit means everything and companies will do anything to beat their competitor out. There has never been this much patent registration before as we see today, and their has never been so much lawsuit against each other as we see today. Here’s a graphical representation of the recent lawsuits that companies filed against others: It is quite evident from this info-graphic that the companies who revenue is decreasing (shown in red) tend to file more lawsuits against others. Roper's Knot Pages - Hitches - Constrictor knot The Constrictor Hitch The constrictor knot is important as temporary whipping and as permanent binding from which you need more than one in a row, but not in line (when you should use the strangle knot). Laid well, it is virtually impossible to untie without tools (needle or knife). Never use it if you need to untie it. It is almost the strongest among the 'simple' hitches. Only the double constrictor is stronger.

6 Things I Bet You Didn't Know You Could Do with Google Some of the tips below are effortless to implement and save you a lot of time and energy when dealing with these issues. Let’s start with the first proof of the awesomeness of Google… 1. Create unlimited disposable email addresses with Gmail If you add dots (.) between the letters of your Gmail username, sending an message to the new username will get forwarded to your original email (which is without or with only 1 dot.) For example:

How to make Oreo lasagna Colin Joliat Oreo lasagna is a perfect alternative to cake, or lasagna, or pretty much any food. It’s easy enough that even I could figure out how to make it. Step your food game up with this dish fit for the internet. I come across a lot of things that make me say, “I should definitely try that.” The Cost of Technology A trip down memory lane as we compare some of our favorite electronics to those of yesteryear. The Cost of Technology We always complain when we see the price tag on that crazy new gadget or new TV.

Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking it is a skill to do a good solder joint, it comes with LOTS of practice. so most people who rarely do it will ever get good at it. Bingo. Of course, part of the issue is having a soldering iron at the right temp with a properly tinned tip. Newbies aren't using soldering stations but a cheap iron they got at rat shack (You have questions? Page 4: By Skipping Insulin, Diabetics Find Dangerous Way to Drop Pounds <br/><a href=" US News</a> | <a href=" Business News</a> Copy As Williams recovered, she was featured in a Self magazine article about diabulimia.